Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 27

Luck Let A Wiggin' See... How Nice A Hanky Can Be!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cool!

    The episode was great, but there was a cliffhanger ending. Who is this guy who knows Don Patch? Why does Don Patch come up with funnier scenes as a dolphin? Why\'d he do a good job in the tea contest? Is Jiggler really back? Where\'s Softon? Why am I asking questions? This is my favorite line:

    Hatenko: See you in hokey season!
  • Bo-bobo and the gang descover the Wiggn' block of the Bald Empire.


    This episode reminded me of episode nine. It didn't look as great as the others on the outside, the jokes seemed funny in theory, but were dragged on and on, but it moved the story along. Not in the way of episode seventeen, but in a different way. Gasser was introduced in episode nine, showing us that the show isn't just about three unlikely heroes going through the Bald Empire alphabet one at a time, one per episode, but that the show revolved around characters deeper than those in a Dickens novel. It showed that new characters could come and go at any time. It turned a perfect two dimentional show into a perfect three dimentional one.

    How does this relate to episode 27? It doesn't.

    Just kidding. As Bo-bobo acknowledges that, one, he would probably need help fighting Wiggin' block, and, two, that Don Patch is probably one of the best at Wiggin' of everybody, it shows that although Bo-bobo created the group, and it started out as his fight, the others are just as important as him. Those characters that come and go as mentioned before just might be the center of attention for a while. This is reenforced by the coming of Jelly Jiggler. Now the show focuses on not just hunting hair hunters or deep characters, but the relations between the characters.

    So, in all this confusion, where is the heart of Bo-bobo? Though it is arguable, the unsaid love between Beauty and Gasser seems to be the driving force of the show. It shows all the unsuspected sides of everyone. When Don Patch dressed up like Beauty in episode 17, and Gasser exclaimed "Get a move on!" it showed two things; Gasser loves Beauty enough to go against someone he would really rather be on his side than against him, and that Don Patch will mess around with anyone, no matter what, even in the face of danger. I wish that there were school classes on Bo-bobo.