Bob and Margaret - Season 1

Global (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Neighbors
    Episode 13
    Bob and Margaret try to befriend the new American neighbours. They also buy a burglar alarm from Graham, the worst salesman in the world.
  • Trick or Treat
    Episode 12
    It's Halloween and also the anniversary of Bob's father's death. Bob's Mummy wants to take him to the grave, but it's now a parking lot for a supermarket. Meanwhile Bob has to attend the funeral of an old school friend who has died, but he doesn't remember who he is.
  • 10/19/98
    Bob's cousins, Cookie and Melvin, arrive from Canada unannounced. They hate the food and the lack of TV channels and the high cost of everything and they follow Bob and Margaret on their romantic holiday to Cheddar.
  • 10/12/98
    Bob is persuaded to give a speech at a big convention in Frankfurt, but he is terrified and doesn't know what to say.
  • 10/5/98
    Penny demands a pay rise. Bob stands firm, so Penny quits to work in a florist. Margaret helps out Bob with disastrous consequences and so Bob has to woo Penny back.
  • Friends for Dinner
    Episode 8
    Bob and Margaret are having dinner at the home of friends whom they don't particularly like, but feel that they are owed a dinner because of the number of times they have had them over. They expect a lavish spread, but no dinner is planned. Instead, they play a board game called ‘What Would You Do?'moreless
  • For Pete's Sake
    Episode 7
    Bob's brother Peter, a TV chef, leaves the kids with Bob and Margaret when he and his wife travel to India for a live cooking program. When Peter falls ill, Bob and Margaret are concerned that they will suddenly be parents.
  • The Holiday
    Episode 6
    The dogs are left at a strange kennel while Bob and Margaret go on holiday to a Greek island. But Bob is terrified to fly and the dogs are terrified of Mr. Buttons and his domineering mother.
  • Shopping
    Episode 5
    Bob and Margaret venture to a massive superstore and have many mishaps in the search for cheaper dog food
  • The Burglary
    Episode 4
    Bob and Margaret's house is robbed by a couple of charming, hugging burglars. Beany and Boney would make many appearances in the series as the comic rogue element.
  • 7/6/98
    Bob and Margaret decide to get fit by playing badminton. Trouble is, they play with Ken and Cathy who take the game very seriously. Ken ends up in the hospital and Bob and Margaret reluctantly go along to be polite
  • A Night In
    Episode 2
    Bob and Margaret are concerned about missing the opportunity to have children so they stay in with a romantic movie and … end up going to visit a friend with an obnoxious baby who puts an end to any thoughts of parenthood.
  • 6/22/98
    A flashy young dentist opens a practice right across the road from Bob's and steals all his customers - even Margaret. His receptionist also defects, which results in Bob hiring Penny. Things are not, however, as they seem.
  • Bob's Birthday
    It's Bob's 40th birthday and he's having a mid-life crisis. His wife, Margaret, has organised a surprise party - but things don't go according to plan...