Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 17

The Ducktail vs. Afro Showdown

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Ducktail vs. Afro Showdown
The crew runs into Captain Battleship, who is one of the Bald Empire's Big 4 leaders. He is a muscular man with a large black duck-tail of hair, who can also use fist of the nose hair like Bo-BoBo! They went to the same S.N.O.T. school, where it was afros vs. duck-tails, and Captain Battleship was expelled, and he now wants to battle Bo-BoBo. Bo-BoBo and Captain Battleship fight using fist of the nose hair technique. Meanwhile, Gasser saves Beauty, and Don Patch whines about how Beauty was stealing his spotlight. Captain Battleship sees how Gasser saves Beauty, and how he likes her, and thinks Gasser will get really ticked off if something happened to Beauty. So, Capt. Battleship's girl assistant uses a blue little creature called Doll Man, and Beauty is turned into a doll, then taken by Captain Battleship to his fort in Gasser's hometown, which was destroyed by Capt. Battleship! Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Gasser run into Softon, who is now serving soft ice cream. Bo-BoBo says they need a warrior like Soften to save Beauty, and after chanting his name continuously, Softon ends up joining the team. The team then runs into Jelly Jiggler, who somehow also joins them, and then they are off to go save Beauty.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Bo-BoBo: Dang, I'm pretty.

      • Jelly Jiggler: Eating dead, raw fish always lifts my spirits up!

      • Don Patch: He's guilty until proven guilty.

      • Don Patch: "Fist of Nose Hair," is it? (holding two jump ropes) Behold, I am Corporal Buttlescut, master of the "Skip-Rope-But-Don't-Skip-College" technique! And I'm about to open a can of whup-butt on ya! (shoves the ends of the two ropes up his nostrils)
        Beauty: (thinking) Oh, no, not this again. (out loud; to Bo-BoBo) He's imitating the bad guy, isn't he?
        Bo-BoBo: He's trying. Yup.
        Don Patch: Look, I got nose hair!
        Beauty: Oh?
        Don Patch: (attacks Beauty with his jump ropes/nose hairs) I'm "Up-Your-Nose-With-A-Skipping-Rope, You-Ain't-Got-A-Hope, Don't-Drop-The-Soap, Give-Up-You-Dope" Master!
        Beauty: Try these out! (shoves the other ends of the jump ropes up Don Patch's nostrils)
        Don Patch: I'm having a nasty nostril nightmare! (running around; chasing Beauty) How dare you interrupt me when I'm striking fear into the heart of the enemy?! I'm going to have this ducktail jerk begging for mercy!
        Captain Battleship: You hang with a classy crowd, don't you, Bo?

      • Bo-BoBo: (beats up Doll Man) Bo-BoBo Beanbag Belt!!

      • Don Patch: (dressed up as Beauty; imitating her voice) What a beautiful morning, and I do look particularly stunning, if I do say so myself. Don't you think so, BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo?
        Gasser: There's must be a way to rescue Beauty. There's just got to be.
        Bo-BoBo: (to Gasser) Don't you worry none.
        Don Patch: No one's paying attention to me! (clings to Gasser) I'm a headliner!
        Gasser: (knocks Don Patch away) Be quiet! This isn't about you! Beauty's been taken away from us!
        Don Patch: I know that, Gas-Can! That's why I'm in disguise! That's the plan! Because of my stunning beauty and brains, those bad guys will get really confused.
        Gasser: (to Bo-BoBo) That's a stupid idea, isn't it? Huh!?
        Bo-BoBo: (now dressed up like Beauty; imitating her voice) It surely is. Imagine him trying to disguise himself as Beauty, when originally I had the idea to begin with.
        Don Patch: Oh, no!
        Gasser: Yeah, what is it?
        Don Patch: I've become more beautiful than Beauty.
        Gasser: Wrong! There's no way! (Gasser kicks Don Patch)
        Don Patch: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
        Gasser: Get a move on!

      • Narrator: (while everyone else is chanting Softon's name) Gee, I wish I had my own cheering section. Come on, everybody! Narrator! Narrator! Go, voice boy! I didn't think so.

      • Bo-BoBo: Don't worry, we'll save her. But we can't do it all alone. We're gonna need someone's help.
        Don Patch: (pointing at Softon's outline in the background) How's your shadow do that?!
        Narrator: I hope Bo-BoBo doesn't plan on asking me for help. I'm scared of my own shadow! But that's nothing compared to a goo-goo doll under a whoopee cushion.

      • Bo-BoBo: So, tell me. Why were you kicked out of Snot-Fo-U?
        Captain Battleship: I never went to class, passed a test, or dressed for gym, so I was expelled. They said I no longer "koala"-fied to be here. (Battleship's pompadour opens up and shows a koala climbing a tree)

      • Loincloth Lloyd: Warning: my loincloth is lethal! I haven't washed it in two weeks!

      • Bo-BoBo: Dude, your nose really blows.

      • Bo-BoBo: I hope he doesn't mean my student loan.

    • NOTES (7)

      • Original Japanese Title: "Regent vs. Afro: The Eternal Rival's Pure-Hearted School!"

      • Like Bo-BoBo, Captain Battleship is skilled in the Fist of the Nose Hair. He and Bo-BoBo even went to the same "Snot-Fo-U" school, but unlike Bo-BoBo, Captain Battleship uses his mastery of the Fist of the Nose Hair for evil.

      • This episode marks the debut of Suzu.

      • Apparently, Beauty loves Gasser as well because she blushed when he saved her life.

      • Jelly Jiggler joins up with Bo-BoBo and his friends, but we can figure it out by watching the beginning credits, we see Jiggler w/ Bo-BoBo and Don Patch on the plane, in the band, etc. We also knew Softon would return, because he is in the beginning credits also. Also, anyone who's read the manga already knows that Jelly Jiggler and Softon were good guys.

      • It seems Jelly Jiggler joins Bo-BoBo since he's been bought by him. And Softon returns and might stay in the group for a while.

      • Gasser's hometown was PooPoo City, however, it was destroyed.

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