Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 31

The Ultimate Five Assassins Vs. Bo-BoBo All-Stars

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ok this is my favriote episode so this will be easy.

    Did I say this was my favriote episode already? If I did good for me, if I didn't good for me. This shows how Dengaku man gets back, and it allows Gasser to fight. When Gasser fights it is the best. Seeing Gasser be stupid both with and without the collar broken is great. So far I have only mentioned Gasser haven't I? Well another person to mention is Elvis guy. It was so funny. Super Dengaku punch. This probably the best episode because it is funny and everyone gets to fight. All of them fight, Don Patch and the rest of them- who are they again?-kick butt.
  • BoBoBo kicked butt in this episode.What's with the hanky and jelly jiggler? The soccer guy they fight had teeth that looked like a vampire's.The toilet colosseum is hilarious.

    The soccer guy with the red eyes was cute.This episode was funny just like the others and with crazy events.I hope Bo and the gang beat the guys in the toilet colosseum,I also hope gazzer and Jelly get out of there. Anyways I wonder what happened to the Hot rice guy?
  • Bo-bobo fight\\\'s the 5 asasin\\\'s, infinate shoot is in this one. ^_^, and he got killed offf the show -__-. thats mean. and.. bo-bobo fight\\\'sthe last of the 5 asasin\\\'s on a toelite seat O_O:. freaky.. and over made a litle appearance in this

    we found bo-bobo at the jungle stage, and infinate shoot under the watterfall, we all thought infinate shoot\\\'s name was infinate kicker.. yeah were stupid o.o, after that we see little dengaku man with a mask on pretending to be hatenko. i thought he sounded weird O_O. lol after that he saves bo-bobo and his crew and they go after the final 5 assasins.., one looked kinda one pieceish... then they fight with swords , and bo-bobo fought with nose hair swords.. thats freaky..., we all seen over with the giant pare of scissor\\\'s in the backround.. he looked weird..
  • This is one of the most hillarius bobobo episodes ever!

    THis has to be one of the best episodes of Bo x 7 ever! Yay and finally the return of hatanko? No Dengaku man!!!! Bobo bridge is falling down in to the lava what happens? Bridge repairr man comes but rockabye baby sends him back into the lava where he came from. Baby gasser is back but not for long his colar is put back on by, bobobo? Nope gasser him self. On the fourth floor bo x 7 and his friends meet more enimies! Whoever looses the fight get a crow and is flushed down into the toilet collosem, the royal flush. Dungaku man bobobo and don patch proform a spectacular attack spinning spinng ya ya ya! OHMYGOSH gasser and jelly jiggler combined to make the stinky jelly jet ski!!!Oh, but they fall into the toilet and expand like a balloon! Gasser and jelly lost their glasses and where did j.j.'s hankee go? They only have 10 minutes befor they burst! what will happen next?