Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 9

Gasser Up! I'm Ready to Drive!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Gasser Up! I'm Ready to Drive!
Even though Beauty got the antidote, Bo-BoBo stills has to defeat the 5th floor guardian, Geha, the Gale. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch drive him insane when they first get there, so Geha traps them in a cyclone, where Bo-BoBo and Don Patch have to take a test to stay on the show, while a small blue creature cries that he wants to be on the show. Geha has his chance to make Beauty bald, but Gasser comes, reveals himself, and uses his gas to defeat Geha. Then at the end, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch are free, they get to stay on the show, but a gigantic monster breaks through the wall to fight, and we are left with a cliffhanger ending, and the whole episode, Don Patch complains about more screen time.moreless

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  • It was good... Gasser and Beauty sittin in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G... Don Patch still needs screen time.

    It was good... Gasser and Beauty sittin in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G... Don Patch still needs screen time. Bo-bobo is not the main character for screen time, Don Patch is! He is always gonna be the main character. But, for now, my favorite line of the episode.

    Don Patch: I don't wear pants!
  • Aside from the usual weirdness that happens every single episode, Bo-bobo and Donpacchi face off against C-block commander Shibbu no geha and Heppokomaru (A.K.A. Gasser) is officaly named.

    This one had me saying to myself "What the!?" before laughing a lot...'till they revealed that in the english version Heppokomaru's name was changed to "Gasser". Now I say "What the duck!!?", if it wasn't for the name change it would have gotten the "silly" classification (in the good way).
Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar

Insurmountable Wall Man

Guest Star

Ezra Weisz

Ezra Weisz

Geha the Gale

Recurring Role

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    • (Bo-BoBo and Don Patch are inside the tornado caused by Geha's Gale Wind Attack)
      Don Patch: Bo-BoBo!
      Bo-BoBo: (dressed up in a school uniform; sitting at a desk) Quiet. I'm trying to study for my exam. 30 days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31...
      Don Patch: Except the second month alone...
      Bo-BoBo: To which we 28 assign. Till Leap Year gives it 29.

    • Beauty: (after Gasser uses his Fist of the Back Wind attack on Geha the Gale) What a blow! Talk about a mighty wind.

    • Don Patch: (dressed like a girl) Hey, Beauty, notice anything weird going on?
      Beauty: Always.
      Don Patch: Well? I have a lot less screen time.
      Beauty: (head grows double size) WWWHHHAAA?!?!?!?

    • Narrator: Oh, that's my cue! Ahem. Introducing Geha the Gale, Commander of C-Block!
      Geha the Gale: Get those Japanese words off of me!

    • Narrator: Will Gasser's stench keep him from getting closer to Bo-Bobo? It would probably keep him from getting closer to anyone. Can Beauty decide between her crush on Gasser and her love of breathing? Not without air freshener. Can Bo-BoBo defeat this new creature through his powers of nose hair and silly plot lines? And why didn't anyone notice him return to normal? And will Don Patch still complain about screen time, even though he has more lines than all the other characters combined?

    • Don Patch: Give me that belt, Bo-BoBo! (puts on belt) Ha ha! Gasser! That's the funniest name I ever heard! A guy with gas named Gasser! I took this belt because I know I'd be laughing so hard I'd need it to keep my pants from falling down! Huh?! Hold it. I don't wear pants!

    • Gasser: Please, Mr. Bo-BoBo. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm very sorry. I promise to watch your show from now on... (thinking) ... Right up to the minute it's cancelled, you freak.

    • Don Patch: Apologize!
      Gasser: Not the face! Not the face!
      (Don Patch punches Gasser repeatedly)
      Gasser: Thanks for not hitting me in the face.
      Don Patch: Apologize! You better tell leopard boy you're sorry, or else, you'll be sorry!
      Gasser: Okay! I'll tell him that I'm sorry. Just don't hit me anymore. (to Bo-BoBo) I'm sorry.
      (long pause)
      Don Patch: That stunk!
      Gasser: Remember, not the face!
      Don Patch: (while punching Gasser) That's... not... how... you... apologize!
      Gasser: Thanks for not hitting the face.

    • Don Patch: Will you stop crying if I give you a lollipop?
      Bo-BoBo: Meow... Meow... Mmm...
      Beauty: Asparagus?! As a lollipop?!

    • Don Patch: Now get out! From now on, you can watch Bo-BoBo on TV with the rest of the audience.
      Gasser: I don't watch it. I think it's dumb.
      Bo-BoBo: No, no! No, no! No, no! (starts crying)

    • Don Patch: Fantastic! I'm gonna be on The Bo-BoBo Show forever!
      Beauty: Anyone see the plot?

    • Beauty: (thinking) Why does he keep staring?
      Gasser: (thinking) Why does she just stand there staring? Is she a freak?

    • Geha the Gale: (after being hit with Gasser's Fist of the Back Wind attack) Ohh, I - I can't breathe. Shoot me. (gags)
      Narrator: Later, Geha wrote in his autobiography, "I had never been attacked by such an incredible stink bomb. It was stinko de Mayo. It could gag a maggot. It could knock a buzzard off a pile of manure."

    • Beauty: (as she remembers something) Boy, I've gotta get the colors on my memories adjusted.

    • Geha the Gale: (to Bo-BoBo) You'll pay for your use of condiments!

    • Beauty: Hey, we made it! This is the top floor!
      Don Patch: Hey, what's that big thing with handles blocking our way?
      Beauty: It's called a door.
      Don Patch: Oh.

    • Narrator: Deep inside C-Block Headquarters, our heroes silently climb to the fifth level while - (doorbell rings repeatedly) Will somebody answer the doorbell already?!

    • Narrator: Anyway, Bo-BoBo defeated Softon in a fierce fight between good and evil, or maybe it was between chocolate and vanilla. Either way, Bo-BoBo was victorious, both in battle and in keeping the ice cream from going straight to his hips. Now, who could possibly know what's waiting for them at the fifth level? Well, I do, but then, I read the script.

    • Narrator: On our last thrilling episode of Bo-BoBo, our heroes made it to the fourth level of C-Block Headquarters, only to be greeted a soft-headed, hard-hearted villain made of dairy. Fortunately, our heroes are lactose intolerant.

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