Bob and Margaret

Global (ended 2001)


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  • a pretty ok show...its just that at the end of each episode i was left wondering "was that all?" aside from the abrupt endings it was a cute show...R.I.P bob and margaret..and your 2 dogs

    this was one of the few animated shows i ever watched i think maybe cuz it wasnt that animated but more real....

    the show revolved around a married couple bob and margaret both in their 30's living together in an apartment in england and then canada...the 2 face a different set of problems in each episode ranging form having dinners with old judgmental friends to dealing with margaret as a terrorist...i liked this show cuz all the characters were unique but still had their huge round trademark noses....a really cute show but still lacking in some episodes where i wonderded why did i waste my time watching that....all in all the english accents and likeable characters would draw u in instantly....although the cartoon nudity did disturb me a bit cuz i mean who needs to see that now..