Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 39

The Terrible Triplets Vs. the Wiggin' Trio!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The featured battle is: Megafan, Haoh and Beep vs. Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler.

    • Suzu said that it was wrong to attack her and Beauty because they were blonde. However, Beauty's hair is pink, not blonde.

    • When Haou sold Jelly Jiggler for 10 cents a pound and Jelly Jiggler got mad, Jelly Jiggler obviously must have forgotten that was the price Bo-BoBo bought him for.

  • Quotes

    • Megafan: (on the butt of Bo-BoBo's version of Blabs-A-Lot) Whaa? When it comes to goddesses, these guys' got it!
      Bo-Bobo: (pops out of Blabs-A-Lot's shirt) Time to get judged.
      Megafan: What? Are you going to fold and flatten me?
      (mini versions of Blabs-A-Lot start dancing around Megafan)
      Megafan: Wha? Who are they?!
      Bo-BoBo: These are an illusion you created in your mind.
      Megafan: Uh... they are?
      Bo-BoBo: Oh, come on. You must know who they are since you were the one who thought them up.
      Megafan: I like being surrounded by women, but this isn't right!!!
      Bo-BoBo: It's judgement time! (Megafan starts being shot; they return to the real world)
      Bo-BoBo: (referring to the kelp) What should I do with these leftovers?
      Blabs-A-Lot Dancer: I hear your neck is hurting.

    • Megafan: (thinking) I got it. If I put a heavy guilt trick on this guy, he'll be packing his suitcase. (now talking, pointing at Beep) AAAH! LOOK, HE'S SCARED SENSELESS! Now all I can do is sell him off for medical experiments!
      Megafan: Beep, just go along with what I say, I have a plan!
      Beep: (looking delirious) My brain battery just ran out.
      Bo-BoBo: (attacks Beep) Then use my jumper cables, brain bucket!!

    • Dengaku Man: (guiding a tour) Here we are! Money Castle, the home of Halekulani, one of the Chrome Dome's Big Four! And if you throw money at the castle, legend says it will come back to you tenfold!
      (tourists throw money at Money Castle)
      Dengaku Man: Good, now please head back to the bus! The next stop will be the Mama Llama Pajama outlet store!
      (tourists head for bus)
      Dengaku Man: (laughs) Time to scoop up some cash!
      (Dengaku Man tries to get the cash the tourist threw, but the money moves away from him, and it turns out they were on strings that the tourists are pulling in)
      Dengaku Man: WHAAAAA?!?

    • Bo-BoBo: (attacking Megafan with seaweed) Need some Kelp, buddy? It salty! It's fresh! It's healthy and delicious! IT'S KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! YEEEAH! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! YEEAH! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP! KELP!

    • Bo-BoBo: This tower looks like a piece of cake! A really tall piece of cake!

    • Narrator: With Bo-BoBo steaming and bad bro Haoh transforming into a loony lawnmower man, it's hard to say who's gonna trim whom! And what about the fate of Beauty and Suzu? They're still tower-ized, waiting to be rescued. You must triumph, Bo-BoBo, or all good and decent people will be sighing, "Oh, No-NoNo!"

    • Narrator: And when their minds meld, the Terrible Triplets transform their brother Haoh into who, what, where, and when! And in his new form, he's still not right! He's green!

    • Don Patch: Hey! Don't we have something to counterattack with? (gets zapped)
      Bo-BoBo: Sure! We got these sponges!
      Jelly Jiggler: A sponge isn't a weapon! (gets zapped)

    • Megafan: This looks like a lucky hanky house makeover! Who's going to pay when I get assessed extra taxes for this?!
      Jelly Jiggler: My lucky hankies will qualify you for a big tax break.
      Megafan & Beep: No, they won't!

    • Bo-BoBo: Hey! When we're a team, we can't be beat!
      Don Patch: You betcha!
      Bo-BoBo: That's what he said! (throws Don Patch at Megafan)
      Don Patch: (thinking; falling to the ground) Flying's like wearing tight underwear. The hardest part's the takeoff!
      Megafan: But wait! Isn't the hardest part hitting the ground?

    • Jelly Jiggler: 10 cents a pound?! You rat! How dare you sell me so cheap!
      Haoh: No one calls me that without some cheese!

    • Bo-BoBo: (reading title card) Episode 39: "The Terrible Triplets Vs. The Wiggin' Trio." With 6 going at it, just who's egg-rolling who?!

    • Megafan: How's that for stink? And my bad breath gum can be fatal. I call it my "take your breath away" disgustingly deadly wind. It could make a skunk hurl, and in half an hour--
      Softon: You'll do your taxes?
      Bo-BoBo: I wanna go to Dallas!
      Megafan: You'll be gone!
      Beauty: Aah! That smell! It's a killer!
      Suzu: Aah! How could you do this when we're both blonde?!
      Bo-BoBo & Softon: No way!

    • Bo-BoBo: Beauty! And Suzu! How'd you get up there?!
      Megafan: And your porch light's a little dim, Bo-BoBo.

    • Narrator: The house of sweets was where Bo-BoBo and his buds faced Garbel Manicuria in a Holy Guacamole Land hullabaloo. It was mano a mano with this madman, a menace who needed a manicure! But thanks to Jelly's exploding ball of multiplicity, our gang was spared and Garbel found himself gutter-balled in Galveston.

  • Notes

    • This episode covers volume 10 chapters 99 and 100 of the Bo-bobo manga.

    • In the manga, instead of "destroy Don patch," it was "Kill Poppa Rocks." And instead of hitting him with a hammer, he threw many swords at him... and succeeded.

    • In the kissing scene in the anime, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch tickled Megafan and Beep before they could kiss. In the manga, they did kiss briefly before Bo-BoBo and Don Patch tickled them to distract them.

    • In the anime, when Megafan takes Beep's helmet off, he says that he is a babe. In the manga, he just said he was a "doe-eyed teen."

    • In the anime, Megafan said that the reason the bubbles of gum he made were so smelly was because he had bad breath. In the manga, he said he used a special kind of gum called "Hell's Gum" that had the smell of rotten milk.

    • In the anime, when Don Patch came crying down the tower to get Bo-BoBo, Bo-BoBo attacked him with a folded piece of paper. This was changed from Bo-BoBo hitting Don Patch with a mace in the manga.

    • In the anime, the Terrible Triplets used mouthwash guns to attack Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler. This was changed from a violent scene in the manga where they just used machine guns.

    • Gasser was not included in this episode. The last episode he was not in was Episode 8: "We All Scream for Ice Cream!"

    • In the anime in Bo-BoBo's version of Softon's Fist of Blabs-A-Lot Judgement, all the girls were wearing dresses and Bo-BoBo popping out of Blabs-A-Lot's arms. This was changed from a rather rude scene in the manga where all the girls were wearing only pink shirts and thongs, and Bo-BoBo popping out of Blabs-A-Lot's butt.

    • In the anime, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler used sponges to attack the Terrible Triplets. In the manga, they use oranges.

    • The 3 Hellkillers' names are Haou, Beep, and Megafan, although these were not mentioned in the last episode. Beep is the youngest, Megafan is second oldest, and Haou is the oldest.

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