Bob the Builder

Weekdays 9:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 12, 1999 In Season





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  • Another boring children show..

    Like this one, what kind of a show is this. I agree with BlueMario1036 because this show is really the WORST show ever. Come on Nick Jr. make a very good show like Blue's Clues, it was the greatest children show ever. I didn't know this show was created by HIT Entertainment. Actually HIT Entertainment has been created bad shows like Thomas and Friends and so on... (not about Pingu).

    Voice Acting and Dialogue:
    Annoying British voice acting and the dialogue is childish too.

    The animation is cool but I despised the characters and the plot.

    Educational Value:
    BlueMario1036 said that he teaches kids to be lazy, but actually Bob is a supervisor there's nothing about him. He also said it teaches kids to talk the vehicles actually he's right because, it was weird, why did the creator make an idea make talking vehicle? But if the kids will do that in real life, the adults will say "what's with that kid? is he autistic or mental retard?".

    The same what I said in the animation, I despise them.

    Overall: 3.0
    Ok this isn't going well in this show,I can't believe this show is popular because of the toys, the toys were quite decent though.