Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 25

The New Bo-BoBo with the Old Bo-BoBody!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The New Bo-BoBo with the Old Bo-BoBody!
Still at Z-Block's base, Bo-BoBo and the others get ready to face Radioman, the latest Hair Hunt Troop villain. After Don Patch goes inside Radioman, Hatenko and Bo-BoBo follow after him, leaving Gasser and Beauty on the outside. Inside the giant TV that is Radioman, is Show Mei - Radioman's power source. Meanwhile, outside, Beauty and Gasser face an army of Hair Hunt Troops who have suddenly turned into chefs. In the end, the gang is left to battle Z-Block's secret weapon - Tanks-a-lot.moreless

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  • Boring to death... Tofu on a stick!

    I don'yt like this episode as much as others, but it's not bad. One time I watched the episode and decided Service Man isn't funny. But of course, there are funny sounds like Don gasping when the eye doctor blasted off. My favorite line:

    The Syper Snot For You News!
  • Don Patch and Bo-bobo are stuck inside Radio Man. When vampire Bo-bobo disappears, who will come to the rescue? Bo-bobo Of An Alternate Universe Sort Of Like His Alter Ego of coarse!moreless

    This was a particularly funny episode. From the Bo-bobo newscast tothe light of truth, laughter wouldn't fail me. However Beauty was particularly out of caracter- she is acting as wacky as Bo-bobo. The only real problem in this episode is that the fight scene between Hibi and Softon was removed. This didn't really detract from the episode, it was just kind of annoying. Bo-bobo even fought with bifocals in this episode- an oddity even for a series like this. Service Man has returned (from episode 18: Beaty Is in the Eye of Her Holder) which can't be a bad thing. The funniest line?

    Dengakuman (inside tank): Make them eat grilled tofu on a stick. But before you do that...(face and voice turn mean) OPEN FIRE!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The reason why Don Patch was holding a camera at the end of the episode was because he was taking a picture of Service Man mooning the audience. This brief scene was edited for suggestive content.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Bo-BoBo: Now hold on, Hope, don'tcha wanna at least give out the important scores?
      Hope Patches: Oh, sure, 12 to 6, 4 to 3, and in an overtime thriller, one zip.
      Gasser: It's no wonder the news is so depressing!

    • Bo-BoBo: Oh, yeah, we rock!
      Don Patch: Oh, yeah, we rock!
      Bo-BoBo & Don Patch: We rock, paper, scissors! (plays Rock, Paper, Scissors)
      Bo-BoBo: Rock breaks scissors!
      Don Patch: That means I lost!

    • Bo-BoBo: Beauty, I have to go inside there to rescue Don Patch and Hatenko. If 30 minutes goes by and we're not back... will you call the police?
      Beauty: ... Maybe.

    • Narrator: Beauty could not forget her days as a troubled child.
      Beauty: I don't care about anything! Who wants some ginger-ale?!

    • Dengakuman: Make em' eat grilled tofu on a stick! But before you do that... OPEN FIRE!!

    • Narrator: At last, Hair Hunt Z-Block's secret weapon has been revealed! How will Bo-BoBo and his gang compete with a weapon of gas destruction! Tanks-a-lot. They're petrified with fear. And where in the world is Hatenko?

    • Gasser & Beauty: Why am I always so confused!

    • Beauty: (hitting Don Patch) Are you talking behind my back! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    • Bo-BoBo: Our victory is born! (lays an egg)
      Gasser: An egg?
      Beauty: What does that mean "an egg"? I don't get the yoke! Tell me!

    • Don Patch: Bo-BoBo, what's wrong?!?
      Bo-BoBo: Yow! I'm sorry... I've been keepin' a secret from ya, Don. You see I'm a... VAMPIRE!
      Show Mei: You're kidding! I gotta get a picture of this! (takes 3 pictures)
      Bo-BoBo: As you know, vampires like me are vulnerable to light! I'm not gonna last much longer! I've been exposed to his light for much to long now!
      Don Patch: Gyah! That explains it all! That's why he always carried a parasol on sunny days! If only I had noticed sooner, I could have helped him to dance!
      (Show Mei shines light on Bo-BoBo)
      Don Patch: Huh? Please, stop! You must! Please spare this blood sucking vampire's life!
      Bo-BoBo: I'm melting, I'm melting. What a world, what a world! Goodbye! Just kidding.
      Show Mei: Say what?!?
      Don Patch: Psych out! We made the whole thing up!

    • Show Mei: You'll reveal every lie you told.
      Bo-BoBo: Uh... I lied, I think. I once made up a list of Don Patch's disgusting habits and hung it on the door in the ladies' room, and people laughed.
      Don Patch: Why you?! How could you?! That's a dirty trick! It's no wonder women laugh at me!

    • Don Patch: Are you serious? One dollar? That's like... four quarters.
      Radio Man's Channel: I might have to break it up into payments.

    • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) This week's episode, "The New Bo-BoBo with the Old Bo-BoBody."

    • Radioman: Are you ready for quality programming? Meet my different channels!

    • Don Patch: I lied, too. I, Don Patch, put my friend's picture on the 2 most wanted list.
      Bo-BoBo: What?! How could you?!
      Don Patch: Do you want to fight?!

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