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  • Epic. So freakin sweet

    Nostalgic. The Japanese anime version of Family Guy.
  • One the weirdest and awesome animes I've seen!

    Bobobobobobobo is about a man named bobobo who most save the world from becoming bald.Along the way bobobo meets some the weirdest (and funniest) group of characters who help him defeat the evil Czar Baldy Bald the 4th,Don Patch,a wig out master,Gasser,a kid who use fart grenades,Jelly Jiggler,a guy made of jelly,to name a few.Bobobo must use his powerful nosehairs and the Super Fist Of The Nosehair.The reason why this animes is so weird and funny is the characters and how they act,there just so dang HILARIOUS!!!!At first I thought this was just a ripoff of johnny bravo,though I saw an episode one night and I laughed my head of!I wish this show still show reruns of this.
  • This show never fails to amuse me

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is one of those animes that when you watch it, there is always going to be plenty of laughs to find. The show is about an empire that has taken over the world and wants to make everyone bald, but a man named Bobobo rises up and wants to take out the empire. Along the way, Bobobo meets and makes friends with others and they travel with him. All throughout the show, it has wonderful humor, satires of popular culture, and is really random and funny. Bobobo and his friends and the enemies all do sketches and gags that will just make you roll on the floor and laugh until you can't breath. My only complaint with the show had to be that it lasted only 2 years and then got canceled. It would be a great idea to see this show back on the air, so everyone can laugh and enjoy the wonderful humor this show has to offer. Check this show out if you can find it.
  • Noise Hair, Talking Torpedoes, Ice Cream for a head, A man who fights with farts! What is there not to like!

    Oh, Bobobo this show is all over the place ( in a good way.) and is really random and funny. One thing that is really great about this show is how well it handles the randomness(usual I do not like shows that use this type of humor.) it pulls it off so well. The voice acting is really well, and the voices fit the characters! My only regret is that this show really does not cover the manga that well since there is only 76 episodes where as the manga is about 200 something chapters. I highly recommend this show to anime fans, trust me your bound to get a laugh out of this one!
  • The funniest anime of all time!!!!

    When i saw an ad for this i thought "ugh a rip off of Jonny Bravo" but i was wrong. this series is extremely random, the fourth wall is broken so much it needs a repairman, and just having Beauty trying to keep Bobobo and Don Patch from crashing into walls. Oh and Gasser.... FUNNY!! the kid fights with his f*rts which explains the Jolly Roger on his back... An example of the randomness was ep 11 where they fought against a guy named "wall man" Bobobo starts talking about a white asparagus which turns out to be macaroni. In episode 20, Bobobo is in a fish costume next to a big bowl of yogurt with living fruit inside it, and Bobobo fires fruit from yogurt and they now have to make tags for underwear. Do not undereestimate this series. Watch it and youll see the true Bobobo.
  • .....but then again how could I get a show like this?

    I watched this anime and I found it to be just plain terrible znime.The plot,there's no actual plot and all just looks like the writers procrastinated untill the last minute and threw something random together in what little time they had left.The animation is just terrible,I can't beleive it even survived one episode.So Toonami got rid of Tenchi Muyo,Gundam,and more for this?The concept is just lame and made me hate it before it even premiered.I mean come on,SHAVING HAIr will help you take over the world.News flash it'll all grow back and besides If I want an anime I'm gonna watch REAL animes like Naruto,Fullmetal Alchemist,DBZ,and more,not this crap.Glad it's gone,if it hasn't been taken of Toonami yet,END IT ALREADY!
  • Acid trippy anime at its best!

    Yep! That's what it is! Just a bunch of losers doing random stuff that nobody cares about! I don't know about you, but I would rather watch Marge Simpson cut her hair than watch this nonsense. There's no point in it whatsoever. Can this get stupider? There's a guy with a yellow afro who uses hair powers, a girl I just don't like, a talking sun(!), a blue jello-like Gumby lookalike, a guy who has ice cream for a head(!), some punk loser who has farting powers(!), the girl likes the boy, a weird-looking boy who wears a scarf, a little ghost thing, and a torpedo thing with legs! This show is just wrong in so many places! Like I said, Marge Simpson cutting her hair is more entertaining than this stinky pile of goo! Do us all a favor, Cartoon Network, and send this show back to the looney bin! Or better yet, the dump!
  • i loved this show when it was on

    i used to watch it when i was home sick from school or when it came on in the mornings on the weekends it was weird but it became real hilarious and didnt stay weird

    I don't know what to say. I didn't see this show when I was a little kid, I was too caught up in the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Lab, and this show came on too late at night. I wish I could have seen it, so I can write this review and back it up from my memories. Any idea on what this show was about? I remember there was a guy with an extremely long moustache and a golden afro. But, yeah-this review doesn't have too much substance to it until I see the show for myself. It sounds awesome, though!
  • One heck of a hilarious anime!

    Yes, I enjoyed Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo. Really, I do.

    I've watched promos for it on Cartoon Network/Toonami back in the summer of 2005, and when the anime came on air in english in late 2005, I was interested in it. I've watched almost everything episode of it. I knew that it parodies almost everything by it's misquided plots and makes fun out if itself. Which is really funny and it makes me giggle. I did like the characters in the parody. They were fun to hang around with, even though they use one another as shields. And some scenes were too voilent, but I don't want to complain about that. It was funny as well as voilent. Ah well. There were various episodes that I liked that includes that battle with the wall guy, the toilet battle, the game battle, battle with Over/Torpedo girl and much more. However, there is one particular scenes that really suprises me. Scenes where object, characters, and other keep popping out of nowhere! How is that explanible? The previous time I saw that was from the Cat In The Hat starring Mike Myers, and I enjoyed that movie even though its a horrid. Anyway, Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo, hilarious series, worth watching for parody. It's a shame that it never reran on Cartoon Network, not to mention that that time, they were becoming simpletons. And after the last episode was aired, it was never heard from again. Speaking of which, what stunned me is the last episode. I was expecting they would finish their "adventures" not start a new one. This is why I'm against cliffhangers. Anyway, after it was taken off of Cartoon Network, I've watch it in youtube and megavideo. So, this is what made Toonami popular. Anime. Now I understand why people were angry when it was taken off.

    Anyway, Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo, fun series, lots of laughs, I would recommend it to anime fans that want a parody. Anyway, I'm going to watch the episodes that I've missed.
  • float like a catylack, sting like a beaver


    ahh where to begin? this show might seem wierd to people, but sometimes you just have to turn your brain off, then you are in for a laugh attack with your pet chihuahua, named winston, by your side. the only problem is that, sometimes, they make references to things that happened in jappan, so the jokes end up making no sense. other than that, when you want a comedy, bobobo-bobo-bobo is the best choice

    -Nash T.

  • Worst. Anime. Ever.

    There's nothing wonderful, funny, or special about this so-called "comedy." All you see most of the time is some Afro homo attacking people with his freakin' NOSE HAIR! Characters are very annoying, it makes them completely unsupportive. I just hate it so much, that I rather watch some Pokemon instead of this garbage. Random shows such as Robot Chicken is a lot funnier and can beat this show to the ground. If you haven't seen the show yet, don't watch it. It's BAD!
  • Wonderful with a capital Q.

    This may be a little too late, but I just have to comment on how wonderful this show is. I especially favor Don Patch, hence my name Patchfan. Everything just.. makes me laugh! No need for a specific plotline, it's fine being unpredictable. That's a great. I live like these characters. I try to be funny and weird. They've inspired me. That's how great this show is. Of course, some people would hate it because it's weird. I can live with that. As long as I know it's funny, and I can prove that to myself, then I'm fine. Yay.
  • Funniest Anime EVER!!!

    My favorite kind of comedy is random. Like Adventure time and Tim and Eric Awesome show Great Job. This was a show for all the people who like that kind of stuff. Its just so randomly funny. People that hate it never watched an episode Trust me. I hate those kind of people that never played a game or watched a show and hate it. If you never seen it don't be saying anything. At first I was like damn this show is another fail but I saw it and then I was like LOLZ!!!! You haters should do the same.
  • You ether love it or hate it

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a very weird Anime, you need to accept the fact of not caring about the plot or you'll be confused within 5 minutes. You also need to have a good sense of humor which is uncommon to most Anime fans. The jokes range from hilarious to the jokes being so stupid it's funny. I personally found the show good (but then again, the only Anime I've seen is Pokemon.)So what I'm basically saying is you need to have a good sense of humor and you also can't take things to seriously because it's meant not to be taken seriously.
  • Wow, An amazing anime that America actually did well dubbing!

    This series was awesome! I followed it from the very first episode. It was hilarious and it was action packed. "Bobobo-boBo-bobo" was done very well here in America and the voice cast was great! There was no blood or language but it kept the other content such as dirty jokes. Yes, if you payed attention you could see the jokes they put in. The art style in this telivision show was bright and colorful. Also, the characters actually resembled Japanese people instead of English people. (In alot of anime the characters look more English than Japanese). Unlike the American dub of the "One Piece" anime "Bobobo-boBo-bobo" was nicely done.
  • stu-pid

    Ok, guess what Mommy?? I am watching a show called Bobo-bo Bo Bobobo, it has a wierd o title but funny jokes!

    And look too! This funny guy has nose hairs that make people die and there are talking noses and boogers and stuff!

    Please don't delete my review for this, but I feel this show is stupid, and I will probably get hate mail for this but it sends quite a bad message to children. I mean it's like: Everybody was nose hair fighting, that snot was fast as lightning, lol! Sorry, please don't delete the review, I did not mean to offend any fans of the show, I just think it is stupid and I am glad it ended.
  • It gets old after a while...

    I love anime, and comedy (yes, even stupid, nonsense comedy), but Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo really drags on with stupidity. His nosehairs are kind of creepy, and his sidekicks get annoying after a while. Don (whatever the sun guy's name is) is kind of funny, but all the stupid jokes and parodies right after another with no sense make the plot annoying. It's like watching Meet the Spartans (I know how many people hated that movie, but it was entertaining for me): it's funny at first, but one act of stupidity over another takes away interest from the main storyline, and it becomes harder to watch. It's okay, but I stopped watching it after a while.
  • This was stupid.

    This is one of the most stupid shows I have ever seen. The only good part is that is making fun of all animes. Such as the lead character has an afro (which is round) unlike most anime shows where the hero has spikey hair. But even then that is a joke that most people dont get. This is one of the shows where you love it or hate it. I am the latter of the two. IF you like shows that make sense then this show is not for you. I think I just got dumber from even talking about it.
  • Starving Sam must have problems with his brain

    Cause robot chicken is "funny" yeah, sure

    animation-the animation is much like every other anime, and it's good

    plot- the plots not sopposed to make sence! it makes fun of other stupid shows like naruto that take themselve so seriously. in the future bald nights or something are shaving everyones hair down to the ground. but a rebel named bo bo bo bo bo bo bo stands against it, he meets lots of allies like beuty and poppa rocks (in the anime it's don patch)
    it's a really funny way to look at society

    jokes- this is the most random show I have ever see, but that's why it makes me burst out laughing. It's a hilariously random show with a lot of sutble innwendos
  • LOL!

    Ignore These Crappy People Who Say This Show Sucks. They Suck. This Is The Best And Only Anime That Has Comedy In It. If You Here Somebody Say This Show Is Horrible, They Just Have Bad Taste, And Don't Like Anime Like This One. Yup... This Show's Like No Other. Just Watch A Few Episodes You'll See What I Mean.
  • crap!

    This show, I gotta say, is one of the WORST shows I have ever seen in my entire life! It's not funny at all. A complete waste of time. So they get rid of good shows like Rave Master, Rurouni Kenshin, Cyborg 009 and other shows like that. And then they put something like this on??? Who would want to watch this thing? It's terrible! If they should get rid of anything it should definitely be this crappy excuse for a show. But you know seriously no offense to the dudes who made this show. They tried right? Anyway...they should get rid of it.
  • Weird show!!

    Yes extremely weird show! Starting with the name! Who on earth thought of that name? Its the stupidest name ever created for a show! And its a stupid show aswell! Who watches this?!? like 5 year olds. I wouldnt even watch this if I was 5.
    All I can say is CRAP! crap crap crap crap crap crap crap!
    And I'll say it again! CRAP!!!!!!
    The first time I came across it, I was flicking through the channels and all of a sudden i see this really long and inapropiate name! BOBOBOBOBOBOB -BOBOBO- BO! How ever many Bo's it is?!?! And I was like, What the heck is this?
    You know what, I'm not even gonna write anymore. Why am I wasting my time reviewing this lame show!
    And you can disagree all you want!
  • Absolutely Hate This Show! It Makes No Friggin Sense! The Worst AniGay Ever (AniGay is what I call Stupid Anime like this one!) This show is so Gay

    One Word: SUCKS! I hate it & am not giving this any score at all! A big fat ZERO. I only watch shows that make an ounce of sense (At Least!) & has lots of Action & this show aint it! I cant stand my TV being on the channel when it's on. I LOATHE this show! Why do people even like this stuff? The guy fights with his nose hairs, has the most retarded looking friends (A Bomb with women's legs, A Bunch of Blob friends & some other dumb looking freaks!) Take it from me it SUCKS! However some people like it & I can't see why but maybe you will too. (I Hope Not!)
    Oh, the Rating wont go on Zero But I'm giving it a Big One!
  • A late night cartoon network show that shouldn't be on TV.

    Ok I saw this show on TV and I had to turn the channel so I am telling everyone to do the same thing because this show makes no sense and I don't find none of its animation funny or entertaining to watch so do them a favor and do not give this show any ratings so it can dissappear off of the TV scene. Kids can't watch this, I don't think no one should indure this show at all. Why would anyone want to watch this show, it has to have something to make people watch it. But I don't see anything so change the channel.
  • Hate it.

    Because I'm not the type to write long reviews, I'lll say that I hate it. It's illogical,unfunny,ironic in a bad way, but mostly illogical. Mostly becauase I hate crossdressing and insanity, but stil this is the type of show you want to turn off the moment it springs on TV because how horrible it is. This has nothing to make up for it and I hate it. At least ONE character is at least a little sane. Like the title says, a complete waste of time. I'm not the type to write small, short reviews but I'm willing to make an expection to this illogical mess and pathetic exuse for an anime.
  • Pretty retarded if you ask me.

    I been watching anime shows like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Eureka 7, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Inu-Yasha. But this new Bo Bo Bo series is so dumb because of the characters like the blue Gumby wannabe and that talking small orange sun. Also, the worst part is the plot: a freaky blond afro man saves the people from getting their hair cut from the bad guys. How crappy is that! Then on the latest episodes, it's like you don't know what the heck is going on. You still see the characters acting like idiots non-stop. Why air this on the Toonami block on CN. The popular rating graph on this website is about 7.8 out of 10. That's kinda poor. Well the good news is that the series will end by Saturday 10/13/07. After that no more Bobobo!
  • Run away fast! Worst show ever!

    This show is so dumb I dont know where to start. I only saw two episodes but that was way to many. This show is about a man named Bobobo who is trying to fight against the evil Bald empire who doesnt like hair. So Bobobo along with his super long nose hairs sets out with Beauty to defeat the Bald empire. Bobobo can hear the voices of hair which helps him in his fight against the Bald empire. I think this show is the worst idea and dumbest show I ever saw or ever want to see. Some might see this as funny but I dont see where this is funny. So if you happen to see this anime please change the channel and watch something else this doesnt make you want to throw your TV out the window.
  • Why in the world would anyone ever want to watch this?

    This show is about a guy named "Bobobo" who tries to stop the bald empire from stealing everyone's hair. And what does he use to stop them but his own nose hair? There is really no point to this show. All it is, is a guy who can talk to hair trying to stop "evil" people from stealing everyone's hair. It has no depth to it,nothing interesting or innovating to offer the vast world of animation. Bottom line? It's stupid, repetative, pointless, boring, and just plain horrible! All it does is weaken the good points of animated series'.I can't believe a show this bad could ever make it onto tv!! If you've never seen this show, you don't want to.Trust me. And if you have, try your best to forget about it. There's really no use getting your hopes up that it will somehow get good or interesting, because it never will. PLEASE DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW!! It's so bad, I gave it a 1 . Doesn't that tell you enough?
  • the most crapest thing i have ever seen.

    no way in hell watch the most ridiculous show like this. i cant even believe people make up animes like these anyways. i was watching naruto and after this show came on and just watching the intro made me laugh and switched it on to the other channel. i dont really know much about it but its about this guy who can who uses his nose hair for a weapon or something. if ur 4 or 5 then theres no problem if ur watching it. But if ur over 7 ur the most wierest person in life. All u have to do is do not and i mean DO NOT! watch it.
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