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Based on the manga by Yoshio Sawai, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is one of the weirdest, yet funny animes using puns, cross-dressing, and lots of visual gags.

Taking place in the year 300X, an evil organization knows as the Bald Empire (Margarita Empire) is planning to take over the world by stealing everyones hair. The Bald Empire, led by Emperor Baldy Bald, will have to go through Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who is determined to put a stop to them once and for all, if they plan to succeed. But it won't be easy, because Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was trained to "hear the voices of the hair," enabling him to command his own body hair to perform various martial arts stunts to defend himself. Along the way, he will eventually need the help of all the different, yet weird friends he encounters in order to defeat the evil Bald Empire.

Character Guide:

(Original Japanese name / English dub name)

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - Main character and hero of the story. Very muscular, and often wearing a large, blonde afro and sunglasses, he cares about no one but himself in his journey to defeat the Bald Empire.

Byuti / Beauty - One of the only two sane people in this world, as well as the typical teenage heroine. She has no powers whatsoever.

Heppokomaru/Gasser - In Japanese, "heppoko" means "untrained." He is the other sane person, and uses his gas to fight.

Don Patchi/Don Patch(anime) / Poppa Rocks(manga) - His original Japanese name is a pun on the word "donpachi," which is the sound of machine gun fire. Originally, he was the leader of the "hajiki," which is a group of rebels who greatly oppose Emperor Baldy. He also has a son named Lil' Rocks (Ko Patchi). The americanized version of his name means a candy known to us as Pop Rocks. Can combine with Bo-bobo to form Bo-bobo Rocks in the manga.

Tsuru Tsururiina IV / Emperor Baldy Bald - As his English dub name implies, he's the emperor/leader of the Bald Empire (Margarita Empire). His Japanese name is also an onomatopoeia for something slippery in Japanese.

Tennosuke Tokoro/Jelly Jiggler - His original Japanese name is a pun on the word "tokoroten," which is a type of cold jelly, matching his ability to take the shape of any form. He is also the captain of the Hair Hunter Troop A, and uses Fist of the Shakey Shake to fight.

Opening / Closing Themes

Opening / Closing Set 1 - (Current) OP: "Wild Challenger" by Jindou CL: "Shiawase (Happiness)" by Mani Laba

Opening / Closing Set 2 OP: "Baka Survivor (Stupid Survivor)" by Ulfuls CL: "Kirai Tune (Hate Tune)" by FREENOTE

Opening / Closing Set 3 OP: See 2nd OP/CL Set CL: "H.P.S.J" by MihimaruGTmoreless
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Fan Reviews (260)

  • Epic.

  • One the weirdest and awesome animes I've seen!

    Bobobobobobobo is about a man named bobobo who most save the world from becoming bald.Along the way bobobo meets some the weirdest (and funniest) group of characters who help him defeat the evil Czar Baldy Bald the 4th,Don Patch,a wig out master,Gasser,a kid who use fart grenades,Jelly Jiggler,a guy made of jelly,to name a few.Bobobo must use his powerful nosehairs and the Super Fist Of The Nosehair.The reason why this animes is so weird and funny is the characters and how they act,there just so dang HILARIOUS!!!!At first I thought this was just a ripoff of johnny bravo,though I saw an episode one night and I laughed my head of!I wish this show still show reruns of this.moreless
  • This show never fails to amuse me

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is one of those animes that when you watch it, there is always going to be plenty of laughs to find. The show is about an empire that has taken over the world and wants to make everyone bald, but a man named Bobobo rises up and wants to take out the empire. Along the way, Bobobo meets and makes friends with others and they travel with him. All throughout the show, it has wonderful humor, satires of popular culture, and is really random and funny. Bobobo and his friends and the enemies all do sketches and gags that will just make you roll on the floor and laugh until you can't breath. My only complaint with the show had to be that it lasted only 2 years and then got canceled. It would be a great idea to see this show back on the air, so everyone can laugh and enjoy the wonderful humor this show has to offer. Check this show out if you can find it.moreless
  • Noise Hair, Talking Torpedoes, Ice Cream for a head, A man who fights with farts! What is there not to like!

    Oh, Bobobo this show is all over the place ( in a good way.) and is really random and funny. One thing that is really great about this show is how well it handles the randomness(usual I do not like shows that use this type of humor.) it pulls it off so well. The voice acting is really well, and the voices fit the characters! My only regret is that this show really does not cover the manga that well since there is only 76 episodes where as the manga is about 200 something chapters. I highly recommend this show to anime fans, trust me your bound to get a laugh out of this one!moreless
  • The funniest anime of all time!!!!

    When i saw an ad for this i thought "ugh a rip off of Jonny Bravo" but i was wrong. this series is extremely random, the fourth wall is broken so much it needs a repairman, and just having Beauty trying to keep Bobobo and Don Patch from crashing into walls. Oh and Gasser.... FUNNY!! the kid fights with his f*rts which explains the Jolly Roger on his back... An example of the randomness was ep 11 where they fought against a guy named "wall man" Bobobo starts talking about a white asparagus which turns out to be macaroni. In episode 20, Bobobo is in a fish costume next to a big bowl of yogurt with living fruit inside it, and Bobobo fires fruit from yogurt and they now have to make tags for underwear. Do not undereestimate this series. Watch it and youll see the true Bobobo.moreless

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