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Cartoon Network (ended 2009)


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  • This show fails completely.

    This show is about this wannabe kid named Bobb'e that thinks he is so cool. Okay, the point of the show is that Bobb'e gives people advice so they don't look like idiots but the idea is stupid and pointless. It's like you are letting a kid tell you what do when you are like a grown up person already and don't need one little kid to boss you around. This is so pathetic, and the kid thinks he is all so cool when he is not by talking like a gangster and probably acting like one as well, he is simply embrassing himself in public television, same goes for the other CN real shows.

    Overall, don't waste your time wasting a know it all kid which he is not, telling others what to do, CN real shows are the worst idea that CN has come up with, it's CARTOON Network, when will CN learn that we, the viewers (including kids), don't want a bunch lame reality shows especially on CARTOON Network, this is disappointing, I can't wait till these shows get cancelled.
  • Its watchable.

    This was the only good show on Cartoon Network that wasn't a cartoon. First of all Cartoon Network is for cartoons not live action stuff like this. Brainrush, Destroy Build Destroy and survive this and whatever else wasn't an cartoon on Cartoon Network is terrible. I like this show because what he said not to do was actually useful. Its not as good as Americas funniest home videos but it is watchable. Bobbe is not very good at commentary which is downside plus Tony Hawk should not be getting tips from Bobbe i mean hes tony hawk! I think tony hawk now how to handle himself.
  • "America's funniest kid" wouldn't be cancelled if he were that funny.

    Isn't it weird how the summary for this show describes Bobb'e J. as the 'funniest kid in America?' The funniest kid wouldn't have his show cancelled by the network it's on if he were really that hilarious. The show is a trippy rip off of an actually okay show (Funniest Videos), and the voice he uses for the announcer is so annoying, it tops all the voices for Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer--the most annoying Christmas movie ever. Somehow, despite playing the movie hundreds/thousands of times every single Christmas, I find myself happy it's not this freaking show.
  • Bobb'e Says, if your going to create mindless garbage like this, don't expect anyone to like it at all.

    I thought Jackass, America's Funniest Home Videos, and TruTv are great but this is just embarrasing. I don't have much to say about this show, but I think I'll begin starting with the commentary.

    Commentary is the most important part for these shows, but unfortenetly, Bobb'e doesn't know how to do commentary due to the fact he doesn't know how to act, or the fact that he's like 10 or 11 years old.

    The clips are ok at times, but are mostly small wrecks that even happen to you at times. The letters that kids send in on that show are fake, mainly because he doesn't tell anybody to send letters on the show, and there's nothing for that on the CN website.

    Bobb'e says is trash. Don't watch this period.
  • Bobb'e Says... FAIL!!!

    As if T.V. needed another Bloopers show, CN decided to create one that manages to trump them all. First of all why do I care what a little kid says about anything? Thiers nothing new here... as a matter of fact thier's nothing new on any of the CN Real programming. I certainly hope CN abandons this failed programming SOON! What happened to all the HB cartoons? where'd Toonami go? Replaced by this crap?
    Give me a break, all these show mimic previously done shows on other stations only with kids and a lot worse. You fail Cartoon Network... FAIL!!!