Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 18

Beauty Is in the Eye of Her Holder!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is just crap. A bunch of individuals flying??????

    (I see the characters flying) It is a bird, no it is a plane, no wait it is a bunch of dumb idiots flying. Shoot them, Shoot them!!! What a load of crap this episode was. Gasser was walking around an odly named city looking for a stupid ring which sitting in the sky. Who would not notice a giant *** ring in the sky. And do not get me started on the part where they were trying to get that stupid *** Jelly dude to fly. Why dont they just eat the dumb***. He probably taste like **** . Someone give this **** show some help. It needs some medical attention.
  • If only flying were that easy...

    I believe I can die...
    I believe I got shot by the FBI...
    All I wanted was a chicken wing...
    From McDonalds or Burger King...

    Oh wait. That's the parody of the song "I Believe I Can Fly" that my cousing used to sing. What was I supposed to do? Oh yes, review Bo-bobo Episode 18: Beauty Is In The Eye Of Her Holder.

    Love the title pun. And I love everythingelse about this episode: Captain Battleship releasing a trap door under the Battleship Five (or was it 6?) Quartet, Bo-bobo tricking Suzu (who looks very cute when she's not being evil, I might add) into eating fish, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler trying to act like spies when really they can be easily spotted, and the debut of Serviceman!

    Now for my quote of the episode:

    Serviceman: Spy THIS!
  • And that's what makes it funny.

    Another well dubbed episode of BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo. Battleship realizing that there are 6 in the Battleship 5 quartet, the appearance of Serviceman, a poor atempt at being an undercover spy. Yup, this show is one of the best there is. However, that flying around was funny, but not very funny.