Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 48

Silly Singing Saves the Show From a Sinister Scoundrel

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • YES!!!

    This episode is great! It's the first appearance of Denbo the hilarious fusion of Dengaku Man and BoBoBo, that uses songs to defeat the stupid loser cheater onion headed weirdo that calls himself J. The trick used to defeat Softon (the black sun hologram thingy) was revealed in this episode as well. this was a funny episode with a lot of singing and sillyness. I really liked the song about the 49 yr old dude it was very funny. Another favorite part is when Softon was a DJ and a rapper. and remember if you disagree with this review your a booger head!
  • The beautiful and zany DENBO makes her long-awaited debut!

    THIS, my friends, is the episode Bo*7 fans have been waiting months for! The beautiful, majestic (and, naturally, jacked up Froot Loop) Denbo makes her grand entrance! And, what an entrance!

    I think a big ol' round of applause is in order to Kate Higgins for her work here. Hardcore Toonami fans recognize her as Megumi in Zatch Bell. Like Denbo, Megumi is also a well-known singer, and Miss Higgins has a nice singing voice. Here, she plays that voice for laughs, tormenting her foe with her magical land that controls everything. (Except burping.)

    One other thing noteworthy from tonight's episode is Beauty's trademark freakout faces. There seemed to be more of them than usual. About every 5 seconds, Beauty was seen freaking out. Oh well, it ended up not mattering, as I was having too much fun with Denbo to be concerned about the rapid-fireness of Beauty's face. (Although, she'd better stop going all nutso everytime Bo-bobo and the gang do their wackiness. Her face is gonna end up sticking like that.)

    In the end, the long-awaited Denbo episode did not disappoint. Easy 10/10.
  • Denbo-chan, Jelly Jiggler, and Don Patch do a concert. And Beauty isn't satisfied about their singing. But I was! Keep readin' and sing along!

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    J: I'll stop this silly singing once and for all!

    Yeah, that was me typing the review with my own lyrics but this episode was great. It's a Bo-bobo musical! Denbo's voice was great, for a dub! This episode definately lived up to its hype. Can't wait for more!
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