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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 10

Protect the Environment: Somethin' Stinks in Here!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Protect the Environment: Somethin' Stinks in Here!
After defeating Geha the Gale, Bo-BoBo and the others prepare to face an unknown creature that bursts in. He claims to be "Wall Man," and has come looking for Gasser to convince him to join him, but Gasser refuses. Now, Gasser must make sure he's not eaten by Wall Man like Geha the Gale was.moreless

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  • Wall man is an amusement park!

    I like this episode, but I really like Don Patch. Seaweed man and algea boy saved the day by beating the nasty butterfly. Beauty is retarded! She knows her contract will be up soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, sooner, soon, sooner than sooner than episode 456!

    Wall Man: No wonder I have a stomach ache!
  • After witnessing Geha the Gale getting absorbed by Wall Man, Gasser decides to fight him. Of course, the seriousness doesn't last with Bo-BoBo and Don Patch around! Aliens invade Planet Bo-BoBo, and they do a really funny dance! After launching C-Block'smoreless

    This episode is really funny! Aliens invading Planet Bo-BoBo, the "Honk-Honk. Honk-Honk. Smells good, Smells good" dance, and even Don Patch driving a Taxi. It got me laughing so hard that I started to see spots before my eyes. True Story! But I guess it was because of the dance that I mentioned. Bo-BoBo as the Earth was moderately funny, and we see many of the inhabitants of Bo-BoBo's head again! And the antics of BoBoBo-Bo Gas-BoBo and Wall Patch really got me going! I don't care if it doesn't come out until maybe a year after the show premiered, I WANT BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO ON DVD!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Wall Man's original Japanese name is Kabeo.

    • During the title screen, Bo-BoBo says the episode is called, "Protect the Environment, the Password Is: Something Stinks in Here!" But the screen only says, "Protect the Environment: Somethin' Stinks in Here!"

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Bo-BoBo: SEAWEED MAN!!!!

    • (Bo-BoBo falls on his back as aliens start attacking his Earth costume)
      Don Patch: Mr. Earth!
      Bo-BoBo: Ahhh!!!! I'm being invaded by aliens!!!

    • Bo-BoBo: (dressed as Gasser and shaking his butt everytime "Honk honk" is said) Honk honk, honk honk.
      Don Patch: Smells good. Smells good.
      (continues for about a minute)

    • Softon: (about Gasser) As long as he's with those guys, I know he'll be safe.
      Narrator: What does Softon mean when he says Gasser will be safe? Safe from whom? Safe from the Hair Hunt Troops? Safe from an unknown enemy? Or could it possibly mean safe from Softon himself? Is Softon actually their enemy or some sort of shrouded ally? What kind of secrets are hidden behind these marshmellow eyes and this lactose-free face? A face which in itself has a story to tell. Once again, we are laden with more mysteries. But we do know one thing: adventure is spelled "BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo!"

    • Narrator: Excuse me, madame, but a butterfly is fluttering by.
      Beauty: A butterfly?!

    • Narrator: What is the significance of the seaweed? The mystery of Gasser has been solved, but now there's a new mystery at hand. But don't worry, kelp is on the way.

    • Don Patch: (as a little kid) Uh... papa?
      Gasser: Huh?! Aah!
      Don Patch: Can we go to the amusement park? Can we, can we? Huh, can we? (points to Wall Man)
      Wall Man: I'm... an... amusement park?

    • Bo-BoBo: Mr. Gasser, do you agree?
      Gasser: Huh?!
      Don Patch: He did it.
      Bo-BoBo: Does it bother you that one little toot from your back side can radically affect an entire family of dung beetles in Northern Australia?
      Gasser: Huh?! It can?
      Bo-BoBo: That's right. It's your fault. You can also affect the weather, too. You know El Niño? It's caused by your gas!
      Don Patch: Please, sir, let me punish him. I know just what to do! I will take a giant cork and...
      Bo-BoBo: Well, the problem is he doesn't realize that!

    • Wall Man: The Fist of the Back Wind! I want it!
      Gasser: Yeah? All right, then.
      Nose Hair General: It's time the wall came tumbling down!
      Gasser: Hey, that's my line!
      Beauty: You can sue him for that.

    • Beauty: (thinking) Oh, what a horrible way to be written off a show! (gasps) That could happen to me when my contract is up! Oh, it's too scary to think about.

    • Beauty: (about Geha being eaten) Unbelievable! He ate that guy like a sandwich!
      Bo-BoBo: Unbelievable! This is macaroni and not asparagus!

    • Geha the Gale: (as he's being sucked into Wall Man, screaming) Where's my floaties?! Next episode, don't put me in any water scenes, got it? Aah!

    • Wall Man: You should take my advice and become one of us right now.
      Gasser: Forget about it! Why would I wanna join up with freaky monsters like you?
      Bo-BoBo: Join us, and you'll get a free asparagus!

    • Narrator: Just as Don Patch and the others were celebrating Bo-BoBo's birthday party for the second time this year and reading his sanskirt belt buckle, a mysterious - oh, wait, I already used that word - a secretive stranger burst onto the scene through a wall that was obviously built by an unscrupulous contractor.

    • Narrator: The terrifying tower of C-Block Headquarters was the backdrop for Bo-BoBo's last hair raising foray. Geha the Gale was waiting and sucked them into a tongue-twisting twister while Bo-BoBo studied Spanish.
      Bo-BoBo: Cafe con leche.

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