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  • The Start of my love for 90s (Cartoons)

    Various ep (96-98)
  • Remember Bobby's World?

    It was a good show!
  • One of my favorite childhood cartoons.

  • Howie fan

    My husband and I like Bobby's world.He work and he miss the show.So he be off work is the only time he can watch it,Its on TOONR.@2pm mountain time
  • Bobby is the boy to see!

    I loved following him on his adventures! He was a sweet character to watch for a cartoon. I loved all the voiceovers, especially Bobby's and the Mom's. A neat show to watch as a family with kids. Howie was a great voiceover too. They don't make shows like this anymore. But Bobby IMO, will always live on (the football head!)
  • A great show created by Howie Mandel.

    I love this show. I used to watch it on Fox Kids when I was little, and I have an old VHS release of that show and I still watch it to this very day. It's created by Howie Mandel, who is currently the host of "Deal or No Deal" on NBC. This is a great show. It's about a 4-year-old kid named Bobby Generic who has a wild imagination. He has two siblings named Derek and Kelly and they don't like Bobby very much. He has a dad named Howie (and that's right he's also played by Howie Mandel), and he has Uncle Ted living in his household. This show is great and funny and hopefully they'll release it on DVD.
  • i like this show alot and bobby always have fun

    i think the show is really good it has to come back becaues it holds the record as the longest runing fox kids show that says a lot abount bobbys'world i like to see it back becaues i like it a lot in the 1990s and i hope they pick up were they left of on the last one from back to the furniture
  • I thought I'd forgotten about this

    Oh, my.

    I should've been 6 or 7 when I watched this for the last time, in Fox Kids, of course.

    The thing is I never knew about the schedule, but I do remember everyone liked this..
    Is it about Bobby's huge head?
    Is it about the alter-ego of that weird comedian?

    I'll never know.
    But I sure can tell you that this show shouldn't be forgotten, and it must come back to hour homes; I know I'm not the only one who remembers him on his tricycle, on some kind of 3D intro, going into a strange rolecoaster.

    Darn, I can barely remember the way that little kid looked like. The only things I can remember are... his particular hair, his red shirt, his huge head (mentioned up there) and his pitched voice. And yeah, that's about it.

    Then, we should ask ourselves...
    Who doesn't miss being like him?
    Well, not me.
  • o yea i remember this show i used to watch it like every morning before i went to school while eating cereal i used to love this show

    this was a good show a kid show but i was a kid at the time and i loved it.It was fresh and funny one of those good old shows like Doug i don't understand why they would end those shows. I guess they wanted new shows but i used to love the fox kids line up i used to watch after school and before school and on saturdays those good old saturday morning cartoons it should be on dvd at least if it ever does come out on dvd you should definitely check it out its one of those shows like boy meets world that should not have ended.
  • This needs to come back.

    This is classic Howie Mandel. I love this show, and I wish someone would show it. But like always, the good shows are left to rot in a vault somewhere. That is sad, this was good, compaired to most of the shows that are now on fox kids today. Classic saturday cartoons are going away.
  • I really miss this show. It brought me a lot of happiness when i was a little boy.

    Bobby's world is the kind of show you watcha nd think to yourself, "Wow, i'm glad my life's like/not like that", as Bobby's world in this show is very... unique. then again, a kid who loks up to a superhero named "Captain Squash" doesn't exactly get a lot of say.

    Then you relaize, Bobby's only 4 years old. He goes through the challenges we all face, like a baby sibling being born, having to deal with 2 older siblings, learning to accept other differences, and dealing with his grandparents. The good news for Bobby is he's always got his Uncle Ted, and in Bobby's World, all you really need is a friend.
  • BRING BACK BOBBY'S WORLD... or at least releas it on DVD!

    "Bobby's World" was one of the best cartoons ever made, and still is up to date. "Bobby's World" is a classic, it was like seeing the world from a 4 yearold child's view; Bobby would always go on an adventure nomatter where he was, in his room, at school, or even in the park. You always had fun watching Bobby take on new chalenges (the tipe of thing that happen in real life) and learning along with him. I always had fun watching and learning with Bobby Generic. Bring back Bobby's World or at least release it on DVD! Please bring back "Bobby's World" so that i may have the privledge of reliving my childhood.

    Thank you
  • Mars!...I thought we were supposed to go to Grandmas.

    Bobby's World is one of the most imaginative shows I have ever seen. Bobby is a toddler who goes to pre-school and hangs out at home with his parents, siblings, dog, and Uncle Ted. Throughout each episode Bobby allows his imagination to run wild and he thinks he is in strange places such as space, the zoo, the race track, or in jail. When trying to compare Bobby's World to another animated series the closest shows that come to mind are Rugrats and Muppet Babbies. All of these shows are about toddlers and their imaginations. If you are a fan of any early 90's animated series then you will probably enjoy Bobby's World since it was among the top 90's series.
  • Smack me with a wet noodle...

    Wow. Bobby's World was such a great show thanks to Howie Mandels Awesome voice talents. They used to show this at like 6:30 AM on Fox and I could catch it before school. It's hillarious. Bobby's mom seems very canadian and says stuff like "I'll smack you with a wet noodle". Uncle Ted is the crazy uncle who always tries to push the sales of Socks-In-A-Can. Every now and then there'd be these great musical numbers such as my personal favorite "Animals, don't wear underpants! They're the same as you and me! But the only embarrassing thing, about no underpants, is what you can see!!!". My God, it's genius! I forgot about this show until I stumbled upon it in these listings, and now I realise how inscribed in my brain it is. It's a great show, I hope they do something with it soon. Definitly check it out in the meantime if the opportunity arrises.