Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 43

Ha-le Oo-pu Ah-ah!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Bo-BoBo: You should realize by now, Halekulani, that money is worth less than the paper you use when you go to the toilet. I've been holding back on you, but you REALLY want to know what the most important thing in this universe is? 'Cause I got the answer! IT'S MONEY!

    • Narrator: Today, Bo-BoBo went shopping at a fish market in outer space.
      Bo-BoBo: Hey, freak, do you have fresh fish?
      Alien: Sure thing. We have really fresh Andromeda fish. But you got to be from outer space to get one. Ha ha. Ha ha.
      Narrator: So Bo-BoBo calmly destroyed a nearby star.
      Bo-BoBo: Give me one of those fish, freakazoid!
      Alien: No way, rude boy! You're blond with a weird looking head!
      Jelly Jiggler: Wobble wobble. Wobble.
      Bo-BoBo: Weird looking? What do you got? Jelly for brains?
      Jelly Jigger: Wobble. Wobble wobble. Wobble.
      Beauty: A shopping list would be more interesting than this diary!

    • Bo-BoBo Police: Come out! You are completely surrounded!
      Beauty: So what the heck do they want you for?!
      Bo-BoBo: For playing video games too loud in the winter.
      Jelly Jiggler: I'm a lounge lizard.

    • Beauty: Battling over CDs is stupid! Go buy new ones!

    • (Don Patch & Jelly Jiggler are rapping)
      Don Patch: What up, let us break it down! Yo, listen now, fool. This ain't school!
      Jelly Jiggler: Don't drool!
      Don Patch: He's c-
      Jelly Jiggler: Cool!
      Don Patch: He rules!
      Jelly Jiggler: Huh?
      Don Patch: He's jumping in the pool! He's riding on a mule! A man on a mission who loves competition and that's the best definition!
      Jelly Jiggler: Right, like a musician!
      Don Patch: Wait until tomorrow and he will say tomorrow no way!
      (they spell it all wrong)
      Jelly Jiggler: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!
      Don Patch: All right, we can't spell it, but we can sell it!
      Jelly Jiggler: He's a real hero, dude! Yeah!

    • Bo-BoBo: Super Fist of the Nose Hair: Goofy Face attack!
      (Don Patch, Jelly Jiggler, & Bo-BoBo start fooling around)
      Beauty: WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!?!
      Torpedo Girl: (comes up from under ice) You know joking around is not allowed! And that's because I'm a torpedo!
      Beauty: Didn't she get wiped out in Episode 36?!
      Bo-BoBo: (eyes sparkle) It's her!!
      Don Patch: I'm her biggest fan!
      Dengaku Man: Um... I don't really like Torpedo Girl!

    • Beauty: How terrible! What's gonna happen to Gas Can?
      Don Patch: In this case, him we replace.
      Beauty: (angrily) I'm gonna replace your head with my foot! (chases after Don Patch)

    • Narrator: (about the destroyed Holy Guacamole Land) Meanwhile, inside my apartment... Oh, sorry, it just looks like it.

    • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) Episode 43: "Ha-le Oo-pu Ah-ah!" Translation: Halekulani's luau turns sour.

    • Bo-BoBo: Halekulani, there's something that's far more important than money.
      Jelly Jiggler: More important than money? Hogwash.
      Bo-BoBo: You know what's more important than money? I'm gonna show you what's more important than money. My foot! (kicks Halekulani in the face)

    • Narrator: And when Halekulani's not counting his money, he's sportin' some serious bling. Well, there's none of that on this show. But if a wave of cash ever does hit here, Bo-BoBo will be the first in line.
      Beauty: That's not true. He's a hero!
      Narrator: Exactly. Our hero has never asked for a handout. Instead, he offers people a hand. And Bo-BoBo tried to show Halekulani that money isn't everything.
      Bo-BoBo: "I hereby sign over everything I own to Bo-BoBo!"
      Halekulani: No, I won't!
      Beauty: Boy, some hero!

    • Narrator: Bo-BoBo defeated the "Your Money or Your Life" game. No surprise there. He cheats at our Thursday night poker games.

  • Notes

    • Original japanese title:Final Battle with Halekulani: The Final Conclusion...We Thought Until a New Enemy!?

    • This episode covers volume 10 chapters 107 and 108 of the Bo-bobo manga.

    • Amongst the "ghosts" that Bo-BoBo faces are such traditional Japanese monsters as Chochinobake (lantern ghosts), Karakasa (umbrella ghosts), Rokurokubi (snake-necked women), and Hitotsume-kozo (the bald cyclops thing).

    • Suzu returns (at least to human form) in this episode. Her last appearance was in Episode 40: "The Fall of Halekulani! And the Winter of Discontent!"

    • The rest of this episode is extended from the manga.

    • We all find out in this episode, according to Bo-BoBo, that the thing that is more important than money is boring everyday life.

    • In Tuesday's attack, Don Patch says that they were being fed cat food, and Bo-BoBo says it's because it was five for a dollar. In the manga, it is sardines, and Bo-BoBo said it was for no reason.

    • In this episode, Bo-BoBo used the Seven Day free offer / "It's a Wonderful Nose Hair Life" attack. Each day had an attack that in some way hurt / annoyed Halekulani, the victim. Jelly Jiggler acts like a mother, and Don Patch acts like a cat.

      Monday: Bo-BoBo wakes up with hundreds of alarm clocks ringing. They then eat canned crab and blow up a merry-go-round.
      Tuesday: They hold a hostage, eat canned crab again, and play video games. Bo-BoBo then kicks Halekulani.
      Wednesday: They have a samurai battle over CDs and blow up a roller coaster, and Bo-BoBo rolls on Halekulani. Then Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler rap.
      Thursday: A diary with a script, where Bo-BoBo blows up a star and Jiggler comes in chanting "Wobble." Bo-BoBo kicks Halekulani again.
      Friday: Bo-BoBo summons a squirrel in a box of chocolate pies, then Bo-BoBo kicks Halekulani's spine all day.
      Saturday: Big Monster Battle against the monstrous writers of this show.
      Sunday: Everyone from the week spies on a castle in Wonderland.

    • In Bo-BoBo's seven-day trial offer attack, Thursday's event is a diary. in the manga, it was a script. Also, Jelly Jiggler was chanting "nu" in the manga. In the anime, he is chanting "wobble."

    • Torpedo Girl returns at the end of this episode. Her last appearance was in Episode 35.

  • Allusions

    • Dragon Ball Sagas
      The "friendship wave" is a parody of the "kamehameha wave".

    • Narrator: The ship set off with seven passengers, a millionaire and his wife- whoops, wrong show.
      The show that the Narrator was referring to was Gilligan's Island - a classic 60's show. The Narrator was also correct, it involved seven people, two being a millionaire, and his wife.

    • Jelly Jiggler: (ship is sinking quickly) I've seen this movie! I don't wanna get thrusted, I'm the captain! Wait, that means I'm not gonna make it! I know I'm a general, but-
      This is a possible allusion to the movie Titanic, based off the 1912 tragedy. Of course, the captain did not survive, which explains why Jiggler said that.

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