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  • Season 1
    • 3/20/08
      At the annual BG Capital conference, Bobby addresses the shaky Atlantis project and glitch-plagued Clearly Canadian venture. Brent's "powders" are reviewed by Marco and Bobby. Bobby discusses "working hard" versus "working smart" and reveals BG Capital's future plans and prospects.
    • 3/6/08
      Tension between Brett and Steve reaches a head, and Brent makes a major decision regarding his future.
    • Winner Take All
      Episode 6
      Bobby relaxes at his lakefront "cottage" in the exclusive Canadian enclave of Muskoka. Back in Fort Lauderdale, he and Marco take a bite of a promising new venture. Brent goes to Wall Street with a team of taut ladies and pitches Clearly Canadian to potential investors. Business and pleasure merge on the polo field, where Bobby leads Team Clearly Canadian to victory.moreless
    • Heat
      Episode 5
      Bobby and Marco research a new venture tied to disaster relief. On a company trip to visit a charity project in Nicaragua , Brent is moved by the community's response, and Bobby can see opportunity for Clearly Canadian’s growth in that market. Following the trip, Brent presents his socially progressive marketing ideas to Bobby. Meanwhile, a reporter covering the charismatic businessman observes the dynamic of their relationship...and the motives that may lie beneath each man's personality.moreless
    • 2/13/08
      In the Bahamas, business takes a backseat to personal matters. Bobby finds a unique way of subverting the waiting list at Nassau's most elite elementary school, and his latest house-hunt takes him to some of the island's most incredible mansions. At Clearly Canadian headquarters, tension continues to build between Brent and Steve, and Bobby contemplates possible solutions. Lingerie models and Miami's A-list gather at the Versace Mansion in South Beach for a lavish fundraiser.moreless
    • Charades
      Episode 3
      Bobby shops for a Lear Jet, impressed by the $700,000 interior of a particular plane. But as a Canadian, the Patriot Act prevents him from making his grand purchase, and he need...
    • The Big Freeze
      Episode 2
      At a closed-door crisis meeting, the BG Capital Group hatches an aggressive strategy for dealing with the rapidly sinking Atlantis project. Outside the boardroom, Bobby goes yacht shopping and sets his sights on a luxurious 120-foot cruiser. Meanwhile, Brent continues to rebuild Clearly Canadian by expanding the brand and pursuing new marketing tactics, including a night of clubbing and carousing with an alluring crew of lederhosen-clad ladies. He heads to the slopes of Aspen, where skiing, snowmobiling and strategizing with the boss are on the agenda.moreless
    • 1/24/08
      The BG Capital Group may be in too deep as their Atlantis project, a fantastically elaborate underwater mausoleum seems to be in disarray. With one venture slowly sinking, Bobby turns his attention to a sure thing, the adult entertainment business, and winds up doing some market research at a local club. Meanwhile, on the Clearly Canadian soft drink project, Brent takes in a Phoenix Suns game and then meets with Clearly Canadian's spokesman, Steve Nash, but struggles after a costly mix-up jeopardizes a distribution deal.moreless