Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 45

Begin the Bungee Battle! Last One Down Is a Rotten Egg!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Begin the Bungee Battle! Last One Down Is a Rotten Egg!
Bo-BoBo, Beauty, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler are taken to Bungee Jump Hair Hunt Stadium by Sonic, the second of the six Cyber Knights. As all seven of them hang above a bottomless pit attached to bungee cords, the battle against Sonic and his two subordinates takes place. Meanwhile, Gasser is taken to meet Giga.moreless

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      • Don Patch: I've replaced my puny bungee cord with al dente spaghetti!
        (The spaghetti unties and Don Patch falls)
        Don Patch: Whoa! Bad ideeeeeeeeeea!
        (a splat sound is heard)

      • Jelly Jiggler: (while falling) Please, Lucky Hanky, for all the times I've blown snot into you, don't blow it now! Great Hanky, please turn into a magic carpet and save me!
        Beauty: Yeah right! That'll work!
        Jelly Jiggler: It was worth a shot!

      • Unknown Sad Sack: Life's too short to be jumping around on a bungee cord. SO WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?!?

      • (Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, & Jelly Jiggler are flying around Sonic & Super Rabbit dressed as angels)
        Sonic: What's happening here?!? It looks like we're surrounded by weird looking angels!
        Bo-BoBo: (in a nasally high-pitched voice) Super Fist: Airborne Angels!
        Sonic: Just what are you guys up to, huh?
        Jelly Jiggler: I might look like an angel, but I'm a little devil!(throws beehive at Super Rabbit & Sonic)
        Sonic: What is this?!?
        Don Patch: Aren't we cute when we're up to no good? Here we go! (puts fishbowls on Sonic & Super Rabbit's heads so the bees are trapped)
        Sonic & Super Rabbit: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
        Don Patch: Woohooooo! (flies off)
        Bo-BoBo: (in a nasally high-pitched voice) Fallen angels do stuff like this; we're bad! Uh huh! (snips Sonic's bungee cord)

      • Don Patch: (while bouncing around in the background) I'm stealing your sceeeeeeeeeene!

      • Dengaku Man: I just went potty!

      • Narrator: Wait till Gasser meets Giga. Wait till Giga smells Gasser. It all happens on the next pungent episode of Bo-BoBo.

      • Bo-BoBo: Super Fist! 20-ton Press Time!
        Beauty: Forget about e-mailing me! I see the sumo connection!

      • Bo-BoBo: Super Fist of the Nose Hair! Sumo Bungee!
        Beauty: How does a sumo figure into this story?! If you know, e-mail me the answer.

      • Sonic: My subordinates are lame!
        Beauty: You mean you just realized that now?

      • Jelly Jiggler: These are the tastiest cookies I've ever eaten, Bo-BoBo. Gosh, they must have cost a lot.
        Bo-BoBo: (in a high-pitched, woman's voice) My friends deserve the absolute best, the most expensive. I charged them on Jelly Jiggler's credit card.
        Jelly Jiggler: Huh? You stole my wallet? (jumps into the bottomless pit)
        Beauty: Well, it's your own fault! You should have gotten Traveler's checks instead!

      • Sonic: My first subordinate, the one, the only, Super Rabbit!
        Beauty: He's sure not living up to his name!
        Narrator: (looks at the word "Speer" on Super Rabbit's chest) If that spells "super," then the Earth is flatter than a pizza.

      • Narrator: Last time, Bo-BoBo defeated Pana with a web-like substance, saving Jelly Jiggler, who is a web-like substance. But howl will they handle the next challenge?
        (Bo-BoBo & Don Patch start howling like dogs)
        Jelly Jiggler: You can stop that howling! I'm fine!

      • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) Episode 45: "Begin the Bungee Battle! Last One Down Is a Rotten Egg!"

      • Bo-BoBo: Congratulations, Beauty. And now, here's your grand prize... a strawberry-flavored ice cream cone, courtesy of Softon.
        Torpedo Girl: What?! I win Softon because I'm a torpedo! (attacks Bo-BoBo and takes the ice cream cone)
        Beauty: (shrugging) Well, I didn't really like strawberry.

    • NOTES (7)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Unknown Sad Sack: Unknown Comic
        The Unknown Comic wore a paper bag over his head, just like Unknown Sad Sack. The name is similar also.

      • Bo-BoBo Mystery Box: Super Mario Bros.
        The Bo-BoBo mystery boxes have little question marks on the side, similar to the ones in the Mario games.

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