Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 40

The Fall of Halekulani! And the Winter of Discontent!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Narrator: Bo-BoBo braces for the biggest, baddest, brawniest, bodacious, back-breaking, burdensome, barbaric bruising, bloodthirsty, battle in his brief, but breath-taking existence. I think you get the idea.

    • Beauty: (about Halekulani; thinking) This is crazy! He's got almost as much money here as the producers of our show have! And he's almost as difficult to reach as they are! Okay, I said "almost!"

    • Bo-BoBo: Super Fist of the Nose Hair! Summon a goat! (sitting on a giraffe's back)
      Beauty: That's not exactly a goat!

    • Halekulani: (to Bo-BoBo and the others) Welcome to Money Castle. It's so expensive here, it will cost you your lives! (laughs)

    • Narrator: This next battle could be quite horrific. You might want to turn off your TV sets! No, wait! The sponsors will can me like soup! Never mind! Keep watching.

    • Subordinate A: Master Halekulani! Master Halekulani, sir!
      Halekulani: Pipe down, or I'll take your lips off!
      Subordinate A: Bo-BoBo and his gang! They've vanquished the Terrible Triplets, and destroyed climb-high tower, sir! And according to the report, the total damage to Holy Guacamole Land will exceed 10 million dollars!
      Halekulani: 10 million, huh? They must pay the ultimate price.
      Narrator: Oh, imagine the service charge if that check bounces!

    • Narrator: Now, look. This is real animation. Why not use some of the money from this scene on that last section? Better yet, let's go with the cardboard and crayons, and put my cat on the staff!

    • Narrator: Can somebody tell me what's happening in this scene, and what's with this animation? I mean, with some cardboard and crayons, my cat Rocky could do better than this! Oh, big liquid eyes. Wonderful.

    • Narrator: Oh, fine. They get to natter on about mustard and chili, but I mention a little comida Mexicana, and everyone throws a fit.

    • Narrator: Deep in the heart of Holy Guacamole Land stands this tamale tower of terror, where our heroes await their fate. Will they be flattened like a tortilla? Will they be pulled apart like pork carnitas? This is the battle for the whole enchilada.
      Haoh: That's enough Mexican food analogies!
      Bo-BoBo: He's got a point. Look, Narrator! Start shapin' up, or you're outta here!
      Narrator: You know, you could use a little cheese. That's what I get for trying to add some flavor to this show.

    • Narrator: This bandit band of brothers are bonded in badness. Their business? Breaking Bo-BoBo. Finally, Haoh is turned into a man of his own. Okay, well, not exactly. But you get the idea. But what is this walking Christmas ornament going to do? Will our gang finally be able to rescue snoozing Suzu and sleeping Beauty?

  • Notes

    • This episode covers volume 10 chapters 101 and 102 of the Bo-bobo manga.

    • In the manga, when Don Patch acts like a slot machine, above the weird version of Beauty's head, his eyes say "Beauty has turned into Pinko Izumi!", referring to the Japanese actress. In the anime, the coins are the same, but they are called "Beauty Bling-Bling."

    • Here is the list of the punishments in the Bo-BoBo Roulette along with descriptions, the manga versions are in italics.

      Deadly Meteorites around Beep: (Deadly Meteorites within six-mile radius of Beep) Bo-BoBo drops meteorites around Beep, and though Beep was the one chosen, everyone was affected.
      1000 Hornets: (1000 Bees) 1000 Hornets swarm, Beep and Don Patch are the ones punished.
      Bo-BoBo Compactor: a giant Bo-BoBo's head comes down, and then his hands come from the sides. Haou was the one punished, but he was only minorly injured due to his strength.
      Bo-Ninja Invasion!: Used on all 3 Terrible Triplets, hundreds of ninjas with Bo-BoBo's glasses attack from all sides.
      Destroy Don Patch!: (Kill Poppa Rocks/Don Patch) Bo-BoBo attacks Don Patch, though Beep was the one chosen.
      Mrs. Fancy: (Little Princess) Bo-BoBo turns Haou into a girl, then beats him up.
      Sentimental Nose Hair: Bo-BoBo attacks the Terrible Triplets with his nose hair.

      The only one never chosen was Jelly Jiggler, even though he had two spaces.

    • Originally, in the manga, when Bo-BoBo and the guys were getting their training in to fight Halekulani, they were smacking each other. The anime changes this to them beating each other in the heads with cans.

    • In the manga, when Bo-BoBo squirts the wasabi tubes at Jelly Jiggler, they go in his eyes, but, in the anime, he squirts it i his mouth. This same thing happens when Don Patch/Poppa Rocks squirts his packets.

    • In the manga, Bo-BoBo squirts wasbai tubes, but in the anime they're packs of hot mustard.

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