Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 2

Let's Get Wiggy With It!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Let's Get Wiggy With It!
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo faces off against Don Patch, the leader of a rebel group who have mistaken him for a wig-wearer due to his wig-like hairstyle. After Don Patch explains about his past, he is now ready to fight BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo. However, before they can start, Beauty is kidnapped by a leader of the Hair Hunters. Now, they both have to put their differences aside and join together to save her.moreless

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  • Probably one of the best episodes...

    Yah! Don Patch is introduced! Finally. He defiantely my favorite. This is where the series really starts and where the show really gets good. Don Patch gets so much attention. Wig Out Wig Out Wig Out Wig Out Wig Out! XD That is seriously a quote for future generations. I missed this episode, unfortuantely, but thank goodness that I caught up, cause this episode was freakin' sweet. Heh I love it when BoBoBo and Don Patch have a Wiggin' Out contest and Don Patch trying to force people to eat churros when no one even knows what the heck they are! XDmoreless
  • I gotta get me a better agent! "No.More.Puns." This episode was one of best episodes and is an immediate classic. Keep readin'

    Let's get Wiggy with it, ya hear!

    Don Patch wakes up from his gloomy state to a happy, outgoing, ready-to-hit-the-day state, with just afew cans of soda. Boy, I wish I could wake up like that! But I'd probably hit the ceiling. Sigh...

    Bo-bobo takes Don Patch puts him up there on his fro' like a hat. "What do you mean I'm not a hat?!" Don Patch, impressed, than challenges Bo-bobo to a Wiggin' Out Contest, to which Bo-bobo accepts.

    What is a "Wiggin' Out Contest", you say? A Wiggin' Out Contest involves the person(s) who is/are challenged to mutually wig out with another person in a certain theme and whoever wigs out the best in that theme wins. And the theme is..... Christmas! I'm Dreaming of a slight Christmas. On a cold Christmas night, Don Patch is selling churros. But no one bought any churros... CHURROS!!! If only everybody knew how delicious they were.

    I tried real hard to type this review BUT IT'S IN NOT-JAPANESE! I'll just keep typing, that'll keep myself busy. Now, let's just all... wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out, wig out... There's something terribly wrong! I hate typing three-way, well, let's MOVE ON!

    A wig bro named Tarashi comes and takes Beauty. Don Patch and Bo-bobo team up and head to H-block to save Beauty. Bo-bobo and Don Patch face off against Maitel, the H-Block commander. But what's this, he's the 3rd cousin of Medusa?! Don Patch is turned into stone but Bo-bobo is turned into.... a carrot!? "Wahh, I've turned into a giant cabbage!" Thanks to Bo-bobo karaoke, Don Patch is returned to his normal self. Maitel's cell phone rings right when Bo-bobo and Don Patch attack. It looks like Maitel has a date, but who is he gonna bring with him to the date? Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Gameboy Pig, and Maitel arrive at the date but don't exactly give the girls a good time. Meanwhile, Tarashi is about to take Beauty's hair, when all of a sudden we see Gasser (the mysterious boy) attack Tarashi with a stink bomb. Beauty is saved.

    This episode definitely had its most memorable moments. I really enjoyed this episode and is one of the best episodes I've seen.moreless
  • The second episode of a great series finnaly brought to america!

    This episode is about Bobobo fighting Don Patch the leader of the wiggin trio. Don Patch is a small orange pop rock. Bobobo and Don Patch don't really fight but they just do crazy stuff.Bobobo reads a story book of goldie locks that was in christmas but he brought the wrong book. WHen bobobo and Don were about to fight a hair hunter troop man stole Beauty.
  • Bo meets Don Patch and they battle at Christmas time. Then they fight Medusa\'s cousin and go on a date.

    I love this episode it is so funny. Esppecially when Bo and Don fight. It is always great to see those two fight. They always have the best attacks. After seeing this episode I knew Don Patch was my favriote character. I also love when Bo, Don and The Pig play the video games. Also I love what they turn into when fighting Medusa\'s cousin (especcialy the carrot). This is the episode that got me and my cousin hooked on the show. Now I learned two things from this episode. 1. Bo is allergic to Hot Chilli flavored Geleten. And 2. Always always \"Eat the Churros\"!moreless
  • I saw the episode, it rocked!

    This episode was sooooo funny. Don Patch was a little funny, but bo was super funny. At first I gave this one a 9.9, but now I give it a 10! Hooray for churos and Let's Get Wiggy With It! Too bad the Don stopped in this episode. Lil' Patch were funny.

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    • Third Dog: The election results are in!
      Second Dog: I'm sure we won by a huge margin.
      Second Dog: WHAAA?!
      Dog Candidate: NO WAY! How can the voters just flush me down the same toilet I drink out of?! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYY?!
      Third Dog: Because you're a dog.
      (the Dog Candidate and his partner spin around, barking wildly, and jump in opposite directions)

    • Bo-BoBo: Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks. And it was Christmas.
      Beauty: I think you brought the wrong book.

    • Bill: (to Sally, his girlfriend) Don't leave me for Santa!
      Bo-BoBo: Oh, no! First my hat leaves, then Sally leaves Bill!
      Beauty: She leaves him in every episode!!

    • Bo-BoBo: (grabbing Don Patch and putting him in his hair) Ah-hah, so that's where I put my hat! My precious bonnet mumsy gave me! I thought I lost you forever.

    • Bo-BoBo: Look, guys, I told you before. We're not this Wigbro gang you've been looking for.
      Underboss: You're not, then who are you?
      Bo-BoBo: Who am I? I'm your dream come true.
      Beauty: Then somebody wake me!

    • Ko Patch 1: This moment is historic.
      Ko Patch 2: Yeah, the first time a show was canceled after its second episode.

    • Narrator: Rising from the split-ends of society to protect the peace and freedom of hair everywhere, he is BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo, the Greatest Hero hairkind has ever known! Okay, well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Okay, you got me. He's not a hero at all.
      Bo-BoBo: But, admit it -- I'm heroish.
      Narrator: Something about this show isn't kosher.
      Beauty: KOSHER?!! (cut to Hagen getting his clock cleaned by Bo-BoBo)
      Hagen: Hi-yah!
      Bo-BoBo: Fistful of Armpit Hair!
      Narrator: Fate brought Bo-BoBo and Beauty together, and their frolicles through the folicles have just begun. However, Pickles has been written out of the series forever.
      (Pickles is heard crying in the background)
      Narrator: Poor guy, he's green with envy.
      Don Patch: No more puns... (collapses)

    • Don Patch: (after consuming large amounts of soda) Fuzzy-licious!

    • Bo-BoBo: TOUCHDOWN! (slams down Don Patch, Cathy and other girls are shocked)
      Don Patch: YOU PLAYED NO DEFENSE! How could you let him just score like that?!
      Cathy: What? What? AAAHHH!!
      Bo-BoBo: We made a huge impression!

    • Bo-BoBo: If I can be completely serious for just a moment, if Wig Bro is the Hair Hunt Troops, then I have a reason to join the fight against them.
      Don Patch: It's obvious this man and I share the same destiny. Therefore, I must join forces with him. Besides, I'll save on gas money if I take him with me.

    • Don Patch: (over PA) We've got some great food for you this year, folks!
      Bystander: Fantastic!
      Don Patch: Churros!
      Everyone: CHURROS!!?
      Don Patch: That's right, yum-yummy churros! (woman screams)
      Bystander: (whispering) That's even lamer than the food served last year.
      Don Patch: (insane) Churroooo!!! HERE, EAT! EAT A CHURRO!

    • Announcer: Don Patch, the red nose whatever he is.

    • Bo-BoBo: (to Don Patch) I've seen better wiggin' out on mannequins! Bald-headed mannequins!

    • Bo-BoBo: I'm trying real hard to fill out this entry form, but it's in Japanese! I'll just draw a fancy doodle. That should be enough to get noticed. Ha. Hot-peppered gelatin, that's for me! Wait. I'm allergic.

    • Narrator: But no one bought any churros. If only people knew they were delicious treats with powdered sugar, then maybe poor Don Patch's fate would have been different. But again, who told the simpleton to sell something no one ever heard of?

    • Ko-Patch A: Hang on, boss!
      Ko-Patch B: Yeah, boss, don't worry. We'll get you down.
      Ko-Patch C: Yeah! We know you're not a hat!
      Don Patch: Huh? Whaddaya mean I'm not a hat?!
      Cicada: If that guy thinks he's a hat, then I'm a white gabardine suit. Oh, wait. I can't wear white after labor day! Aaaggghhh! (flies away)

    • Underboss: Well, well. It's you, Wig-bro. You're gonna pay for all the hair you ripped off.
      Beauty: You've got us confused.
      Bo-BoBo: No, he doesn't. I was confused before I met him.

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