Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Season 1 Episode 9

Walk a Mile in My Clogs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 1973 on ABC

Episode Recap

Bob and Ted are left alone, one evening, with a boring football game, while the girls attend a Women's Liberation meeting.  The trouble starts as soon as they come home, when Alice refuses to fix coffee.  Later, at bedtime in the Sanders home, Bob tries to get some information from Carol on the meeting, but Carol refuses, her reason being that that is privileged information for women only.  Bob is a bit put-out, but respects Carol's "Right to secrecy".  The next day, Bob and Ted convince themselves that the Women's Lib meetings are good for Alice and Carol, and will make them better wives, but change their minds, when the girls start counting their negative gestures.  Later, Ted's sarcastic attitude only makes matters worse, between him and Alice, and, the next night, at the Sanders home, Bob and Alice discuss the situation, and Alice reveals that the meetings have taught them that they may not be satisfied.  The guys have agreed to vacate the premises, so that the girls can have a Women's Lib meeting there, but Bob is coming down with a cold, so Ted takes him to the bedroom, to rest.  Soon, the Libbers arrive, and are having quite an enthusiastic meeting, and Bob and Ted can't stand the suspense.  On the excuse of getting Bob a glass of juice, Ted sneaks out to the kitchen, and runs into the guest speaker for the meeting, a rather strange fellow named Dr. Nasserman (Michael Lerner), a "Doctor of sexology", who gives Ted a pep talk about how men need to make up for so many years of turning women into slaves.  Ted goes back to the bedroom, and Dr. Nasserman joins the meeting.  He's doing well, until an angry Ted enters, followed by Bob.  Ted goes on about how Alice shouldn't talk about their sex life in front of others, but is terribly embarrassed when one of the women reveals that they haven't been talking about sex.  Bob admits that the 'satisfaction' they thought the women were talking about meant sex.  Dr. Nasserman agrees with a sarcastic statement by one of the women that "Anything that's wrong with any woman can be cured with sex".  One of the girls wholeheartedly agrees with that statement, and defends Dr. Nasserman, though she is not well-received.  Bob politely asks Dr. Nasserman to leave, which he does, with his defender.  Later, the women clarify that they're not satisfied as people who are not considered equal to men, in all aspects of life, and happily ask Bob, and the very relieved Ted to join them.

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