Bob the Builder

Weekdays 9:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 12, 1999 In Season





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  • This show is the worst TV show in the world!

    OK,this is my update from my old Bob the builder review which i believe i thought i was spamming but this is the more mature one not as in swearing but as in speaking clearly. OK why the heck is this show popular worldwide i hate it it's for babies and his machines talk which is bad for children i also hate the theme song this is the reason why i hate Neil Morrisey the way he acts as Bob and that he speaks the theme song i can't believe they did a single of his theme song it was god awful i started hearing it on the radio and it beat Eminem to number one in the UK which sucks i can't believe even grown ups like this show this show should be banned from the UK and the USA and many other counturies also he became a gay icon in the UK which is good because i think he is gay