Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 40

The Fall of Halekulani! And the Winter of Discontent!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Notes

    • Here is the list of the punishments in the Bo-BoBo Roulette along with descriptions, the manga versions are in italics.

      Deadly Meteorites around Beep: (Deadly Meteorites within six-mile radius of Beep) Bo-BoBo drops meteorites around Beep, and though Beep was the one chosen, everyone was affected.
      1000 Hornets: (1000 Bees) 1000 Hornets swarm, Beep and Don Patch are the ones punished.
      Bo-BoBo Compactor: a giant Bo-BoBo's head comes down, and then his hands come from the sides. Haou was the one punished, but he was only minorly injured due to his strength.
      Bo-Ninja Invasion!: Used on all 3 Terrible Triplets, hundreds of ninjas with Bo-BoBo's glasses attack from all sides.
      Destroy Don Patch!: (Kill Poppa Rocks/Don Patch) Bo-BoBo attacks Don Patch, though Beep was the one chosen.
      Mrs. Fancy: (Little Princess) Bo-BoBo turns Haou into a girl, then beats him up.
      Sentimental Nose Hair: Bo-BoBo attacks the Terrible Triplets with his nose hair.

      The only one never chosen was Jelly Jiggler, even though he had two spaces.