Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 59

Enemy Cruisin' for a Bruisin'? Then Just Try Fusion!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 19, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Enemy Cruisin' for a Bruisin'? Then Just Try Fusion!
Now in his new fused form, PatchBoBo continues his battle against the three Hair Hunt Generals, Jeda, Baron and Lapalapa. Elsewhere, Hatenko, Softon, Gasser and Torpedo Girl have their own fight to deal with, as they battle three other Hair Hunt Generals. Meanwhile, Lambada defeats Dengaku Man as a warning to Bo-BoBo and the others of what's to come.moreless

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    Steve Staley

    Steve Staley

    Master Jeda

    Guest Star

    Richard Cansino

    Richard Cansino

    King Nose Hair

    Guest Star

    Bryce Papenbrook

    Bryce Papenbrook


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    Mona Marshall

    Mona Marshall


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      • Narrator: The battle was fierce. It was Bo-BoBo against three Hair Hunt Generals. The devastating flash of the robots rang across the ice. The scene was fraught with tension. Wait. Fraught? Is that a word? I thought the show's writers had more on the ball, but I mean, fraught? Like the most fake-itudinous word I've ever heard! You know what? I'll just rewrite this myself. I can write. People are always telling me, "Nice play, Shakespeare."

      • Beauty: What a long recap.
        Narrator: Come to think of it, you're right, Beauty. This is taking forever.
        Don Patch: Yeah. I'm so bored, I'm losing my mind. Move it, Narrator!
        Narrator: Hey, don't blame me!
        Don Patch: Well, why shouldn't I? You're the one reading the recap, right?
        Narrator: Well, maybe, but that producer is--
        Don Patch: Look, make this recap go faster, or I'll poke you silly with my felonious finger jab! Take that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that!
        Jeda: Go faster or else!
        Narrator: Guys, come on. Don't let this poison our relationship. It's not me you have a beef with; it's that producer! I mean, he is just the absolute worst!
        Jeda: Really? I like him. He's a great producer.
        PatchBoBo: Yeah, I agree.
        Narrator: Oh, yeah. Me, too. I was just kidding around. I can't believe you guys thought I was serious. It's not like I'd be the only one who feels that way, right? It's not like I'm completely alone in this world without any friends or money, right? Oh, who am I kidding? I want my grandma!!

      • Narrator: Is this still the recap? I've had root canals that didn't take this long!

      • Jelly Jiggler: Wow, so the camera really does add 10 pounds.
        Beauty: 10 pounds?! That ice added more like 50 pounds!

      • Baron Jeda: Oh, no! I'm some hideous creature!
        PatchBoBo: So what's new?

      • Beauty: Hey, they're both back to normal now!
        Narrator: Bo-BoBo normal? Now, that's a joke. Speaking of jokes, have I mentioned the producer in the last two minutes?

      • Narrator: That handsome Bo-BoBo handsomely defeated another bunch of Hair Hunt Generals. Did I mention he's handsome? There. That should hold him for a couple of shows.

      • Narrator: That mark is a curse which drains off a person's energy, leaving them empty and hollow. Sounds like love to me. Ask my ex-wife.

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      • Ramen
        One of the hair hunt generals had a bowl of ramen on his head. This is the same gimmick used by Ramenman from "Kinnikuman."

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