Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! This Time We Mean It!
      In this action-packed finale, the gang must stop the Shadow Big Four before they collect 12 faces and add them to their clock. Will they succeed? Will Bo-BoBo defeat them, and how does this show actually end?
    • Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! Except the Final One!
      After defeating Malony Oni, the gang rushes to Baldy Bald IV's castle before sunset. But the Shadow Big 4 have other plans for them. Bo-BoBo and the others are fighting to protect Rem from the three sacks.
    • The Bigger the Gasser -- The Smellier the Gas!
      Bo-BoBo and the others must battle Maloney Oni and Slim, but the arena is a huge Gasser! Then Gasser becomes baby Gasser. After Maloney Oni turns General Lee Fishcake into a crabcake, Don Patch becomes so angry, he becomes Super Don Patch and defeats Maloney Oni with ease.
    • Take a Stance Against the Dance, Mr. Smarty-Pants!
      After successfully defeating Nunchuck Nick, Czar Baldy Bald IV lets Bo-BoBo participate in the Bald Bowl tournament. At Black Mountain Fun Park, in order to make it to the next round, he'll have to battle his way past 100 arenas to a castle and collect 10 medals along the way. Meanwhile, the Shadow Big Four plan their next move.moreless
    • Si, Señor, It's No Bore! It's Hair Hunters Galore!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang arrive at the battlefield where the tournament for the new Czar of the Chrome Dome Empire will be held, and Bo-BoBo wants to enter. However, Czar Baldy Bald IV will only let him participate if he can defeat Nunchuck Nick, one of the strongest Hair Hunters there.moreless
    • Funneled Into a Tunnel and Bamboozled by Noodles!
      On their way to the Bald Bowl tournament battlefield, Bo-BoBo and the gang get separated into different groups. Beauty, Don Patch and Not Nice Cream run into one of the guards, Blond Chainy, while Bo-BoBo, Gasser and the Three Civilizations take on another guard, Memma.
    • Baldy Bald Bottoms Out! Best of Luck, Be Well and Bye-Bye!
      After Czar Baldy Bald III declares that all humans are garbage, Bo-BoBo is determined to show him that humans are actually good by showing him the life of a human in his own unique way. Meanwhile, the Chrome Dome Empire Playoffs tournament is about to start, where all the previous villains will be participating.moreless
    • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Bo-BoBo's in My Tummy!
      Czar Baldy Bald III continues to try and extract Bo-BoBo's hairball from within him, but Bo-BoBo isn't going to give it up without a fight. Meanwhile, Torpedo Girl has transformed back into OVER and joins in on the fight.
    • The Battle of Baldy Bald! Buckle Up and Brace Yourself!
      Bo-BoBo goes up against the newly-awakened Czar Baldy Bald III.
    • The Pacifist That Packs a Punch Like a Pugilist
      Mr. BoJiggler's motives are unclear as he battles General Lee Fishcake. Meanwhile, Czar Baldy Bald III finally awakens.
    • Fishcake Frenzy! A Freeze Dried, French Fried, Freaked Out Fracas!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang continue their battle against General Lee Fishcake, but he proves to be a powerful enemy. So Bo-BoBo resorts to fusing with Jelly Jiggler, which creates Mr. BoJiggler.
    • The Unreal Meal That's a Major Ordeal For Real
      After successfully defeating Lambada, Bo-BoBo and the gang move on to their next opponent: former A-Block Leader, General Lee Fishcake. But when Bo-BoBo is challenged to a Trio Turbo Salvo match, he will have to choose two more allies to help him take on General Lee Fishcake, Churro Charlie and Guy-Boy.moreless
    • Geometry 101: Painful, Perplexing and Pungent Polygons!
      In order to defeat Bo-BoBo and his friends, Lambada tries using various attacks. After multiple times, Bo-BoBo finally defeats Lambada with classic video games.
    • Our Dream Team Turns Bad Dreams to Bad Guys' Screams!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang battle Rem and Lambada.
    • Good Night! Sleep Tight! And Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bug Ya!
      Bo-BoBo and Service Man fight Rem in the dream realm.
    • United We Stand, Divided We Also Stand, Just Further Apart!
      Continuing their battle in the "Triple Death Match" Machine, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch and Rice try to find ways to rescue Beauty from Rem. While this, Lambada comes to attack the trio. Rice offers to provide a distraction for Bo-BoBo and Don Patch. Soon, Don Patch ends up facing Roman Samurai, the man who defeated Jelly Jiggler, and Bo-BoBo reaches Beauty. However, can Rice stand up to the old B- Block leader Lambada?moreless
    • Blowing Your Savings On Bubbles. Is It Worth It?
      After thrashing Jeda and his cohorts, Bo-BoBo, Beauty, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler continue their search for more Hair Hunt Generals. However, they soon meet Rububa the Bubbles, former Z-Block leader. He then explains the functions of the "Life or Death Triple" machine and lays out a 6-team format for fighting inside. Bo-BoBo and the gang are then taken inside and Beauty is sent to a different part of the arena. Just as things look grim, Bo-BoBo calls for help from two allies. Who are these allies and with their help, can Bo-BoBo pop Rububa's bubble?moreless
    • Enemy Cruisin' for a Bruisin'? Then Just Try Fusion!
      Now in his new fused form, PatchBoBo continues his battle against the three Hair Hunt Generals, Jeda, Baron and Lapalapa. Elsewhere, Hatenko, Softon, Gasser and Torpedo Girl have their own fight to deal with, as they battle three other Hair Hunt Generals. Meanwhile, Lambada defeats Dengaku Man as a warning to Bo-BoBo and the others of what's to come.moreless
    • Face the Cold Hard Facts! It's Freezing in Here!
      After defeating Major Minor with the help of Torpedo Girl, Bo-BoBo and the gang arrive at the Ice Mecha Rink to face their next opponents, Jeda, Raparapa and Haigaou. Meanwhile, the evil Lambada continues to try and fool Dengaku Man.
    • The Water Slide That's Bonafide to Leave You Terrified!
      After defeating Not Nice Cream and his cohorts, Bo-BoBo and the gang head off towards their next opponent located at a water park. Their opponents... er, only serious opponent is Major Minor and his two assistants, Swimsuit Gal and Swimsuit Girl. However, Major Minor pulls a sneaky move sending Beauty on a dangerous trip in the park. Can Bo-BoBo save her and defeat Major Minor?moreless
    • The Ultimate SF Battle! Supreme Fisticuffs or Certain Free-For-All!
      The battle between Bo-BoBo and the three ancient Hair Hunters finally comes to a conclusion. Will Bo-BoBo be able to defeat these foes or will their SF attack be his downfall?
    • The Gang's All Here! And Boy, Are They Weird!
      Bo-BoBo and the rest of the gang prepare to attack the Hair Hunter's hidden base. However, they must first defeat three of the newly-reawakened ancient Hair Hunters at the amusement park formerly known as A-Block Headquarters.
    • The War of the Roses... or Lilacs... or Daffodils
      Bo-BoBo fights one of the accent Hair Hunters from 100 years ago, Wild Wister, while trying to save his friends from roses before they get boiled and disappear.
    • Dancin' and Trainin' for Quickly Attainin' the Enemies' Painin'
      After learning of the ancient Hair Hunt Troops' re-awakening, Bo-BoBo and the gang head over to the mall to train and prepare themselves for the battles ahead. Meanwhile, Czar Baldy Bald the Fourth discovers that some of the Hair Hunt soldiers from 100 years ago have already awakened and gone after Bo-BoBo.moreless
    • Gasser's Back! A Whole New Season, Same Old Stench!
      The old Czar of the Chrome Dome Empire has escaped and gone missing. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo and the gang are confronted by the Hair Hunt Troops of the past, who are all much stronger than any they've faced before, and are determined to destroy the lone survivor of the Hair Kingdom: Bo-BoBo.moreless
    • The Art of Art and the Fist of All Fists!
      The fight between Bo-BoBo and the gang and Giga finally comes to a conclusion. As Giga continues his objet d'art attacks, will Bo-BoBo's antics be able to defeat him and rescue Gasser?
    • Giga Goes Gaga! Alarming Attacks with Aggressive Art
      Giga claims to have not used a Super Fist, even though his attacks were very powerful and hard to beat. Can Bo-BoBo and his friends use their wackiness, senselessness, and random attacks to defeat Giga?
    • The Battle of Brains Begins!
      After defeating J, the last of the 6 Cyber Knights, Bo-BoBo and the gang head over to Giga's lair for the final battle. With such a powerful enemy, will Bo-BoBo and company be able to defeat Giga and rescue Gasser?
    • Silly Singing Saves the Show From a Sinister Scoundrel
      With Softon down, Bo-BoBo continues trying to defeat J. In an attempt to get stronger, Bo-BoBo tries to fuse with Don Patch to create BoBoPatch, but when Dengaku Man gets in the way, Bo-BoBo ends up fusing with Dengaku Man and turns into a really good singer, the bubbly girl Denbo! Now Denbo, Softon, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler must defeat J!moreless
    • A Battle of Skills and Wills with One Green Onion... Or Is That Garlic?
      Torpedo Girl, Beauty, Jelly Jiggler, and Don Patch manage to defeat their opponent, Bad Bard. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo, Softon, and Dengaku Man also do the same by defeating Otto, the 4th Cyber Knight. Afterwards, the whole gang reunites to face the last of the 6 Cyber Knights - J.
    • Libraries and Driving Tests
      Torpedo Girl, Beauty, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler enter the Library Hair Hunt Stadium where they'll face Bad Bard - chief of the 6 Cyber Knights. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo, Dengaku Man, and Softon have entered the Driving School Stadium to battle another one of the Cyber Knights - Otto.
    • Begin the Bungee Battle! Last One Down Is a Rotten Egg!
      Bo-BoBo, Beauty, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler are taken to Bungee Jump Hair Hunt Stadium by Sonic, the second of the six Cyber Knights. As all seven of them hang above a bottomless pit attached to bungee cords, the battle against Sonic and his two subordinates takes place. Meanwhile, Gasser is taken to meet Giga.moreless
    • The Seriously Circular Skirmish in Cyber City
      Bo-BoBo and the gang have now reached Cyber City, with a little help from Torpedo Girl. On their way to rescuing Gasser, they face their first opponent - Pana, one of the 6 Cyber Knights. Will they be able to defeat such a powerful enemy?
    • Ha-le Oo-pu Ah-ah!
      Ha-le Oo-pu Ah-ah!
      Episode 43
      Bo-BoBo plans to show Halekulani the most important things in life, by sending him through a crazy, strange Bo-BoBo-type week with Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler.
    • Bo-BoBo Braves the Board Game That's Berry, Berry Bothersome
      Bo-BoBo and the gang turn the tables on Halekulani by playing Bo-BoBo's board game instead. However, it's not enough to defeat him and Halekulani reveals his ultimate attack - the Final Fist of Gorgeousness. Will they be able to show Halekulani that there are things more important than money?
    • The Magical Battle Against Halekulani!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang engage in a battle with Halekulani, and when it turns into a board game, they have to get to the finish before they get penalized in a very interesting way: being turned into diamond!
    • The Fall of Halekulani! And the Winter of Discontent!
      Bo-BoBo defeats the Terrible Triplets, and Softon saves Beauty and Suzu. Now it's into Money Castle, to fight Halekulani.
    • The Terrible Triplets Vs. the Wiggin' Trio!
      With Beauty and Suzu held captive, the trio of Bo-BoBo, Softon, and Jelly Jiggler must find a way to rescue them and battle the Terrible Triplets -- Megafan, Beep, and Haoh -- at the same time. Will the Wiggin' Trio be able to defeat the Terrible Triplets?
    • Money Castle! Cash Only Please. Credit Cards Not Accepted
      Bo-BoBo and the gang, still on their way to Halekulani's money castle, face one of his "Few Dangerous Thugs" named Garbel of Manicuria. Meanwhile, Gasser and Don Patch face another one of "A Few Dangerous Thugs" -- T-500.
    • Holy Guacamole Land Isn't Just for Breakfast Anymore!
      Now that Kane-Mahru has been defeated, Bo-BoBo and the gang have arrived at Holy Guacamole Land, in search of Halekulani - the strongest member of the Big 4. In Holy Guacamole Land, if a ride doesn't make money, Halekulani shall destroy it. However, before they can reach Halekulani, they go into a part of the park where they revert back to kids, and must use kid BoBoPatch to defeat another one of his henchmen, Nightmare, who brings your nightmares to life.moreless
    • Next Stop... Holy Guacamole Land!
      After defeating OVER / Torpedo Girl, Bo-BoBo and the gang prepare to go to Holy Guacamole Land where the baddest and strongest of the Big 4, Halekulani, is waiting for them. However, on their way there, they'll first have to face Halekulani's best hit man, Kane-Mahru.
    • King Nose Hair Presents "Follicle Follies of the Future"
      In order to attempt to defeat Torpedo Girl, Bo-BoBo takes her to Bo-BoBo World. However, after returning from Bo-BoBo World, it appears the battle with Torpedo Girl isn't over yet. Is there anything that can stop her?
    • Torpedo Girl: Man or Myth? or Mythes?
      OVER has now transformed into his real form -- Torpedo Girl. She reveals herself to be one of the legendary joke killers. This means that Bo-BoBo and the gang can't say or do anything funny if they want to defeat her, but, of course, it won't be easy. Do Bo-BoBo and the others stand a chance against her?moreless
    • It Ain't OVER 'Til the Fat Lady Sings!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang are now ready to face OVER. Once they meet up with him, they're taken to Calamity Canyon, where they'll challenge him. Meanwhile, Hatenko continues his search alone and states that Bo-BoBo and the others shouldn't fight OVER, as they will not succeed. Back at Calamity Canyon, it seems OVER will finally reveal his true form, which will surprise everyone.moreless
    • Enter BoBoPatchiggler! Is That How It's Spelled?
      The battle continues at the Toilet Coliseum, with Gasser and Jelly Jiggler still trapped inside the toilet water. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch continue their fight with the final three members of the Ultimate Five Assassins. After they've been defeated, it's time to finally face the next member of the Big 4, OVER. Will they be able to defeat him?moreless
    • The Ultimate Five Assassins Vs. Bo-BoBo All-Stars
      Bo-BoBo and the gang make to level 2 - the Jungle Stage. And their next opponent happens to be Infinite Shoot, a boy who appears to be an expert in soccer. After he's defeated, they make their way up towards the next stage, where they're greeted by a set of traps. Afterwards, they make it to the fourth stage at the Toilet Colosseum for their next opponents.moreless
    • Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold with Shitake Mushroom Sauce
      Bo-BoBo battles with Puckered Lips who was sent to make up for Rice's failure. Puckered Lips uses ninja attacks against the crew, and then teleports Bo-BoBo and Co. to the house of OVER, the 3rd of the Chrome Dome's Big 4. To get to OVER, Bo-BoBo battles with Gump. After that, Bo-BoBo and Co. end up playing with Ruby, the first of The Five Ultimate Assassins with the exception of Beauty who discovers that Ruby put them under a spell.moreless
    • Instant Rice: Ready in Half an Hour?
      With Beauty still trapped in a bowl of rice, Bo-BoBo and the others prepare to continue the battle with Rice - the King of Wiggin' Specialists. And after Gasser and Jelly Jiggler join Beauty in the bowl of rice courtesy of Rice, it's down to just Bo-BoBo and Don Patch in their attempts to defeat Rice. Who will win?moreless
    • Mortal Match: Fist of the Nose Hair Vs. Fist of Rice!
      As Bo-BoBo and the others enter Wiggin' Block Base, they're confronted by Chunosuke, the mouse samurai. Afterwards, as they continue progressing through Wiggin' Block Base, they meet up with the guy hired by the Hair Hunt Troop to defeat Bo-BoBo and his friends -- Rice -- the king of wiggin' specialists. However, Rice is only interested in fighting Don Patch, but the others won't abandon him. After a feirce struggle, both sides remain standing (except for Jelly Jiggler who has fainted) as the battle rages on into the next episode.moreless
    • Luck Let A Wiggin' See... How Nice A Hanky Can Be!
      Since they defeated Dengaku Man and Z-Block Base, Bo-BoBo and friends go to the Wiggin' Block Base. Hatenko flies North with Hatenko robots to keep a secret from Don Patch. They go into the Wiggin' Base and have a tea party with a tea cup, who is destroyed by Don Patch's cannon. They go into the next room where Wiggin' animals are locked up, and there is Jelly Jiggler! He was made tougher by an evil captain, who tried to destroy Bo-BoBo, but was defeated by one nose hair attack. Jelly Jiggler rejoins them, and as they head to the next floor, a mysterious man is watching them, waiting for Don Patch...moreless
    • Dengaku Man, Pixie or Pitbull--He'll Love You or Hate You!
      The battle between Bo-BoBo and the gang and Dengaku Man begins! A food wiggin' contest is declared (where Don Patch wins by a mile). Dengaku Man reveals that he has no friends. Bo-BoBo holds a reality dating show in order for Dengaku Man to make friends, and when he fails to do so, Bo-BoBo teaches the Z-Block commander what friendship is really about.moreless
    • The New Bo-BoBo with the Old Bo-BoBody!
      Still at Z-Block's base, Bo-BoBo and the others get ready to face Radioman, the latest Hair Hunt Troop villain. After Don Patch goes inside Radioman, Hatenko and Bo-BoBo follow after him, leaving Gasser and Beauty on the outside. Inside the giant TV that is Radioman, is Show Mei - Radioman's power source. Meanwhile, outside, Beauty and Gasser face an army of Hair Hunt Troops who have suddenly turned into chefs. In the end, the gang is left to battle Z-Block's secret weapon - Tanks-a-lot.moreless
    • The Terrifying Z-Block Is Here!
      Bo-BoBo and the others arrive at the Hair Hunt Troops' Z-Block base in an attempt to destroy it. But first they must deal with a few of Z-Block's highly-skilled robots in a series of beach games. After they've been defeated, they're ready to go inside the main fortress, and after a quick game show trap by Pon Taro, a new villain named Radioman is revealed.moreless
    • Weddings, Wiggins and Water Torture
      As the story continues, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty wander through a mansion while Gasser faces Hatenko for the title of World Cham... oh... wrong anime. But when the script is thrown aside, will Bo-BoBo attack Beauty and company or will he go looking for his next meal?
    • Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart!
      After Captain Battleship has finally been defeated by Bo-BoBo, he and the rest of the gang meet with a strange guy named Hatenko, and has the ability to "lock" a person's heart. At first, Bo-BoBo is confused and wonders who he is, but after Hatenko reveals his Fist of the Key attack, Bo-BoBo remembers who he is. And after some brief history of how Hatenko and Don Patch, who he knew as The Don, first met, the whole gang heads over to Iguana Village after seeing three members from the Hair Hunt Troop fly in the sky. Their leader reveals himself to be Kittypoo, one of the Chrome Dome Empire's big four. But when Don Patch suddenly reveals his great power by defeating the three Hair Hunt Troop members, we're left wondering where he got it from.moreless
    • Good-Bye, Bo-BoBo! The Final Showdown?
      Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty all return from the world of Blabs-a-lot, expecting to find Softon and Gasser in trouble. Instead, they return to find them all building a house, and Gasser forgets about Softon, thinking he is bricks, and Softon is built into the house. Soon, though, the fight really begins between Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship. After some brief childhood flashbacks about both of them, we find out that Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship were nose-hair friends as boys, and that Captain Battleship wanted to be the seventh successor to Master of Fist of the Nose Hair, but it turns out, Bo-BoBo was made the seventh successor to Master of Fist of the Nose Hair and that's why Captain Battleship hates Bo-BoBo so much. So the battle between Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship continues and Bo-BoBo ends up beating Captain Battleship, by stopping the fight, and tells Captain Battleship that he lost, but he worked hard. It looks like the end for the show, according to the episode's name, but we then see A-Block Fairytale Land, and Hatenko, the guy from the beginning credits with yellow hair and red vest, is there, looking for Bo-BoBo. Of course, when we get to things like this, we are again left there to wait for next week!moreless
    • World of Blabs-a-lot: The Sappiest Place on Earth
      Now in Bo-BoBo World, Bo-BoBo and June 7th are about to have their battle, but in Bo-BoBo World, as in the real world, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch act like morons with King Nose Hair, acting in a classroom, and advertising the Bo-BoBo diet. The wackiness has June 7th completely freaked out. And as a result of him not being able to liberate his soul, June 7th is defeated and Bo-BoBo wins the second battle. Then it's Don Patch's turn to battle, and he gloats, and goes to fight Tough-looking Guy in battle 3, but is defeated easily, causing Tough-looking Guy to win the third battle. Jelly Jiggler is up next in battle 4 against Gum, which is just a stick of gum. But he, too, loses quickly when the dog chooses the stick of gum over him. Due to Captain Battleship celebrating too much with his friends, he accidentally self-destructs Pomade Ring and everyone gets crashes on the ground, and Jelly Jiggler gets stuck under a rock. Bo-BoBo takes the Beauty doll and puts it in his afro and his afro acts like a blender, and almost destroys the doll. But somehow, Don Patch opens his mouth wide, and out comes Beauty, who is returned to normal. Softon reports that he sees that Bo-BoBo has a weakness, and to overcome it, he must enter the world of Blabs-a-lot! Softon summons the gate to the world of Blabs-a-lot, which is like a bathroom stall, and falls on Softon. In order for Bo-BoBo to find his weakness and overcome it, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty enter the crazy world, which shortly after, the last of the Battleship Five Quartet enters, who is a muscular man body, with a kitty face. Speaking of Battleship, Captain Battleship is still here, and is ready to fight Gasser and Softon. In the world of Blabs-a-lot, Bo-BoBo and friends meet a million bird-men tour guides, and Beauty is back to freaking out and screaming. Bo-BoBo learns his weakness is that he has only one attack, Fist of the Nose Hair, and when people find out, they have a lot other attacks to fight. Bo-BoBo beats the last of the Battleship Five Quartet. Afterwards, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty leave the world of Blabs-a-lot, to fight Captain Battleship with Softon and Gasser.moreless
    • The Entangled Nose Hair of Destiny! Who Will Pass the Test?
      Gasser chose to be the first one to battle the Battleship Five Quartet, and stepped onto the first platform while the others wait. He gets there, and sees all 6 of the Quartet there, not knowing they would be fought individually! Gasser walks out, and goes back in to see a classroom! Gasser starts to study, but realizes he has to fight, and gets yelled at by a girl, who is Bo-BoBo in a disguise, who leaves. Gasser goes into the cafeteria, which is a revolving sushi bar, and sees his old friend, Loincloth Lloyd! Shortly after the battle starts, Gasser discovers that as long as Loincloth Lloyd continues to use his Red Loincloth Typhoon attack, his own attacks are useless. And because of his collar, who tries to come off so Gasser becomes a baby again, goes the wrong way, and chokes Gasser, so he loses the battle. Bo-BoBo goes next for battle number two against Calendar. He defeats Calendar fairly easily, by taking him through the months from January - June, and destroys Calendar. Then, the Calendar day of June 7th comes, and reveals himself to be the real member of the Battleship Five Quartet, as Bo-BoBo takes him to Bo-BoBo World, from the Softon episode for their battle, where they meet King Nose Hair again!moreless
    • Beauty Is in the Eye of Her Holder!
      At the beginning of the episode, they are in Poo-Poo City and Jelly Jiggler pretends to be dead as a "November Fools" prank. Then they get surrounded by Hair Hunter troops, however, Softon uses his attacks to help out. Jelly Jiggler helps as well with his attacks. Gasser is searching for the ring and he ends up finding the ring in the sky. Bo-BoBo fights with somebody named Suzu, who Captain Battleship ordered to attack him and ends up winning. Softon and Gasser help out somebody who had gotten laid off his job who used to be in charge of security there. Captain Battleship ends up jumping off the plane and flies onto the side of the plane. Captain Battleship learns that Bo-BoBo has come extremely far, and so he sets up 5 battle stations and each one of them has to fight a member of the Battleship 5 Quartet. Gasser ends up being the first person to fight.moreless
    • The Ducktail vs. Afro Showdown
      The crew runs into Captain Battleship, who is one of the Bald Empire's Big 4 leaders. He is a muscular man with a large black duck-tail of hair, who can also use fist of the nose hair like Bo-BoBo! They went to the same S.N.O.T. school, where it was afros vs. duck-tails, and Captain Battleship was expelled, and he now wants to battle Bo-BoBo. Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship fight using fist of the nose hair technique. Meanwhile, Gasser saves Beauty, and Don Patch whines about how Beauty was stealing his spotlight. Captain Battleship sees how Gasser saves Beauty, and how he likes her, and thinks Gasser will get really ticked off if something happened to Beauty. So, Capt. Battleship's girl assistant uses a blue little creature called Doll Man, and Beauty is turned into a doll, then taken by Captain Battleship to his fort in Gasser's hometown, which was destroyed by Capt. Battleship! Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Gasser run into Softon, who is now serving soft ice cream. Bo-BoBo says they need a warrior like Soften to save Beauty, and after chanting his name continuously, Softon ends up joining the team. The team then runs into Jelly Jiggler, who somehow also joins them, and then they are off to go save Beauty.moreless
    • Snot in My Neighborhood!
      The fight between Bo-BoBo and General Jelly Jiggler continues. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch "fuse" into BoBo-Patch to battle Jelly Jiggler, while Beauty and Gasser watch. BoBo-Patch defeats General Jelly Jiggler effortlessly. With General Jelly Jiggler defeated, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch return to normal and attempt to look for "jobs," and try applying for one for the Hair Hunt Troops after seeing one of their ads. Meanwhile, unknown to them, another mysterious Hair Hunt Troop villain from Z-Block Base, led by the small white, cute cuddly thing, Dengaku Man, watches on, as they learn Bo-BoBo and the gang have destroyed the A-Block headquarters and defeated General Jelly Jiggler. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch go to the Hair Hunt Troop job-applying office, trying out for jobs, with Bo-BoBo blowing in front of a fan, and Don Patch playing a butter guitar, and Don Patch not making it. Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, Beauty, and Gasser then walk into a dark room in the office, to see a lot of bald soldiers, beaten up, and they see the big man in green overalls, with a large black tube hair from the beginning credits, waiting, and we are left there.moreless
    • General Jelly Jiggler: Supreme Hair Enemy or Dastardly Dessert?
      While Beauty wants to figure out what wrong with Gasser, acting like a baby, Bo-BoBo becomes a toy train and Don Patch acts like... well, Don Patch. Katsu comes back, to fight, but Gasser the baby uses his gas, and defeats him twice. Beauty meets Gasser's collar, and when he is not around Gasser's neck, Gasser is a baby, so the collar goes back around Gasser's neck, making him normal again. Don Patch goes to the bathroom, and they find Spiky eating pasta in a stall, with cats falling, and they find General Jelly Jiggler in the bathroom, and Bo-BoBo and Don Patch start eating Jiggler. We learn that Jiggler fits in with Bo-BoBo and Don Patch -- he is as big an idiot as them. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch start fighting to see who gets to eat the evil general. The episode ends with General Jelly Jiggler coming to his senses, and having jelly dragons coming out of his back to attack Bo-BoBo, and we are again left with a cliffhanger ending.moreless
    • Haunted HallowBo-BoBo!
      Bo-BoBo, Beauty, and Don Patch still stand shocked to find Gasser being beaten up by a hairless man inside the haunted house. And through the haunted house's surveillance tapes, it's revealed exactly how Gasser ended up that way. The bald man reveals himself to be Katsu - Assistant Commander of A-Block. He goes on to tell him that before entering the haunted house, Gasser had injured several of his new piranha recruits. Afterwards, it becomes Bo-BoBo vs. Katsu after saving Beauty.moreless
    • Bo-BoBo's Rappin' Roller Coaster Ride
      Bo-BoBo, Gasser, Don Patch, and Beauty have now split up at the amusement park in order to find General Jelly Jiggler, who is nowhere to be found. However, none of them have any luck finding him. They all manage to reunite once again inside a haunted house, though, yet one of them is being attacked by a mysterious new person as the others arrive.moreless
    • The Weally Wobbly World of Bo-BoBo's Foe: General Jelly Jiggler!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang stop by at a quiet nearby town. Meanwhile, Gasser continues his awkward training by the river. Afterwards, they all head over to the amusement park. They soon discover that the amusement park is actually the Hair Hunt Troop A-block Headquarters, led by General Jelly Jiggler. Now, they'll have to find General Jelly Jiggler, who is located somewhere in the amusement park.moreless
    • A Bird in the Hand Can Play Chicken, But Still Smell Fowl!
      Gasser attempts to tell Bo-BoBo why he'd been following them all this time and needs his help, but Bo-BoBo and Don Patch's antics keep interrupting him. Shortly after, they run into Puppet Lad -- a member the L-Block Hair Hunt Troopers. After having defeated him, Bo-BoBo agrees to help Gasser become stronger.moreless
    • Protect the Environment: Somethin' Stinks in Here!
      After defeating Geha the Gale, Bo-BoBo and the others prepare to face an unknown creature that bursts in. He claims to be "Wall Man," and has come looking for Gasser to convince him to join him, but Gasser refuses. Now, Gasser must make sure he's not eaten by Wall Man like Geha the Gale was.moreless
    • Gasser Up! I'm Ready to Drive!
      Even though Beauty got the antidote, Bo-BoBo stills has to defeat the 5th floor guardian, Geha, the Gale. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch drive him insane when they first get there, so Geha traps them in a cyclone, where Bo-BoBo and Don Patch have to take a test to stay on the show, while a small blue creature cries that he wants to be on the show. Geha has his chance to make Beauty bald, but Gasser comes, reveals himself, and uses his gas to defeat Geha. Then at the end, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch are free, they get to stay on the show, but a gigantic monster breaks through the wall to fight, and we are left with a cliffhanger ending, and the whole episode, Don Patch complains about more screen time.moreless
    • We All Scream for Ice Cream!
      Bo-BoBo and the gang face off against Softon, a somewhat Jamaican man who shows no mercy against Bo-BoBo. He then summons Goddess Blabs-a-Lot to inflict verbal harm upon Bo-BoBo, who sends them all to Bo-BoBo World. Softon loses his powers and is defeated. Beauty got the antidote, so she got back to normal, and Block C's commander, Geha, has a "warm" welcome for them.moreless
    • Queen Chicken Level and the Video Store of Dumb
      To find a cure for Beauty's balding problem, the crew gets to the C-Block Headquarters, a 5-floored building, but 2 of them are Video Stores! But, how will they react when on one floor, they have to fight Softon, a man with Ice Cream for a head?
    • Pasta... the Perfect Food!
      While traveling through the city, Beauty and Don Patch get hit with a hair-loss beam from Gechappi -- a member of the Hair Hunt Troop. Now, if Bo-BoBo wants to save them, they'll have to travel to the Hair Hunt C-Block base to get the antidote. However, later on, they encounter Gechappi again while on the train to the C-Block base, where Bo-BoBo and Don Patch prepare to fight him.moreless
    • To Be or Snot To Be?
      As Bo-BoBo and Don Patch keep putting on various plays for the people, Beauty is certain someone is watching them. After she tells them that someone is following them, they encounter a Soup Alien, who seems to be looking for the mysterious boy that's been following them. However, before they can find out who it is, Bo-BoBo will have to battle the Soup Alien.moreless
    • Bababa-ba Ba-baba! The Honorable King Nose Hair
      Bo-BoBo meets the Great King Nose Hair, Bababa-ba Ba-baba, and we still don't get to know the identity of who saved Beauty back in "Let's Get Wiggy With It!"
    • Wacky Quacker Cooks His Own Goose!
      Bo-BoBo comes across the Dynamite Brothers, who are itching to fight him. Meanwhile, Beauty gets really hungry and they end up fighting some guy with living underwear on his head. The duck finds his father in Bo-BoBo's afro. He tells the duck some encouraging words, and the duck decides to be the guy's lookout duck.moreless
    • Let's Get Wiggy With It!
      BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo faces off against Don Patch, the leader of a rebel group who have mistaken him for a wig-wearer due to his wig-like hairstyle. After Don Patch explains about his past, he is now ready to fight BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo. However, before they can start, Beauty is kidnapped by a leader of the Hair Hunters. Now, they both have to put their differences aside and join together to save her.moreless
    • The Bo-nafide Soulful Bo-tector of Hair
      When the Bald Empire decides to attack a village and remove everyone's hair, they run into trouble when they decide to pick on a young girl named Beauty. BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo arrives to help save the village from the Hair Snatchers with just a flick of his nostril hair. He then reveals about his past and how he is able to control hair.moreless