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Based on the manga by Yoshio Sawai, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is one of the weirdest, yet funny animes using puns, cross-dressing, and lots of visual gags.

Taking place in the year 300X, an evil organization knows as the Bald Empire (Margarita Empire) is planning to take over the world by stealing everyones hair. The Bald Empire, led by Emperor Baldy Bald, will have to go through Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who is determined to put a stop to them once and for all, if they plan to succeed. But it won't be easy, because Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was trained to "hear the voices of the hair," enabling him to command his own body hair to perform various martial arts stunts to defend himself. Along the way, he will eventually need the help of all the different, yet weird friends he encounters in order to defeat the evil Bald Empire.

Character Guide:

(Original Japanese name / English dub name)

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - Main character and hero of the story. Very muscular, and often wearing a large, blonde afro and sunglasses, he cares about no one but himself in his journey to defeat the Bald Empire.

Byuti / Beauty - One of the only two sane people in this world, as well as the typical teenage heroine. She has no powers whatsoever.

Heppokomaru/Gasser - In Japanese, "heppoko" means "untrained." He is the other sane person, and uses his gas to fight.

Don Patchi/Don Patch(anime) / Poppa Rocks(manga) - His original Japanese name is a pun on the word "donpachi," which is the sound of machine gun fire. Originally, he was the leader of the "hajiki," which is a group of rebels who greatly oppose Emperor Baldy. He also has a son named Lil' Rocks (Ko Patchi). The americanized version of his name means a candy known to us as Pop Rocks. Can combine with Bo-bobo to form Bo-bobo Rocks in the manga.

Tsuru Tsururiina IV / Emperor Baldy Bald - As his English dub name implies, he's the emperor/leader of the Bald Empire (Margarita Empire). His Japanese name is also an onomatopoeia for something slippery in Japanese.

Tennosuke Tokoro/Jelly Jiggler - His original Japanese name is a pun on the word "tokoroten," which is a type of cold jelly, matching his ability to take the shape of any form. He is also the captain of the Hair Hunter Troop A, and uses Fist of the Shakey Shake to fight.

Opening / Closing Themes

Opening / Closing Set 1 - (Current) OP: "Wild Challenger" by Jindou CL: "Shiawase (Happiness)" by Mani Laba

Opening / Closing Set 2 OP: "Baka Survivor (Stupid Survivor)" by Ulfuls CL: "Kirai Tune (Hate Tune)" by FREENOTE

Opening / Closing Set 3 OP: See 2nd OP/CL Set CL: "H.P.S.J" by MihimaruGTmoreless

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