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  • Great Show I Loved It As A Kid

    I Loved This Show When I Was Young Back in 1999 In England. Bob The Builder Is Legendary, Cool And Awesome I Enjoyed It When I Was A Kid, I Loved The Art Work, Voice Acting And Many More, I Enjoy The Classic Series(1998 To 2014) The Best
  • We cannot discount, ignore or incorrectly reflect some groups in favor of other groups

    The Fall, 2015 article, linked below talks up that the show has been: updated and has improved it's PC, because they have added a character with descendancy from Africa.


    *Wow--really? The simple fact that there is a darker skinned character in the show is a POSITIVE? Forget the facts that he's the one who is portrayed as being difficult to work with, making expensive mistakes that damage building materials and equipment, that the character is always goofing off, being uninsightful (unable to anticipate what could or needs to happen next), and delaying progress of the team.

    NO MENTION NOR PORTRAYAL OF OTHER VIEWPOINTS, than that of: European White Supremecy, at multiple levels, in every situation is made, in this new, changed, computer-animated educational children's program with community-focused program content.

    The new computer-animated children's program: "Bob The Builder", on: PBS, (now that it's made using United Kingdom talent voice actors & most likely United Kingdom developers & writers), is super RACIST!

    One of the first remake debuting episodes of 2015-2016 had the new African character make frequent mistakes. He was also attending a college, and younger, which was portrayed on the same episode--so we really paid no heed to his constant screw ups and frequent, expensive mistakes--after taking directions from both Wendy and Bob, and dissappointing them both, as well as delaying the progress of the team, destroying expensive materials and equipment. (On the original, American Character Voice Actor, Clay-Mation show--these mistakes were done by a character: Dizzy--which was a cement mixing machine--with an early-age, feminine-boyish voice, of no distinctive

    In today's episode, the only dark-skinned character (the new apprentice of African descent) stopped working, sat on the horses' fence, left the gate open and the white rancher's expensive quarter race horses got out. In the same episode, he also damaged materials equipment, and again made Wendy and Bob, his supervisors, frustrated with him. This approach is teaching our children that darker skinned people are to be tolerated, (as there is only 1 character from a different Region or Culture than the 2 Leads from the same European Region, background and culture) in workplaces. The message coming across to the targeted Preschooler audience is that people of darker skin-tone make expensive mistakes that delay progress. It's a REALLY messed up subliminal message, that just perpetuates this Traumatic Viewpoint, and diminishes opportunity and respect for specific peoples. There are Methods to repair such an inconsiderate, Ethnocentric attitude.

    As an American Indian and a descendant of Freedmen, I am also a 4th generation public school teacher in over 107 of teachers, on my Paternal Paw Paw's side. As teachers, we are taught some Vital Methods in ascertaining if our material(s) made available/introduced to our students and our community(ies), is appropriate in several ways/applications, as well as historically correct, and honors the source of the story or history, paying respect to any character being portrayed and naming specific tribes/nations/countries, that the writers/author have a direct connection to the behavior, culture or tradition portrayed/named, in the content of the story, or of a character or person.

    These considerations in Public Mass Media and Broadcastingespecially in educational platforms, are an important responsibility. In order to stop the perpetuation of a single, specific viewpoint that people of darker skin are very difficult to work with, don't take instruction from Supervisors, make frequent, expensive mistakes that such behavior out of a darker-skinned person must be tolerated by those of lighter skin, (who always have the role of: Overseers of the work accomplished) there are wonderful solutions and Methods of Approach that are very easy to ascertain and adopt as a Standard Operating Procedure.

    We, the Teachers, the Public Servants, the Educational Content Public Broadcasters, even with the most sincere of benevolent intentions, cannot discount, ignore or incorrectly reflect some groups in favor of other groups.

    Thank you for sharing this important concern and allowing a platform to address and correct such issues, as well helping to heal the perpetuated inherited traumas of many Peoples, with many different Cultural Views and many different Cultural Traditions and Practices. For this, many are grateful.

  • Nice Show But Bobs Not Lazy All The Time

    I Loved This Show When I Was Little For Those Of You That are Saying Bob is lazy well the truth is Bobs Not Really Lazy He Is A Supervisor, Bob Can Be Capable Of Working For Example In Lofty To The Rescue Bob Laid Paving Stones On The Path, In Dizzy's Birdwatch Bob Was Fixing A Roof And Putting Tiles On The Roof, In Dizzy's Statues Bob Was Digging Holes For A Friends Garden And Also Bob Used A Jackhammer, In Special Delivery Spud Bob Used A Chainsaw, Bob Actually Works In The Show, hope you Guys Understand That Bob Is Capable Of Working, This Is A Great Show To Watch For Kids, It Is Similar To Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends
  • RIP old Bob

    This is a shame as Bob the builder is no longer who he originally was, RIP Bob, bring back the old days
  • Underrated and use to be good

    Like Teletubbies this show appears to be underrated but mainly the older episodes. The newer episodes suck.
  • BOB is more of a slack off than a builder

    HIT Entertaiment has failed with this show. All bob does is sit on his lazy butt while the talking and moving construction machines do the dirty work. The show is supposed to be educational however it really isn't how on earth is this educational. Talking construction equipment combined with a lazy bum = no educational value whatsoever. What's next a 3 year old after watching this thinks that being lazy when your older and working is ok? Or even worse a 3 year old thinks vehicles talk in real life for example.

    Little kid Hi Ford Excursion how are you.

    Ford Excursion No response beacause cars in real life don't talk!

  • Great show for kids 2 to 5

    Shame about the reviews below. Bob the Builder is a great show that teaches kids the importance of community and lessons on how to work together.

  • Bob the Slacker. CAN WE FIX IT? NO WE CAN'T

    Bob the Builder has to be one of the worst kid shows ever. Last time I checked there had to be educational value in a childrens show that's meant for toddlers. What's so educational about this? All Bob does is sit on his lazy ass all day while his machines do all the work for him. Seriously, that's educational? The claymation looks decent, but it can be choppy from time to time. Bob is a bad role model for kids because he encourages children to be lazy and let people do everything for you. If you want a better PBS Kids show that's actually education, then go check out Sesame Street or Arthur. Rating: 2.0/10
  • Cool!


    I wanna kill this show! Not cool or awesome.

    hay kids car's trucks cant talk it's just a SHOW SO WHY MAKE THIS WHEN ALL BOB DOES IT'S JUST SIT'S THERE LIKE A PUSSY
  • Bob the brain destroyer.


    Plot: Bob the Builder, who always help the citizens around by fixing their homes with those anthropomorphic vehicles around him. He builds stuff and anything. But the problem is, he's really not the builder in this show, he doesn't work that much and only does few and simple things, why is he called a builder when he does nothing?

    Characters: Those anthropomorphic vehicles needs to go and be manual, so Bob can go back to work and stop his lazy habit. The scarecrow needs to be shooed out of this show, he's useless. Wendy is also lazy as him, and to me, I always see Wendy having habits of going her way out of the TV screen. Huh. And the voices are annoying, but the dialogue is fine.

    Humor/Education Value: No humor, (Are they even aiming for jokes and laughs?) No education value. Not the right time to teach kids build homes. Also showing kids on how to talk on vehicles is a disastrous setback. And showing how lazy Bob is won't help. I wish Bob The Builder gets kicked out of this show only to be replaced by Bob Vila. Hurray! That would make it more educational! Haha.

    Art: Art is very good, since it's somewhat more complicated than CGI or drawings, and it's the only one that is educational in this show, and their animation, it's good.

    Overall: 1.5. This show needs to be forgotten and be reincarnated to an art show, or to be just PLAIN cancelled. They can renew it if they're going to replace Bob The Lazy Builder with Bob Vila! It would do good, trust me!
  • Bob the Builder is easily one of the WORST, Stupidest and most Annoying Educational cartoons ever in TV history!

    My 52nd after another Bad Nelvana Cartoon: "6teen"

    This cartoon is a Disgrace to Hit Entertainment, and Nick Jr! Nick Jr AND Hit Entertainment has a LOT of bad shows. Bob the Builder is Stupid people! ..And what the heck? Cars that can talk? No way! Those trucks are Stupid too! Here's my Anti-song for Bob the Builder haters. You gonna sing this song. It will be the Funniest song you'll have ever Hear! BOB THE BUILDER! Can we Kill him? BOB THE BUILDER, YES WE CAN!!!!!!! He's way to annoying because he's too lazy,
    We can let him die in fire in Half to Death! Bob is almost dead, because he Barbaqued, One last thing to do is throw him out, BOB THE BUILDER! Is he annoying? BOB THE BUILDER! Yes he is! We charge our hands to twist him around the block, Wait until he's dizzy and VERY sick, Throw him as far you can to keep him away, We'll throw him so far, he'll NEVER come back! BOB THE BUILDER! Is he dead now? BOB THE BUILDER! Yes, He's Dead!!!!!!!

    The Grade I'm giving this. Oh! This cartoon is Definitely getting an F--! Here the Results: Voice-acting: F-- 0.0/10.0 Annoying.

    Animation: C+ 6.5/10.0 oh come on. it's Clay Animated. If you want to watch a Better Clay-animated show, go watch Robot Chicken Instead! Graphics: F-- 2.8/10.0 AWFUL!! That's what made the cartoon Terrible in the first place! It makes the Chracthers Ugly as Freak!!!

    Sound: F-- 0.0/10.0 One of the Worst Theme songs EVER! No wonder why so many people are ranting about the song on their reviews on this site! Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 The most Brainless scripts in a Educational cartoon EVER!

    Educational Value: E 3.0/10.0 There is no good Educational value in this cartoon, AT ALL. It teaches kids how to make a Mess, Be Lazy like bob, (and he's truly lazy and he's talks on the dang cell-phone all day, while everyone does the work,) Talk to cars, Even Marry them! Oh! Ok! I'll talk to my Parent's Nissan Car and Marry it too! DUH!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 totally None. This cartoon is Garbage. Overall: F-- 1.8/10.0 First they showed it on nick jr in the Late 1999 in the USA and now PBS kids is re-running it and making more epiosdes! Cancel it s soon as Possbile!
  • This show is the worst TV show in the world!

    OK,this is my update from my old Bob the builder review which i believe i thought i was spamming but this is the more mature one not as in swearing but as in speaking clearly. OK why the heck is this show popular worldwide i hate it it's for babies and his machines talk which is bad for children i also hate the theme song this is the reason why i hate Neil Morrisey the way he acts as Bob and that he speaks the theme song i can't believe they did a single of his theme song it was god awful i started hearing it on the radio and it beat Eminem to number one in the UK which sucks i can't believe even grown ups like this show this show should be banned from the UK and the USA and many other counturies also he became a gay icon in the UK which is good because i think he is gay
  • I Thiink Bob The Builder Is Amaziing, He's got an awesome theme song, he's teaching kids if they try something , they will achieve it (usally) Me and my sister love Him , but I Think he's gay for some reason even though Wendy is his wife

    Bob The Builder is A childrens show That teaches kids to have a "Can-Do Attitude" about anything they do.
    It's age appropiate for 3+ years of age, and is a fun show for toddlers (:
    The Show is about fixing things.

    The Theme song lyrics are...

    Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and Roley too Lofty and Wendy join the crew Pilchard and Bird, Travis and Spud

    Playing together like good friends should

    Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Hey!
    Time to get busy, such a lot to do Building and fixing till it's good as new Bob and the gang have so much fun Working together, they get the job done

    Can we build it? Yeah!
    Can we fix it? Yeah!

    Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder
    Yes, we can! (Yeah!)
  • Last time I checked there needed to be EDUCATIONAL values in an education show, not have the main character be lazy and have the machines do all the work

    Bob the Builder is one of the kids shows that apparently teaches kids about teamwork and solving problems but it's taught in a way that apparently kids don't need to worry about solving problems and let others worry about it. Despite being the main character in the show, Bob does NOTHING at all! HE just sits around, talks on his phone, and lets his vehicles do all the work. Speaking of vehicles, why do they talk? I have a huge suspension of disbelief but even that's going too far especially for a kids show. The clay animation is not too bad but it needs improvement. I wasn't very fond of the voice work but it wasn't so bad it made my ears bleed. What kills this show is that it apparently teaches kids to be lazy, vehicles are self aware and will do any job for you, and that you can talk to your car as well. What kind of lesson is that for the kids? I have heard this show is now getting new episodes, but I don't think anyone should see this show at all especially not kids. The morals are awful, the vehicles are terrible, the animation is sub par, and it has no real education value to it. This isn't the worse kids show ever, but its kind of up there. There are far better ways to educate kids, so just avoid this show and watch Blue's Clues instead, that had real educational value.
  • bad

    It's not the all-time worst show ever but it is pretty irritating. I know I used to like it but I am almost positive if i watched it again i would hate it. This is one of those shows I honestly have no idea why I liked... no offense to anyone who does like this show but I think it is terrible. My overall grade for this show is a D or so. It is really bad from what I recall but for some reason I don't think it deserves an "F". But it does deserve a D or so
  • More annoying than educational.

    "Bob the Builder! Can we fix it?
    Bob the Builder! Yes we can!"

    A catch phrase taken from part of the theme song of the show. Bob the Builder shows how machines work and is more effective than Mighty Machines. Although it is very popular nowadays because of the toys and other merchandise, others find it a nuisance to even see the character or hear the theme song!

    Overall, I think it's safe to say this isn't that good of a show.
  • Lost intrest.

    I have put some thought into it, and i have decided against Bob the Builder. I have lost complete intrest in it and never watch it anyway. I do not even have DVDs of the show. All i am saying is that i do not like this show anymore at all.
  • Bob the fruity builder oh brother.

    I can't stand this show. It puts up the idea that you can fix anything, well not everything can be fixed. It's just impossible to do so. And that is why Bob the Builder stinks in ice. Also construction equipment can not talk or be alive and feel things like happy or sad feelings.
  • Bob the Builder!?! I mean come mon! Who watches this crap show!? Have you seen Bobs cars? They flippin talk!! Dont let your children watch this show partnts out there! It will brainwash them and sooner than you know it they will be talking to your Honda!

    Bob u fat lard!! you have talking, cars and you are running away from this idiot who sometimes tries to ruin your plans! This show is itiotic! It has cars that talk! who has that!?! also sooner than you know it your children will betalking to your Honda or Lincoln and be waiting for an answer!! This show is pure crap!! ( also Bob is gay! )
  • Oh please

    This is the most stupidish show ever!! Cars that talk? Oh yeah let's teach our children to talk to cars and even Marrying Them! AHHHHH!!! I can't take it anymore! I'm glad it's cancelled I mean who would watch this show? A monster? This show is a disgrace to mankind!
  • Horrible show!

    OK, i hate Bob the Builder so much he irratates the crap out of me in fact i think this is one of the worst shows on TV and the theme song is horrible i dunno why it reached number 1 at Christmas time i've had to listen to the theme song when i was in primary school in assemblies and crap this show teaches kids that work is good which is a good thing but it teaches them that it's all fun and fancy free when it isn't work is very hard and people don't want to do it but they have to do it anyway so this teaches kids the wrong thing plus the "Can we fix it?" catchphrase is rather annoying i'm glad this show isn't as popular as it used to be and it should stay this way because i hate this show i really do you have no idea how much i hate this show and it needs to be cancelled.
  • hi ds here

    this is a faveritue being nere my bday im having benny. maby ill go watch speedy skip dvd or maybe ill go look on the internet any oh this is so fuuny i so wish that i was one of the vocies for skip or here i go by saying that me and my nice enjoy this
  • Another boring children show..

    Like this one, what kind of a show is this. I agree with BlueMario1036 because this show is really the WORST show ever. Come on Nick Jr. make a very good show like Blue's Clues, it was the greatest children show ever. I didn't know this show was created by HIT Entertainment. Actually HIT Entertainment has been created bad shows like Thomas and Friends and so on... (not about Pingu).

    Voice Acting and Dialogue:
    Annoying British voice acting and the dialogue is childish too.

    The animation is cool but I despised the characters and the plot.

    Educational Value:
    BlueMario1036 said that he teaches kids to be lazy, but actually Bob is a supervisor there's nothing about him. He also said it teaches kids to talk the vehicles actually he's right because, it was weird, why did the creator make an idea make talking vehicle? But if the kids will do that in real life, the adults will say "what's with that kid? is he autistic or mental retard?".

    The same what I said in the animation, I despise them.

    Overall: 3.0
    Ok this isn't going well in this show,I can't believe this show is popular because of the toys, the toys were quite decent though.
  • Bob the builder is about a looney builder his buisness and his machine team. He used to live in Bobsville(what a stupid name) but in the later episodes has moved to sunflower valley.

    Bob the builder is the only builder in bobsville. he needs some to look after his building yard when he moves, and one his machines finds a suitable builder - his own retired dad! Bob very he can move. he thanks the machine and off the go sunflower valley, they're new home. the get a new machine, Scrambler, and hire a machine called benny. benny is a digger and scrambler is quad bike. Bob has many adventures. But also mishaps. Will bob be able to survive the sunflower valley challenge? Tune in weekdays to find out! Bob the Builder - 8.8/10.
  • BoB and His Friend fix everything anf have fun sing- being Happy.

    A Great show for the little friends and the tool lovers of the world. My little buddy thinks he is Bob or muck I'm not sure. He gets out his tools and starts to name them. The way that Bob and friends use the tool is very interesting to 2 year old boys The colors, The action and the can-do spirit of this kids show is wonderful and creative. I think all kids can enjoy our friend bob and fall in love with yellow. Everyone do it even if you are 2 the song is in my head all day long and I'm starting to sing on the bus help me I'm about to fix something this is not good.
  • Positive morals for children, pure hilarity for everyone else. Watch this one with friends.

    Some kids programming is legitimately good. Other shows are pure brilliance in their art direction and use of sound. And then there are shows that, while seemingly innocent and good for children, prove to be unintentionally some of the funniest things I've seen on TV. Bob the Builder is the cream of the crop for the latter.

    For those unfamiliar, here is brief recap on the show: Bob, a local handyman and self employed business man in his town, sets out in each episode to fix or build houses, rooms, gardens, sports fields, and other local attractions. Bob does his job with a smile and is assisted by several talking vehicles, his partner in business, Wendy, and occasionally helped by Spud the Scarecrow and Travis the Tractor, though their help is typically of the "ruin everything Bob has finished so far" mentality. Got it? Good.

    Now, here's how the show appears to the rest of us who can find something more to this program than sappy stories of friendship and working together.

    Bob may own the business, but in reality, he is their worst worker. Bob tends to take on the easiest jobs (or sometimes no jobs), leaving Wendy and the trucks to do the heavy work. In one amusing episode, we find Wendy and the others building a Football Field (that's British football, going back to the shows roots). The heavy-duty job requires help from almost every member of Bob's business, except one truck (Muk, the perpetually useless one) and Bob. So what does Bob do at home?

    He moves roughly two piles of junk (and I mean small, small piles) and sets three flowerpots outside, all in preparation for some committee to come and grade the garden. Bob and Wendy both finish their jobs at roughly the same time (that's right, cleaning a tiny little garden and building a football field take roughly the same amount of work time), with Bob ending up covered in dirt, while Wendy and the others don't get a speck on them.

    Not. A. Speck.

    I'm not entirely sure if Bob is dumb, useless, lazy, incompetent, or simply playing ignorant, but this sort of thing happens a lot in the show. In fact, I'd say that in almost every episode that has Wendy in it, Bob does some of the most menial jobs I've ever seen. Time and time again, we find Bob slacking off while everyone else carries the weight of the company’s success on their shoulders. And guess what? Everyone just smiles. Not a complaint, not a word, not one single "Bob, seriously, grab a hammer and do something. Okay." Nope, Bob continuously gets by on the least amount of work possible, let's his lady friend do every major project they have, and then takes all the credit (such as in the episode where he receives a gold watch for all his terrific work in the town). On the rare occasion Bob does build, he manages to either completely screw up (such as when he had to wallpaper a room for a friend) or complain non-stop about some made up injury. And so, with Bob as our bumbling lead, the show cannot fail in comedy. Watch episodes closely, and count how many times Bob fails to handle a major project, or stays home while Wendy hits the field, or how many times Bob just plain-old does nothing. And I mean "sleep in bed while Wendy builds a gazebo with walking mechanical legs" nothing (taken from an actual episode... er, sort of). I suggest inviting some friends over and making a drinking game of it. It doesn\'t hurt that the talking trucks are so child like and stupid either. Lofty wins the prize for biggest jokester in the group; his lack of confidence in using one of his ,<i>appendages</i> is mind-boggling. It's like being afraid to lift your arm. "Use your crane with confidence, you blue pile of self-defeat!" you may yell at the TV. Don\'t bother. Rather, and here is where the fun is at, just supplement the responses you'd like to give Lofty by muting the TV after he speaks. Go all out on him. Yell, use profanities, reiterate a few of Sam Jackson's best lines at him (with changes to suit the situation, of course); the point is, make what could be a very annoying character into a social event with your friends, and try to nail the best Lofty Come Back Response you can. Taking things a step further, just mute the entire show. You'll find that you can write better dialogue for most of the characters. Watch as you're Bob goes from slothful to blissfully rude and controlling over Wendy and the trucks. Laugh as Spud get verbally beaten for once again stepping in the wet cement. Add a few tantalizing pieces of romantic dialogue to the scenes, between any characters you like.

    Just don't do it alone. Then it seems sad.

    Overall, I highly recommend Bob the Builder to everyone. I can't think of a better way to pass the time at a friend’s house during lunch than stare in disbelief as Wendy single headedly builds a cathedral in five hours, while Bob stretches a two-minute job into a two week fiasco. I salute you Bob. Keep on passing on the responsibilities. 9/10
    Wesley "SP" Babbitt
  • The show is very good. Even though I'm almost 14 I still watch the show. The show is very good to watch. It is embarissing to let my parents know that I like kid shows. The show is really great. I watch the show every operonity I get to watch.

    The show is very good. Even though I'm almost 14 I still watch the show. The show is very good to watch. It is embarissing to let my parents know that I like kid shows. The show is really great. I watch the show every operonity I get to watch.
  • My toddler LOVES this show!

    Bob builds things with the help of his machines.
    there is Scoop Muck Rolley Dizzy Wendy Pilchard Scrufty Bird Lofty
    I love the ones when Spud causes trouble and messes everything up. Bob then has to go and fix everything. When my 5 year old was 3 all he wanted to watch was Bob The Builder. His backpack even had to have Bob on it!