Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 52

Gasser's Back! A Whole New Season, Same Old Stench!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Gasser's Back! A Whole New Season, Same Old Stench!
The old Czar of the Chrome Dome Empire has escaped and gone missing. Meanwhile, Bo-BoBo and the gang are confronted by the Hair Hunt Troops of the past, who are all much stronger than any they've faced before, and are determined to destroy the lone survivor of the Hair Kingdom: Bo-BoBo.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Don Patch: Alright, now we can finish these guys off! I will use the ultimate Super Fist! Bridge up. (pushes a button)
        Gasser: And what did you do that for?!

      • Don Patch: That'll teach you once and for all not to mess with this TV show's main character.
        Gasser: You're the main character?
        Beauty: He is not. Bo-BoBo is the star.
        Narrator: Actually, Beauty, it is my star that shines brightest. For it is a star of peace and serenity.

      • Softon: Bo-BoBo's decision to reveal his true identity was either incredibly brilliant, or... it was the biggest mistake since the producers decided to stick with the same writers on this show.

      • Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, Dengaku Man, & Jelly Jiggler: (singing) Gasser, Gasser, he's first class! He thinks with his heart, but fights with his gas! Ask us how he stays so fit, you work that hard, and he smells like--
        Gasser: Hey, now! Wait a second! How did this song get to be about me?!

      • Octopus Carl: Sire, have we got a problem!
        Czar Baldy Bald: What is it?
        Octopus Carl: It's the deep freeze unit where the old Czar was frozen. Someone was making a slushie and left the door open. Now he's gone!
        Czar Baldy Bald: Are you kidding?! Someone made a slushie without me and didn't even share?!

      • Gasser: Either one of you have a paper towel?
        Jelly Jiggler: Hmm... need a hankie? Hmm, hmm, hmm?
        Gasser: (to Bo-BoBo & Beauty) For what you did, I thank you all.
        Jelly Jiggler: Hold it. Are you blowing off my hankie?

      • Narrator: For 5,000 points and a photo of me in middle school, who is the new bad guy on Bo-BoBo?
        Jelly Jiggler: (buzzes in) Who is Giga, Alex?
        Beauty: Your question has to be in the form of an answer.
        Torpedo Girl: (attacks Jelly Jiggler) And don't call him Alex!

    • NOTES (3)

      • The chart at the beginning of the episode finally clears up the question of what happened to the fifth Cyber Knight: he was the blonde-haired man Hatenko finished off last episode. (Notwithstanding the earlier assertion that J was the last one.)

      • Super Rabbit, the Unknown Sad Sack, and J make a reappearance in this episode. However, Super Rabbit and Unknown Sad Sack reappear later in the episode.

      • For the beginning of the episode, Don Patch and the Narrator are saying "peace and serenity" within their lines. Don Patch gives it up shortly, but the narrator keeps going for the rest of the episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • The Beatles

        One hair hunter makes several references to the 60s rock band due to his bangs covering his eyes like Ringo Starr.

      • Bo-BoBo: Female Volleyball Player
        Bo-BoBo being a female volleyball player is making fun of the 1969 anime girl sports series, Attack No. 1, which was a popular sports series back then.

      • Who is Giga, Alex?: Jeopardy
        Jelly answering in a form of a question is a reference to how you must answer on the game show, "Jeopardy." The name of the host of the show is Alex Trebek.

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