Bob the Builder

Weekdays 9:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 12, 1999 In Season





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  • Last time I checked there needed to be EDUCATIONAL values in an education show, not have the main character be lazy and have the machines do all the work

    Bob the Builder is one of the kids shows that apparently teaches kids about teamwork and solving problems but it's taught in a way that apparently kids don't need to worry about solving problems and let others worry about it. Despite being the main character in the show, Bob does NOTHING at all! HE just sits around, talks on his phone, and lets his vehicles do all the work. Speaking of vehicles, why do they talk? I have a huge suspension of disbelief but even that's going too far especially for a kids show. The clay animation is not too bad but it needs improvement. I wasn't very fond of the voice work but it wasn't so bad it made my ears bleed. What kills this show is that it apparently teaches kids to be lazy, vehicles are self aware and will do any job for you, and that you can talk to your car as well. What kind of lesson is that for the kids? I have heard this show is now getting new episodes, but I don't think anyone should see this show at all especially not kids. The morals are awful, the vehicles are terrible, the animation is sub par, and it has no real education value to it. This isn't the worse kids show ever, but its kind of up there. There are far better ways to educate kids, so just avoid this show and watch Blue's Clues instead, that had real educational value.