Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 1

The Bo-nafide Soulful Bo-tector of Hair

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 30, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • "Some call Me the Bo-nafide protector of hair, but calling Me Bo is easier, Ya dig?"


    This is a great introduction to the series. I hate when people complain about this show and say that it has no plot or story because they obviously have not seen this episode. This episode explains everything you need to know about the series. I find the Bobobo series very humorous and entertaining. I love the animation, voice acting, and music. Everything about this episode and series is great. Check it out.

  • In the year 3001.5, The Chrome Dome Empire has ordered everyone to be bald. Beauty is one of the last people to have hair, and is attacked by G-block. After being rescued by Bobobobobobobo, and after learning his background, Bobobo goes and defeats GBlock

    Pilot Episodes are always important. However, with most shows, they usually don't have time to be funny. Not this show. It will keep you informed and laughing all the time. This is hands-down one of the best episodes ever. Bobobo's dad looks really weird. "Hey guys, I'm not a hair! I'm NOT a hair! I'm really a talking tadpole!" The troops ask him if its true, and dad vehemently replies, "Actually, it's a bull-faced lie, BUUUUT...If you want some serious hair, take my son!" Also, a part of me wishes Pickles had gone with them. I guess we'll never know (and believe me, we never do) why Bobobo hates Pickles so much. Maybe he thinks, in comparison to his other snack food sidekicks, Pickles has no taste. Get it? No taste?
  • Great Start for a Great Series!

    This episode of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was the very first one that premiered on t.v. It was pretty awesome and great start for one of the greatest series of all time. In the year 300X, a villain known as Czar Baldy Bald the 4th proclaims a hair hunt all throughout the Chrome Dome Empire, forcing everyone under his rule to be bald like him. But in the midst of the chaos emerges a rebel with a golden afro and an insane way of doing things. That strange guy is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. In this episode Bobobo saves Beauty and Pickles from their hair hunt and he has to fight a block leader and beats him. At the end of the episode they meet the mysterious Don Patch and the episode ends. Very good start. Ya!
  • best show ever!!!!!!

    i love this show i have the ENTIRE 1st seson in my DVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as a child i used to love anything that waz random in a funny way, i kno alot of people who hate this show

    fun fact: only two people in my entrie school wtach thsi show me and my friend glein( school pop: like 3000!!)

    fot those who hate this sho because it makes no sense well...o dont kno what to say...i guess u guys are not really living
  • One of the weirdest shows around

    My first thought was: What the heck? My older brother could not take it. This show is about a guy named bobobo trying to save the world in the year 300x from going bald! I could not take it! I thought my tv would explode! Plenty of brain cells left my head that day.Farewell brain cells...... But anyway the show is funny (very funny at sometimes).My younger brother and I love this show now. Anyway back to the episode. So we learn that when he was a child he found out that he could hear hair and talk to it. So currently he helped a girl named Beauty from going bald. I have to watch the episode again so this is all I can Once again a funny show!
  • In the year 3001.5, I wrote this review. And this Bo-bobo episode was a *great* start for the Bobobo-Bo bo-bobo show, Yo!

    What a great episode. The dub isn\'t half bad and the wonderful \"Wild Challenger\" theme by Jindou was kept in. Beauty\'s voice sounded different than later episodes. A little bit more... kiddish? But anyways...

    Bo-puns make this episode snot bad! Hey, there was a Hair Hunt Troop reading a book in that pile of beaten-up Hair Hunt Troops! Hold on, Pickles, YOU CAN\'T READ THIS REVIEW.

    Hey guy, how come I\'m typing this review? \"Hey kid, how would I know? You\'re a freak!\" I got it, fro\' boy, couldn\'t I just keep typing this review? Well?

    A man who can hear the voices of hair stands up to the evil Chrome Dome Empire (Margarita Empire) and its leader Czar Baldy Bald. Bo-bobo visits the G-Block, where Hagen the G-Block commander stands. We see Bo-bobo\'s nosehairs in action and Bo-bobo\'s wild Fist of the- attacks. It\'s not just nosehair he can control, but also his body hair including his armpit hair! Hagen is defeated and Beauty joins Bo-bobo\'s side. We see a sickened Don Patch. Also, Gasser makes his first minor appearance, and is basically just stalking the gang until later on, when he becomes a major character.

    Hagen\'s voice and dialogue was hilarious!

    This episode was a great start for the Bobobo-Bo bo-bobo show, you know!
  • Starts off on exactly the right note!

    Yes, I know it's a little late to be reviewing this one, but I just saw it again on YouTube, so I want to, okay?

    You can pretty much determine whether you'll regularly watch something or not by its first episode. And Bobobo struck all the right chords, right off the bat. It kept the jokes coming, made me laugh far more than once, and set the stage for many more great episodes to come.

    This wasn't the beginning of a great series. It was the beginning of a FANTASTIC series. And now, for my favorite quote from this ep:

    BOBOBO: "Iboji [that's what I remember his mentor's name being] then walked off into the sunset. Actually, he kind of tripped and fell on his butt, but that's another story."

  • A great start for Bo-Bo-Bo.

    This episode is a classic, starring Pickles, Bo-Bo-Bo, Beauty, and that weird Hair Hunt commander. Bo-Bo-Bo saves Beauty from some hair hunt troopers, and he tells her his backstory about how when he was a child he could hear all the voices of people's hairs, and could speak back to them. Beauty comments about how it takes a lot of freaking Japanese characters to say "Youth", Pickles gets upset, Bobobo does a dance, We meet an important character, General Jelly Jiggler, commander of the A block hair troops base. He is clearly made out of jelly, as you can see by watching the show. Blah Blah.
  • The premiere episode starts with a bang!


    The first episode of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo starts off strong. Fast and furious comedy is abundant and accounted for, and deadly whip-like nose hairs flying all over the place.

    It's pretty funny how the English dub decided to keep in all the original Japanese text. Although, there are times in which you got to ask yourself, "Is that what the text really means?" The show even makes fun of that with some of Beauty's big shocked reactions and lines during those reactions. Take these line for example: "Huh?! It says a lot more than that in Japanese!" and "You gotta be kidding me! It takes that many characters to say 'Nappy Pappy'!?"

    I absolutely love this episode! I can't remember how many times I watched it; I only have so many fingers and toes. But the point is that this episode is great, and a perfect example of how wacky and fun Bo-bobo is.

    Now for my quote of the episode:

    Bo-bobo: You act like you've never seen 5 foot-long nose hairs!
  • first funny but cofusing epsoide in aseries of many.

    A fuuny confusing epsoide. When watched more then once anoyying but a good intro to the series. Bobobo first appears in a strange manner and saves a girls life. features much random seens. Bobobo theater is funny but strange. This premimed several times over the coarse of two days on cartoon network.
  • The beginning of a wonderful random adventure.

    The first episodes of most shows are not always the best, Bobobo is no exception. Without characters like Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler, Bobobo is less funny. Bobobo just can't be as funny without the help of Don Patch. I'm not saying this episode was bad, I laughed at a few parts, but I'm just saying that the help of more characters really helps this show. Of course, since this is the first episode and the characters have yet to be introduced, I'll go easy on this episode and give it a 7.
  • Great for a good random television show that I love.

    This show has got evrything from people ripping off other people's hair to someone rejecting a pickle. It was, as my title says, "Revealing". Finding out Bo-bobo's number one mission in life is to save people's hair from the baldy bald alliance. Enough action to be called an action show but loads of comedy. I'll be watching this show for a long while.
  • I like pickles.

    What's wrong with pickles. I think they're tasty. I especially like the pickles Vlasic makes. I'd tell them my life story, and it would be made in all languages. I would even let them join my journey to resist the evil Margarita..., er I mean, "Bald" empire.

    I have red hair, but pink would be nice too. Unfortunately mine isn't big enough for one squirrel, let alone two.

    BoboBO-bo (pause) BO-bobo is the proper way to say his name.

    I'm reaching my 100 word limit, so let me say, if you don't like nonsensical humor, then this show is "Snot-fo you".
  • beginning of a good relationship.

    ha ha a great show hut he has a long name bo bo bo bo bo bo bo. its kinda gross that he has living stuff in his nose and head. those two squirlles are so funny. the year is 3001.5 how can hair actually has feelings its weird yet funny
  • This show is so stupid and random its funny, in a good way. I'll be watching this...

    Bobobo-b Bo-bobo is at a show that you shouldn't take seriously. With nosehair whips, gelatin generals, and an emprie of cueballs out to eradicate hair is one of the many things that make this show so silly and random. Bobobo's story, the residents of his body, and his constant riducule of Pickles is hilarious and off the wall. I seriously watch this show.Finally good shows are coming back to Toonami!
  • The beginning of a horrible series.

    I tryed to prove my show review wrong by watching this episode & saying i liked but i wound up proving my review right. This was so horrible. I watched the whole episode & didn\'t find one thing funny about it. When it was over i said to myself \"WTF was i thinking watching that?\". It just makes me wanna puke.
  • A good start to a wacky promising show!

    If you wanted to see an acid trip that revolves around hair then here you have it. This show was just LOL funny and you don't see that in an Anime that often. Toonami is getting back into the game with two jugger-naughts Naruto, and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo plus the new season of Teen Titans. There is just one awkward thing the Japanese under the character names although this may or may not change on the "real" showing.

    This show has a lot of promise and I couldn't help laughing at the gay guy with his nails painted. You just don't see it all that often in a dubbed American anime. Lastly for those who complain about the V.O of Bo, I don't see the problem. This is a wacky over the top show and the voices should be the same as well. Plus I can relate to the whole hair thing I have some long hair, really long hair. So I don’t want to make it sad and cut it off XD bad joke I know.
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