Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 47

A Battle of Skills and Wills with One Green Onion... Or Is That Garlic?

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 30, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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A Battle of Skills and Wills with One Green Onion... Or Is That Garlic?
Torpedo Girl, Beauty, Jelly Jiggler, and Don Patch manage to defeat their opponent, Bad Bard. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo, Softon, and Dengaku Man also do the same by defeating Otto, the 4th Cyber Knight. Afterwards, the whole gang reunites to face the last of the 6 Cyber Knights - J.moreless

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  • Hilarious!

    I loved the scenes in which Softon and Bobobo were taking down Otto\'s zombies, living cars, and living street signs. LOL! Please tell me that it on Youtube so I can see it again. I also liked the scene in which Torpedo Girl says \"Here comes the torpedo bride!\". It\'s too bad that Softon was forced to marry her in order to get a ride to Bungee Hair Hunt Stadium. However, it just means that we\'ll hopefully get to see more of her joking around. Talk about irony, she\'s a Joke Killer and yet she is seen almost always joking around.moreless
  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Softon got beat!! It was just bad luck...

    this wasn't my favorite episode (Nooo Softon!!) for a couple of reasons. First BoBoBo didn't talk as much in this episode as he does in a lot of the other episodes. (Avenge Softon, BoBoBo!) Second I've been dreading seeing J on the show any way (grrrr Softon was distracted) he has an onion head and he still wears sunglasses anyway and whats up with the grey suit? (Softon has a lot more style than J any way!) Thirdly has to do with of course Softon (J cheated!!) J would not have won if it wasn't for Softon throwing the match.moreless

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    • Narrator: Oh, no! Softon went down faster than the stock I bought in this show! Is this J character really that powerful? This onion-headed ogre, or is he a garlicky grifter? There's a certain air about him... or is it just the stench of defeat?
      Bo-BoBo: Softon!
      Beauty: Mr. Softon!
      Don Patch & Jelly Jiggler: Mr. Pink Swirly-Head Dude!
      Torpedo Girl: My darling, no!
      Dengaku Man: (crying) They left me again?!
      Otto: You got dissed.

    • Narrator: Don Patch's stomach felt just like the time he was waiting to find out if his raffle ticket was a winner. All of his new friends won new cars while all he went home with was a cheap set of wiper blades.
      Beauty: That's your analogy? It makes no sense!
      Narrator: Jelly Jiggler felt the same sadness he had when his friend got a video game Jelly wasn't old enough to play.
      Beauty: What's that have to do with this episode?!

    • Don Patch: (to Softon) Remember, pal, you owe us. Don't forget that we stuck our necks out to protect you.
      Jelly Jiggler: Yeah, he's right, and I don't even have a neck.

    • Don Patch: Don Patch's potion isn't designed to cause you any harm physically. It just changes the way you think to the way I do. You'll think the way I do!
      Beauty: It's the worst possible attack!
      Narrator: I wouldn't even wish that on our producers! Wait, yes, I would.

    • Dengaku Man: And so then...
      Narrator: Really, stop trying to narrate! I have years of training you can't possibly match! It's my narration that makes this show what it is!
      Don Patch: What? Are you nuts? The truth is, the world already knows that the real star of this show is me!
      Narrator: News flash: no matter who you think is the star of this show, they're all paid the same.

    • Narrator: In Cyber City, Bo-BoBo and the gang battled the 6 Cyber Knights and also created a spinning circus.
      Dengaku Man: That's right, and then...
      Narrator: Excuse me, but I wasn't finished!

    • Don Patch & Jelly Jiggler: Where's the love?!!! Yeah!
      Beauty: You won't find it there!

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