Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 24

The Terrifying Z-Block Is Here!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Once again, the group does crazy things. What crazy things will the gang do this time?

    Let's establish this fact once and for all: Dengaku Man makes people emotionally vulnerable. Now the line he keeps saying isn't understood unless you know what dengaku means. One of the funnier parts was when Don Patch had a desire to spice up the opening. Honestly, I like it the way it was. Another funny part was when Don Patch was wearing a bikini the wrong way! Then comes the infamous battle of Hatenko versus the robot. What was supposed to be a sunscreen lotion application contest turned into a volleyball game. With no winner, the battle changed into a baseball game which changed into a planned capture the flag game which never happened. Oh well, this is another example of what I call "Bo-bo craziness". The windburn comment made me look like I did the famous anime sweat drop. Then there was this really weird game show where everyone was getting things wrong. Anyways, the "Bo-bo craziness" will never cease to exist.
  • This episode was kind of cool but not very funny. My favorite part was when at the end dendukan man or what ever he's call says "Destory Them All" that was funny to me for some reason. Other than that and the game show thing it was pretty pretty cool

    Ths is episode was good not one of my favorites but still good anyway bobobo and the gang find Z block and go in but it was not as they expected and they end up fight robots and talk show host and at the end a radio man guy appears
  • Dengaku Man is ugly in the manga (I think) This episode rocks!

    Below is my favorite part of the episode.

    Dengaku Man: Destroy them all! Haha!

    Dengaku Man apperas in this episode, Hatenko loves! Don Patch again, and... it's funny. It's great! But, Beauty offended Gasser (Gas can) and he agrees, but Gasser does a lot! (-_-) Also, raincoat man (kappa) reappears, hooray!