Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 33

It Ain't OVER 'Til the Fat Lady Sings!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jun 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bo-bobo and the gang arrive at OVER's castle to take him down. Jelly Jiggler destroys his cheap cardboard castle and OVER forces them to fight in a canyon filled with cannons and bear traps.

    Oh man, this was the very first episode of Bo-bobo I ever watched on TV. I was flipping through channels and found this on Cartoon Network. I laughed so hard that tears were rolling down my cheeks. The scene where Jelly Jiggler scolds his own hand for pushing OVER's face into the soup, the part where they fire a two-story house out of a cannon and the scene where Don Patch wedged a card into OVER's butt-chin had me laughing so hard I had trouble breathing. OVER has these dots on his chest and every time he gets mad, one lights up. When they all light up, he turns into his real form, a torpedo with a woman's face and legs. All it took was an offering on unpopped popcorn to anger him to the point of transforming. At first, I thought I would hate this show but after 5 minutes of watching it, I became hooked. Excellent, hilarious anime! 10/10
  • They meet OVER, argue, go to calamity canyon, fight in cannons, don patch explodes, nimbus saves them, OVER gets soaked in lemonade, OVER gets angry, monkeys wear telephones, Jelly Jiggler hates OVER, Dengaku Man gets turned into fireworks and gets lost.

    This was a pretty funny one, with two dragon ball Z references, one being Don Patch acting like Chaozu from DBZ when he exploded, the other being \"Golden Cloud\" and cloud like Nimbus. Also we find out Jelly Jiggler gives his hands manicures, and OVER has a cardboard castle. Then there\'s a JAWS reference, We\'re gonna need a bigger cannon. This was good, ringing monkeys, unpopped popcorn, churros, and Torpedo girl. Keep watching the show, great installment, and I still have too much space so now I\'m going to say it\'s good. I think the show is really really good and funny and Don Patch is cool and Bo-Bo-Bo has awsome hair.
  • Nothing special.

    I think that maybe, I'm just getting sick of this show. In days of old, the days of Wigbro, rice soup, and nose hair, I would be rolling on the floor laughing even after the sixth or seventh time I watched it. Now, it's become a chore to even watch it a second time. This episode brought nothing new to the table and had no real substance. It was filling time, space, and energy. The saddest part is that OVER is a crucial character and this should have presented some sort of story. The old Bo-bobo was a great friend, the new Bo-bobo is an O.K. show.
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    That episode was great but ...... it was an average Bo-bobo episode . It needed something, I\'m not just saying that because... Oh, never mind. it wasn\'t like the other episodes but it\'ll get funnier. I know.,cause.......

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    this was the best episode i ever watched! Over looked so cool! , and jelly jigler was geting in trouble for hiting over, i just cant belive he turned into a girl o.o, that wasn'r fair.. that was sad... oh well we get to see next saturday what Over's true form is O_O.
  • Well im gonna say this episode was okay

    I mean like this episode is not that great its kinda weird but still funny. At the end of episode it was toradeo girl, that part was kinda freaky. So its not that bad. But the Funny part is that Don Patch fell on enemy`s hair from nowhere. So its not that GREAT episode, just freaky weird and funny. Thats all I say. Im kinda sirpursed that I didnt laugh at that episode alot. But Im sure next episode will be better. I hope...