Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 22

Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart!
After Captain Battleship has finally been defeated by Bo-BoBo, he and the rest of the gang meet with a strange guy named Hatenko, and has the ability to "lock" a person's heart. At first, Bo-BoBo is confused and wonders who he is, but after Hatenko reveals his Fist of the Key attack, Bo-BoBo remembers who he is. And after some brief history of how Hatenko and Don Patch, who he knew as The Don, first met, the whole gang heads over to Iguana Village after seeing three members from the Hair Hunt Troop fly in the sky. Their leader reveals himself to be Kittypoo, one of the Chrome Dome Empire's big four. But when Don Patch suddenly reveals his great power by defeating the three Hair Hunt Troop members, we're left wondering where he got it from.moreless

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  • I'm sorry, did Hatenko praise Don patch, or is he praising the Don?

    Hatenko a.k.a Mr. Cool is a guy from Don patch's old gang the wiggins, he is actullay sane exepet when Don patch isn't around, I mean, why is he in awe of Don patch? Hatenko is much stronger than him. So this episode is about finding him, and the next member of the Big 4, and his name is.........Kitty Poo. He is stronger than Battleship and is defeated in one episode. Who knew don patch was that strong? He defeated Kitty poo and all of his friends who are Lemon Fizz who got love letters from Bo-BoBo, Don patch and Hatenko Bo-BoBo and Don patch's letters were ripped in half, but Hatenko's was read and it turns out he was just asking for Bo-BoBo Episode 5. The other person with Kitty poo,(can i even say person?) Chocolate Munchie, who is a box of Milk Chocolate. That ends this thing I'm righting, so Bo-BoBo episode: Hatenko the hunk has the key to your heart is funny but weird.moreless
  • This episode was one of the funniest. It introduced one new characters.

    This was one of the best epiodes of bobobo. It showed a new person named hatenko who uses a fist of the key. His weapon is obviously a key. When he uses his attack he turns people to stone and they return to normal in a few days. We discovered in this episode that he is one of \"the Don\'s\" fans. He use to be in Don Patch\'s group. It turns out that he was in love with the purple bullet girl that is showed inside captain battleship\'s hair in the theme. There were 3 enemies in this episode. There was a kitty, a chocolate bar, and a girl. Don Patch defeated all three of them on his own with his fists. No one knows where he got this power.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The name of the town that Kitty Poo is taking over is called Iguana Village in the original series.

    • In the Japanese version of the anime, when Hatenko gave the letter to Lemon Fizz (or her original name, Lamune), he was asking her to give back volume 5 of the Bo-BoBo manga (not episode 5 of the TV show like in the dub). Both Hatenko and Lemon Fizz/Lamune appeared in volume 5 of the manga. Consequently, in the manga version of this scene, Hatenko asked her to return volume 15 of Saint Seiya (a.k.a. Knights of the Zodiac), which is a Weekly Shonen Jump manga like Bo-BoBo.

    • Originally in the manga, Chocolate Munchie was a cigarette box instead of a box of chocolates. His name in the manga was Kinen (or "No Smoking").

    • When Don Patch reveals his scar, Bo-BoBo says he's been meaning to ask him since episode 1, to which Beauty correctly says he didn't have it in that episode. However, Don Patch wasn't officially introduced into the series until episode 2. He was introduced at the end of episode 1, but looked seriously wiped out.

    • Unlike previous episodes, Bo-BoBo reads the title card for this episode without saying the episode number.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Shy Chocolate: I won't force you.
      Kitty Poo: Good. Then I'm trying you.
      Shy Chocolate: You don't have to, really.
      Angry Chocolate: You're gonna be sorry!
      Angry Chocolate #2: Yeah!
      Kitty Poo: Nobody tells Me what to eat, especially when it comes to chocolate.

    • Don Patch: You know, I'm disappointed you never asked me about my scar.
      Bo-BoBo: I've been meaning to ask you about that since episode one!
      Beauty: That's baloney! He didn't have that scar in the first show!
      Narrator: Pop quiz. Did Don Patch have that scar at the start of the series, or did he get it last night tripping out of the bathtub? Does he ever bathe? Does it have anything to do with his secret power?

    • Narrator: (to tennis players) Beginners, listen up. When you get a lobbed ball, return it with an overhead smash, not on the head.

    • Don Patch: Did Bo-BoBo just moon me? How impolite.

    • Don Patch: (in the sky, as the sun) Hot, hot hot. Some like it hot.
      Beauty: What?! He turned into the sun?!
      Don Patch: Everything revolves around me. Such a warm feeling.
      Gasser: That's some hot gas!
      Don Patch: From now on, call me Ray.

    • Narrator: After a quick stop for chili cheese fries and root beer floats, Bo-BoBo and the others finally arrived.

    • Beauty: What's wrong?
      Hatenko: It must be them coming toward us.
      Narrator: He must be seeing double because all I see is a single sparkler, and it just fizzled out.

    • Beauty: Who are you?
      Hatenko: Don't you know me, Bo-BoBo?
      Bo-BoBo: (confused) Not really.

    • Don Patch: Next opinion is from twin boys Darby and Dooby D., age 3. "We lube your shoe." I think they mean they love our show. These boys write eloquently.

    • Don Patch: The next card is from Blinky Bucket of Nantucket, age 5 ¾, one day older than his dog. "My dog Duke told me that Don Patch makes him want to puke. And every time he sees that orange blob, he lifts his leg on the TV."
      Bo-BoBo: I'd like to shake that little fella's paw. Now that's streaming video.
      Beauty: You're not upset?!?!

    • Don Patch: Well, this first opinion is from Michaela Moo, age 6, who has never expressed an opinion in her life. She writes, "Why is Don Patch always so nasty? Please cut him out of the series." What a brat!

    • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) "Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart!" Ladies, be very careful.

    • Bo-BoBo: I can't stand seeing a grown man cry. It just rips my heart out!
      Narrator: (crying) That's the most touching thing I've ever heard.
      Beauty: What?! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Bring on the new guy right away!
      Narrator: Actually, I've been a little wigged out by the piranhas and their spooky trainer Katsu being turned into stone, so I'm all that anxious to find out what this new dude's gonna do next, even if he does have great hair. Couldn't we hold off a few more episodes before we bring on... Well, the producers are shaking their heads no. They say his contract starts today. If we're paying him, he's working.

    • Bo-BoBo: I'm on pause. I don't like to see my best buddy this way.
      Captain Battleship: (crying) Bo-BoBo.
      Narrator: But just then, his pause button released.
      (Bo-BoBo attacks Captain Battleship)

    • Narrator: When the day arrived to choose the seventh nose hair heir, Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship were the only ones there. No one else could compare.

    • Beauty: (about Master Juice) Wait a sec! How can a can of juice be a teacher?!

    • Narrator: What happened between Bo-BoBo and his best friend? We begin with this anonymous eyewitness account.
      Don Patch: (high-pitched voice; blurred-out face) Well, I thought about it for a whole 30 seconds, and I don't have a clue what happened. My mind's a blur.
      Narrator: And so is your face.

  • NOTES (8)


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