Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 16

Snot in My Neighborhood!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Snot in My Neighborhood!
The fight between Bo-BoBo and General Jelly Jiggler continues. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch "fuse" into BoBo-Patch to battle Jelly Jiggler, while Beauty and Gasser watch. BoBo-Patch defeats General Jelly Jiggler effortlessly. With General Jelly Jiggler defeated, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch return to normal and attempt to look for "jobs," and try applying for one for the Hair Hunt Troops after seeing one of their ads. Meanwhile, unknown to them, another mysterious Hair Hunt Troop villain from Z-Block Base, led by the small white, cute cuddly thing, Dengaku Man, watches on, as they learn Bo-BoBo and the gang have destroyed the A-Block headquarters and defeated General Jelly Jiggler. Bo-BoBo and Don Patch go to the Hair Hunt Troop job-applying office, trying out for jobs, with Bo-BoBo blowing in front of a fan, and Don Patch playing a butter guitar, and Don Patch not making it. Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, Beauty, and Gasser then walk into a dark room in the office, to see a lot of bald soldiers, beaten up, and they see the big man in green overalls, with a large black tube hair from the beginning credits, waiting, and we are left there.moreless

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  • Silly

    The final episode of the Jelly Jiggler arc, and it's a good one. BoBoPatch, Jelly Jiggler's past, and that strange skit with Don Patch trying to get a job. It was so crazy with a half-car half-bird shooting a squirt gun at hair hunters. Man oh Manfred Man that is friggen funny.
  • Bobobo finally defeats Jelly Jiggler, then attempts to join the hair hunt troop to defeat himself.

    Another greatd installment from Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo. I particuularly loved the reference to Dragonball Z. I can't wait for Jelly Jiggler to join Bobobo and and the gang (by the way, that's not a spoiler. Everyone who watches the show knows he will join because he's in the main titles every week). I can't wait for the next episode.
  • I loved this one.

    I really liked this episode because it was so funny when they applied for jobs and chose to be hair hunters. xDD Don Patch playing the butter guitar was the best part though. And also the part where Jelly Jiggler was trying to be sold but he scared away all the customers. I'm glad the episodes are getting better, I was getting worried. xD

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Birdbrain: (points a gun gangsta style) Say hello to my little friend!

    • Jelly Jiggler: Why would you buy that when I'm a lot cheaper?

    • Don Patch: If I were to go get a job, that would blow my chance of becoming a great guitarist and a rock super star.
      Bo-BoBo: (dressed up as May-Bo) You're such a liar! I've never even seen you play guitar! You're such a bum! You've never even had enough money to even buy one! That thing next to your boombox you call your axe isn't a guitar! It's a pound of unsalted butter! And besides, it's spoiled! You never put it in the fridge! And it stinks like feet!

    • Dengakuman: We'll make him eat grilled tofu dipped in miso on a stick!

    • Don Patch: This is OldMaxzyasgur had a farm. (singing really loudly while playing the butter) OLDMAXZYASGUR HAD A FARM,
      (Bo-BoBo moans)
      Bird: That butter he's playing is way out of tune.

    • Young Jelly Jiggler: It's weird, but I envy you, Bo-bobo, you're so strong.
      Young Bo-bobo: Thanks for the compliment, Jelly Roll.
      Young Jelly Jiggler: When I grow up, I want to be a plumber, so I can work with copper and help people.
      Young Bo-bobo: Well, don't go ripping folks off.
      Young Jelly Jiggler: If I turn out mean, you'll go straight. Promise you'll clock me if I'm mean. Honesty's great, but you gonna catch it if you mess up helps, too. Real friends help friends, so don't let stray from being good.
      Young Bo-bobo: Sure, if I have to stick you to a ferris wheel, I will.
      Young Jelly Jiggler: Thanks, pal. (echoes)

    • Don Patch: I had to redo my make-up. I'm done.
      Beauty: Gas-can, you've acting weird. What's up?
      Gasser: Whaa, weird? Like funny weird?
      Beauty: More like use your cat as a bath towel "weird." I mean, weird.

    • Beauty: Is this scene done?
      Don Patch: (crying) Not yet.
      Beauty: You were both acting way over the top.
      Don Patch: (still crying) Gee, thanks.
      Narrator: Hours later, the same scene, with still no awards in sight.

    • Don Patch: Ah, here we go. A full-page ad. "Work for the Hair Hunt Troops striking down Bo-BoBo. Full benefits, paid vacations, and free haircuts."
      Bo-BoBo: Hair Hunt Troops. Hmm.
      Beauty: Huh?
      Bo-BoBo: This is good! Really good! What a job! Says you get weekends off!
      Beauty: It's working for those Hair Hunters!
      Bo-BoBo: Listen to this bonus. "Defeat Bo-BoBo and get a brand-new car."
      Beauty: You can't defeat yourself, Sherlock!
      Bo-BoBo: I better go and apply.

    • Gasser: And it came to pass that the Don Patch sword was vanquished. But the magical blade of the radish did not triumph.
      Beauty: The narrator's gonna have you canned like tuna!

    • Gasser: The legendary magic blade of the radish, from the Edo period. It is characterized by the use of a large, white radish as a weapon.
      Beauty: So, who left and made you the narrator?!

    • Jelly Jiggler: That was rather surprising. This opponent must be beaten.
      Beauty: You're the opponent on this show, bud!
      Jelly Jiggler: (about BoBo-Patch; thinking) This limited time offer deal of his is giving me the willies. I've just got to outlast him and keep him from throwing in a free splash guard and a plastic cutting board.

    • BoBo-Patch: I am known as the great BoBo-Patch, and I can only stay in this form for a limited time offer. I'll throw in free steak knives.

    • Narrator: Last time was no walk in the amusement park, as Bo-BoBo and the gang were searching for General Jelly Jiggler, but Bo-BoBo still got a kick out of it. Meanwhile, Gasser was taking some heat of his own and found himself falling for Beauty, and cracking Don Patch in the process. To help everyone breathe easier, Beauty collared Gasser and turned their world into a kinder and sweeter-smelling place. Bo-BoBo found Jelly and started to jam, as they staged on an epic battle only available on pay-per-view. So fasten your seat belts an don't hold your breath because our gang is dancing to a different tune. They're jiggling. You can bet your hair plugs that with blue boy and the Bo-tector squaring off, you won't wanna miss one tooth-clenching, jaw-dropping scene.

  • NOTES (8)


    • BoBo-Patch: Appearance
      BoBo-Patch resembles the character, Nakago from the series Fushigi Yugi, because of the blue armor and face look.

    • Dengaku Man: Sonic the Hedgehog
      Dengaku Man looks a little like the virtual pet, "Chao," from the Sonic the Hedgehog games.

    • Dengaku Man: Dragon Ball Z
      Dengaku Man is a small version of Kid Buu, with the circle on top of his head. His body, not including color, looks like Kid Buu.

    • Dengaku Man: Name
      Dengaku is a snack food/appetizer that is usually, as Dengaku Man himself states, "tofu dipped in miso on a stick".

    • Birdbrain: Say hello to my little friend.
      Birdbrain pulls out a gun, saying the famous Scarface words, "Say hello to my little friend."

    • BoBo-Patch: Fusion
      Bo-BoBo and Don Patch fusing together (a fusion that is only temporary) and forming a new, more powerful fighter whose name is a composite of the two is a reference to the final saga of Dragonball Z, in which this type of fusion was a large factor to the plot.

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