Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 28

Mortal Match: Fist of the Nose Hair Vs. Fist of Rice!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The "H" necklace Rice wears stands for Hajike- the Japanese equivalent of Wiggin'.

    • Gasser wasn't attacked by the Extra Helping of Rice attack. In fact, only two beams of rice attacked the group instead of four.

  • Quotes

    • Officer 1: You're under arrest for not eating cheese when it was offered.
      Officer 2: Let's go.
      Chunosuke: But I'm not Swiss!
      Beauty: Wow. Mice take this cheese thing pretty seriously.

    • Narrator: So, he's saying he's only been wiggin' at a snack level? Then how much further is he gonna go at dinner? What do you get for an appetizer? And what if there's a midnight buffet? Bo-BoBo and the others are about to sit down for the most horrific meal they've ever had.

    • Narrator: It's a standoff, a showdown between Rice and the rest of our gang who appear to be on ice, and that's not nice.

    • Gasser: Just like that?
      Beauty: There's no way we're leaving Don Patch here by himself.
      Bo-BoBo: If I were to leave now, I wouldn't be a real man.
      Don Patch: You guys. Huh?
      Jelly Jiggler: See ya!
      Bo-BoBo: (hitting Jelly Jiggler) Aah! What is wrong with you?!
      Jelly Jiggler: I have a dentist appointment for a root canal!

    • Beauty: We thought you'd feel bad if you ended up with zero votes.
      Gasser: Yeah, so chin up.
      Jelly Jiggler: (with tears in his eyes) You... you two... you like me. You really like me. (grabs both of them by the collar and shakes them up and down angrily) All right, that's it. From now on, you're both eating jelly every day. Do you understand me? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and every snack time!
      Gasser: (thinking) That's the last time I show him any pity.

    • Jelly Jiggler: Hold it. I say that Jelly should be added to the list of choices.
      Beauty: But you don't have a shot at winning!

    • Chunosuke: I have 3 strong principles which I choose to live my life by.
      Beauty: And those principles are?
      Chunosuke: One, honor and respect those that you meet. Two, know the difference between right and wrong and choose what's right. And number three, never leave the toilet seat up.
      Beauty: You're kidding, right?!

    • Chunosuke: You dodge my sword with much swiftness.
      Don Patch: No, no, no. The proper phrase is, "You swiftly dodged my sword."
      Beauty: But from how you look, you didn't!

    • Narrator: Jelly Jiggler the game, now available in 8 different thrift stores. Console made from jelly sold separately.
      Jelly Jiggler: (playing the game) Uhh. You'd think I'd get royalties for this game.

    • Narrator: The Wiggin' Block Base, an amazing architectural achievement. Did you know that... Oops. The show's back on. But remind me to tell you about it later. (chuckles) You won't believe it.

    • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) "Mortal Match: Fist of the Nose Hair Vs. Fist of Rice." Let's fight, but let's be friends, too.

    • Narrator: The battle has begun at the special Wiggin' Block Base, the special base where only specialists who specialize in wiggin' specialities have swarmed, wiggin's of all kinds are especially waiting for Bo-BoBo and his gang. Isn't that special? As you would expect of the Wiggin' Base, they're all wiggin' out. However, high atop the base, someone is watching.

    • (Bo-BoBo and the gang have moved up to the Commander's room)
      Beauty: I'll open the door, I've seen it all before.
      (there is a huge bowl of ice with a Hair Hunt Troop member in it)
      Beauty: Now that was unexpected!!!!
      Commander: Don't eat me! I'm not an appetizer, I'm just looking for my contact lenses!!!
      Beauty: You... wear... contacts?!

    • (Beauty has been trapped by the Fist of Rice)
      Beauty: I still can't move! I'm stuck.
      Bo-BoBo: Beauty!
      Gasser: We'll rescue you soon!
      Rice: Humph, in just about 40 minutes, she'll be all ready for the zoo and eating bamboo!!
      Bo-BoBo: What?!
      (a picture of Beauty and a centaur, with an arrow pointing from Beauty to the centaur, is shown)
      Narrarator: Sorry, I'm so embarrassed. My dog ate our panda picture.

  • Notes

    • This episode, when Jelly Jiggler tries to attack Chunosuke by sliding, he says he's using Fist of the Jelly Jiggler, not Fist of the Shakey Shake.

    • Running Gag: The Commander of Wiggin' Block Base crying from a bowl of rice:

      "Don't eat me! I'm not an appetizer, I just lost my contact lenses!!!"

    • Rice is introduced in this episode. He fights with the Fist of Rice, which involves him throwing a huge bowl of sticky rice at people, which makes them stick to the rice. He said after 60 minutes, the trapped person turns into a panda. He already trapped the Wiggin' Block Base leader, who eventually turned into a panda.

    • Bo-BoBo, Jelly Jiggler, and Rice have a vote with 99 people to see if rice, bread, or Jelly was better for you. Here are the results:

      Rice: 55 votes
      Bread: 42 votes
      Leechi Jelly: 2 votes

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