Bob the Builder

Season 9 Episode 113

A Christmas To Remember

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Sep 30, 2001 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • (Pogo is on his bed, playing with his chew toy. Tom hurries in and doesn't have his helmet on.)
      Tom (trying to keep himself warm): Well, Pogo, I'd better pack some stuff for Christmas.
      Pogo: Arf, ruff
      (Tom puts his coat on the hook and picks up his backpack. Pogo continues to play with his toy. He throws it on the floor and up to Tom's headphones.)
      Tom (offscreen): Clean socks, my best shirt, shaving kit...
      (Pogo finds Tom's camera. He carries it to Tom.)
      Tom: My camera! (pats Pogo's head) What a clever husky. We have to take lots of photos to show Scoot, don't we?
      (Pogo nods)
      Tom (slightly disappointed) It's such a shame we can't take him with us.
      Pogo: Ruff
      (Tom takes a quick photo of Pogo. He finds his old toy elephant Jumbo.)
      Tom: Hey, come on, Jumbo. You can come too. (holds the toy in his hands) I got this for Christmas years ago, Pogo.
      Pogo: Ruff?
      (Tom starts to think about how he got the toy. We see Bob and Tom when they were little. Little Tom is playing with Jumbo, without the screws through its ears, and a toy lion and making cute animal noises until he accidentally breaks Jumbo's head off. This makes little Tom cry sadly.)
      Little Tom: Bob!
      Little Bob: Yeah?
      Little Tom: Can you fix it?
      Little Bob: Yes, I can!
      (We see Tom still wondering about Bob remembering that Christmas.)
      Tom (to himself): I wonder if Bob remembers that Christmas. (to Pogo) Well, Pogo, only a couple more days and we'll see Bob, Wendy, and the machines. And Pilchard too.
      Pogo (wondering who Pilchard is): Ruff?
      Tom: That's Bob's cat, Pogo. (He and Pogo dance in a circle) I can't wait.