Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 11

A Bird in the Hand Can Play Chicken, But Still Smell Fowl!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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A Bird in the Hand Can Play Chicken, But Still Smell Fowl!
Gasser attempts to tell Bo-BoBo why he'd been following them all this time and needs his help, but Bo-BoBo and Don Patch's antics keep interrupting him. Shortly after, they run into Puppet Lad -- a member the L-Block Hair Hunt Troopers. After having defeated him, Bo-BoBo agrees to help Gasser become stronger.moreless

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  • this show is good for some people and stupid for outhers for me its stupid and i havent watch anything so dumb.

    its nothing but a stupid show because they have nothing else better to put on but thats just me its stupid and who ever heard of nose hairs fighting or a dude who blast gasses out of his butt and if you take his little thing off around his neck he turns into a baby bit to me that show is just stupid there on a mission to save everybodys hair from being cut off bye whatever ther name is and he takin a pledge to stop them and they have a little girl whos name is unimportant but its still stupid.moreless

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    • Don Patch: I've spent a life time studying Calculatorology. I know what you want! (throws 3 batteries that go through Bo-BoBo's afro and onto the ground)
      Bo-BoBo: (gets excited) Whoa! Double-A batteries! Double-A batteries, double-A batteries, double-A batteries, double-A batteries, double-A batteries, double-A batteries, double-A batteries!!

    • Narrator: Crochet, it's not just a game...
      Bo-BoBo & Old Man: It's an adventure!

    • Don Patch: Every time you do a sit-up, eat 6 cups of Ramen!

    • Narrator: As they leave the Nose Hair Dojo, many questions remain. What kind of lessons does Gasser still have to face? Will Bo-BoBo allow him to use the Fist of the Back Wind, or is the stench just too strong? To find out, you'll either have to keep watching, or do what I do: read the next script!

    • Bo-BoBo: I wonder who that old lady is. She's using the Fist of the Nose Hair.
      Beauty: Didn't you just call her the master?!

    • Narrator: Through the giant hairs and up the nasal passage is where Gasser's training begins.

    • Bo-BoBo: Come with me, and you will learn.
      Gasser: You mean it?
      Bo-BoBo: Mm-hmm. At the Nose Hair Dojo.
      Gasser: Nose Hair Dojo?
      Narrator: The thought of going back to school didn't sit well with Gasser.
      Beauty: Wanna get an apple for the teacher?

    • Puppet Lad: How can tissue paper be this strong?! It must be 2-ply!

    • Bo-BoBo: It's the Fist of the Not Closing CD Case!
      Don Patch: Not copacabana, copacabana! Not copacabana, copacabana!

    • Bo-BoBo: I'll use the Fist of the Clacking CD Case!
      Don Patch: Copacabana! Copacabana! Copacabana!

    • Vic Vermicelli: You! Put the cup down and step away from the Ramen!
      Don Patch: Oh, no! It's Vermicelli! What flavor?
      Vic Vermicelli: Orange-coated mystery meat.
      Beauty: What the heck is mystery meat?!

    • Puppet Lad: I've found you, Bo-BoBo! I've been looking everywhere for you! I'm so happy I found you! Now I have to beat you!
      Beauty: He looks cute, but he talks weird.

    • Narrator: The dung beetle is an interesting insect. It has often been known to...
      Beauty: Nobody cares right now, okay?!

    • Beauty: (to Gasser) Can you go to prison for a $5 mistake?
      Narrator: Yes, but you get a cell with a view!

    • Beauty: Wait. So, you're the mysterious guy who's been following us around all this time, Gas-can?
      Gasser: Gas-can?
      Beauty: That's my nickname for you. That okay?
      Gasser: Uh, sure.

    • Softon: As long as he's with those guys, I know he'll be safe.
      Narrator: What does Softon mean by that? Why is he worried about Gasser's welfare? Is it possible that he worships him as a spiky-haired wannabe rock star idol? Well, in this Narrator's opinion... (gets kicked by Softon) Oh! I didn't think he could hear me. I certainly didn't think he could give me a spinning back kick to my jewelry store.

    • Narrator: The dastardly Wall Man had followed Gasser to try and get a wiff of his Fist of the Back Wind. Geha the Gale, C-Block Commander, got sucked into more than just a converstation, and provided Wall Man with a light snack. Amazed at Bo-BoBo's Fist of the Nose Hair, Wall Man immediately telephoned his mom to ask if he could get one for his birthday. Bo-BoBo said to Wall Man, "Let's do launch," and the C-Block Headquarters was shot to suburbia and landed in a boring block of tasteless tract homes.

    • Little Men: (chanting repeatedly) Every time you eat Ramen, do 6 sit-ups!

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