Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 42

Bo-BoBo Braves the Board Game That's Berry, Berry Bothersome

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Narrator: So cash, trash, or flash, we'll see you all next time. On second thought, just make it cash.

    • Narrator: Well, there you have it. We learned everything about Halekulani's past.
      Beauty: Nope! Wrong!
      Narrator: Well, Beauty, maybe you don't want to hear about Bo-BoBo and Halekulani's furious fisticuffs over cash that's coming up next time.

    • Bo-BoBo: So on to the next destination. Come on, come on! I don't have all day. Well, I do, but don't tell anybody.

    • Beauty: That Halekulani impersonation is scary! Mr. Narrator, can we please get back to the recap? This is just wasting time. Plus, they're not even letting me up to bat.
      Narrator: Sure, sure. As you wish, demand-a.
      Beauty: I heard that!
      Narrator: Oh! Actors. Why do I get the feeling she's a cute little puppy and I'm a fire hydrant?
      Beauty: Just get back to the recap!

    • Narrator: Unluckily for them, they meant the "Your Money or Your Life" game. Halekulani had rigged it so they couldn't possibly win -- kind of like the situation I have trying to get a raise on this show.

    • (after Don Patch & Jelly Jiggler stop singing)
      Narrator: Have they finished? Can I take out my earplugs now? Oh, goody. My ears have barely stopped bleeding from their last musical foray in June.

    • Narrator: That's right, the rich and famous live with caviar wishes and arms that turn into diamonds. No, thanks. I'll skip the diamond body parts and stay poor -- as if I have a choice, working on this show. This was all Halekulani's fault. Oh, sure, he can glow purple, but that never got me any dates in high school. At least I think that's why I never had a date. Well, anyway, Halekulani made Bo-BoBo and the others play the most dangerous board game there is -- well, except for the game "Poke Your Eye With a Stick." Get the point?

    • Bo-BoBo: I'm bored with your board game!

  • Notes

    • Original japanese title:Fun Sugoroku Operation! Everyone Gets Service Altogether♪

    • This episode covers volume 10 chapters 105 and 106 of the Bo-bobo manga.

    • In the manga, the money tree that Bo-BoBo summons produces Bookstore Gift Certificates. In the anime, it is changed to black bells.

    • In the anime, in the scene where Bo-BoBo hits Halekulani with books, he yells that Halekulani is annoying. In the manga, he chanted the word "Freakin'."

    • In the anime, in the Jelly Jiggler / Patches love scene, Bo-BoBo kicks them off. This was changed from the manga where he swept them off with a broom.

    • Running Gag: Bo-BoBo pushing Halekulani and Don Patch to different parts of the board game with a bulldozer with giant hands.

    • In the anime, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch washed Halekulani's hair, and messed it up. However, in the manga, they simply dunked him into the water.

    • This is never mentioned in the dub, but in Japanese the words on the pig's back says "The way of the pig" in the manga. Also, in the manga, he is wearing a shirt and has a scar, but, in the anime, he has no shirt and is wearing sunglasses.

    • In the manga, in Bo-BoBo's funny board game, Halekulani's gift is an iron ball. In the anime, it is a meteor.

    • In the manga, at least, when Halekulani gets to the "Service Stage" of Bo-BoBo's funny board game. Service Man falls from the sky and gives "Direct Service" to his head.

      This could have been edited out of the American version of the anime, but it will be back in the Uncut DVD, coming out in 2007.

    • In the manga, Bo-BoBo beats Halekulani in the head with a guitar, but, in the anime, he does it with a giant rattle.

    • In the manga, Bo-BoBo drives a bulldozer, but, in the anime, it has hands rather than a shovel.

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