Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre

NBC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Killing At Sundial
      After years of struggling and racial indifference a newly rich Native American seeks revenge on the man responsible for his father's lynching.
    • Something About Lee Wiley
      Thirties blues singer Lee Wiley finds adjustments rough going after being blinded in an auto accident.
    • Seven Miles of Bad Road
      In a small southern town, the sheriff's wife is attracted to a handsome drifter hitchhiking to Hollywood.
    • Four Kings
      Four Kings
      Episode 4
      Four Kings is a World War II drama where four prisoners are serving life sentences. They are pulled out of jail by the US military and given an opportunity for a pardon. The "brass" isn't asking for much: all the four lifers are expected to do is sneak into Germany and steal the secret plans for the V2 missile.moreless
    • One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
      Under Stalin, it was inconceivable that anyone could publish a book attacking Soviet injustice. But under Khrushchev, a limited but distinct thaw has taken place. Prime evidence of this change was open publication of One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, an exposé of Stalin's labor camps where the author, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, himself did time. Tonight's adaptation of the novel is set in 1951 in Siberia. A group of prisoners persuade the authorities to transfer them to warmer work by promising to top the previous work record on the first day. But if they fail, it's back to laying barbed wire in the snow. One officer, Lieutenant Volkovoi, would like nothing better.moreless
    • The House Next Door
      Easterner George Warren thinks he has made quite a steal when he purchases a home in fashionable Waverly Hills, Cal. George is unaware that his next-door neighbor is mobster Ernie Santee.
    • The Fifth Passenger
      Cdr. Tony Gardner of British Intelligence suspects that a naval hero has been leaking top secret information to the Soviets.
    • The Candidate
      The Candidate
      Episode 8
      Things seem to be closing in on campaign manager Parker Hite: he can't get any supporters for his candidate, and his marriage is beginning to collapse.
    • It's Mental Work
      It's Mental Work
      Episode 9
      Ernie Wigman is tired of the bar he owns and wants to get rid of it. Rich, his bartender, might be a good customer for it, only Rich doesn't seem to have the cash.
    • Corridor 400
      Corridor 400
      Episode 10
      Anita King, an undercover FBI agent. Posing as a nightclub singer, Anita gets a job in a nightclub owned by Ralph Traven. He takes quite a fancy to her; she wants to prove that he's a kingpin in a narcotics ring.
    • War of Nerves
      War of Nerves
      Episode 11
      In Paris, a student is pulled into intrigue when he witnesses the assassination of a diplomat.
    • Runaway
      Episode 12
      When folksinger Richie Darden fails to show up for a performance, his girlfriend Cress thinks club owner Mig Semple should put Richie's expensive guitar in his safe. And Cress has the right idea--two customers are planning to steal the instrument.
    • The Seven Little Foys
      The story of vaudeville performer Eddie Foy, widowed father of a brood of good-natured but exasperating children who are trying to get an education while at the same time continuing to perform with him on stage.
    • Two is the Number
      Two is the Number
      Episode 14
      Hoodlum Joey Rome is electrocuted in his home, and police suspect that middle-aged spinster Jenny Dworak is responsible. The murder investigation brings together two lonely people: Jenny Dworak, who runs a pawnshop, and a police investigator who is a widower.
    • A Wind of Hurricane Force
      In Cuba, a manhunt is under way to recapture Douglas Vinson, an American who was rescued moments before he was to face a firing squad.
    • Wake Up Darling
      Wake Up Darling
      Episode 16
      Polly Emerson, has aspirations to be an actress. Her husband, Don, is a successful advertising man, who yearns to be a playwright, and has a shelf of unproduced plays to his credit. Don, understandably, isn't too happy when Polly comes home with Deerfield Prescott, a very young man who has written Broadway's next musical hit - or so he tells Polly and Don.moreless
    • The Meal Ticket
      The Meal Ticket
      Episode 17
      Mike Finneran wants his son Vin to make boxing's bigtime, and they're both sure that Vin is ready for it. But Vin's brother Ed, a broken-down ex-fighter and the family black sheep, doesn't think Vin has a chance - and he wants to make sure Vin knows it.
    • The Square Peg
      The Square Peg
      Episode 18
      An underworld kingpin hires his own psychologist to place the right crook in the right job.
    • White Snow, Red Ice
      In Yugoslavia, a Czech girl tries to get a private detective to help her defect.
    • Her School For Bachelors
      Miss Westcott runs her agency with the finese of the best businessmen and runs several clients ragged with her demands.
    • A Slow Fade to Black
      Mike Kirsch built his studio from nothing in the 1920s; now, four decades later, he is on the way out, the victim of a corporate takeover. We follow Kirsch as he exercises his waning authority on a temperamental movie star, browbeats his alcoholic wife, rebellious daughter and longtime yes-man associate Landers, and vainly attempts to push through an outdated pet movie project. Finally he is wrenched off his throne by a former assistant, who is now in cahoots with the conglomerate buying the studio. Kirsch is left alone to weep in his projection room as one of his past hits plays upon the screen.moreless
    • A Case of Armed Robbery
      Montrose is an angry young man whose bitterness alienates him from his father, Alfred, his girlfriend, Jean, and his work foreman. He blames his ex-wife, Carol, for their marriage failure and clumsily attempts to show love for his son Danny. In his resentment he plans to rob a gas station, ends up getting involved with unsavory characters and doing worse.moreless
    • Time For Elizabeth
      Time For Elizabeth
      Episode 23
      After enduring a pompous and tyrannical boss for 28 years, Ed Davis has a brief argument with him, gets fired, and decides to retire to Florida with his wife.
    • The Game with Glass Pieces
      An unemployed actor's personal life is as frustrating as his career.
    • The Command
      The Command
      Episode 25
      Korea, 1951: members of a unit, ordered to hold an untenable position, feel they are being left to die.
    • The Sojourner
      The Sojourner
      Episode 26
      Called home because of his father's failing health, foreign correspondent John Ferris recalls the events that led to the collapse of his marriage.
    • Echoes of Evil
      Echoes of Evil
      Episode 27
      Ex-crime boss Oscar Teckla, now out of the rackets and involved with respectable enterprise, Teckla would like nothing more than to bury the past. But the district attorney is anxious to break up Teckla's old mob. To do this, he must get Teckla on the stand--any way he can.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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