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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 12

The Weally Wobbly World of Bo-BoBo's Foe: General Jelly Jiggler!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Weally Wobbly World of Bo-BoBo's Foe: General Jelly Jiggler!
Bo-BoBo and the gang stop by at a quiet nearby town. Meanwhile, Gasser continues his awkward training by the river. Afterwards, they all head over to the amusement park. They soon discover that the amusement park is actually the Hair Hunt Troop A-block Headquarters, led by General Jelly Jiggler. Now, they'll have to find General Jelly Jiggler, who is located somewhere in the amusement park.moreless

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  • Great episode and you can describe it all with just the ferris wheel fight!

    Like I said this episode was so great just the Ferris Wheel fight could describe it. It was so funny how they kept just talking and not fighting at all but then when the ferris wheel door opens they act like they were fighting and Don Patch falls out! It's great how Gasser tries to show how he likes Beauty but then something hasppens! Also this is the start of getting one of the funniest characters on their side- Jelly Jiggler! Man this episode was so funny it's hard to describe. I also love how Bo is "teaching gasser" Funny!moreless
  • This episode was funny!

    This episode is funny! I\'ll never know why Mary-Go-Rounds parents named him Mary, why Jelly Jiggler was ever a hair hunter, or why Don Patch melted. But one thing I know... my worst nightmare is A RENT-A-MOM!! They\'re scary! \"No! It\'s my worst nightmare a rent a mom!\" Now, the funniest quote:

    Mary-Go-Round: There is no Luigi here.
  • This episode is one of my favorites.Bobobo and Don Patch are fighting mari goround while Gazzer is trying to get closer to Beauty.

    This episode was hilarious!!My favorite part was when Gas can was with Beauty waiting in the bench and he was trying to get close to her,but everytime he pulled away in a funny way and she asked him waht was wrong.That shows that he likes her and those were such cute moments.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode is a spoof of the game, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

    • At the start of the episode, the old lady said it was time to watch The Bo-BoBo Show since it was 7:00. However, when Bo-BoBo asked Mary Giround, a hair hunt trooper, if he watched the show, he said he watched it at 10:30.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Don Patch & Bo-BoBo: The roller coaster! Wahoo! There it is, the roller coaster!
      Beauty: We're in a Hair Hunt Troop base! You two need to be a lot more careful, besides that's a...
      Don Patch & Bo-BoBo: Jump in! (jump into a ferris wheel)
      Beauty: That's a ferris wheel!

    • Don Patch: (singing) The farmer starts to smell! The farmer starts to smell! Hi ho, cover your nose! The farmer starts to smell! The Pig takes a wife! The pig takes a wife! (some pig noises are heard)
      Don Patch: The pig takes a wife!

    • Mary Giround: I am the guardian of this fantastic ferris wheel! Do you think I can just let you walk away?!?
      Bo-BoBo: Oh yeah, I forgot!

    • Bo-BoBo: Yeah? What do you want now? Just spit it out! Hurry it up! We ain't got all day! Say it!

    • Bo-BoBo: (yawns) Just as I thought, I got tired of that rolla coaster!
      Beauty: I told you, it's a ferris wheel!
      Bo-BoBo: Whateva! Let's go to the next ride!

    • Father: Excuse me, but can we have a balloon?
      Clown: Here ya go! (hands little girl a balloon)
      Little Girl: Thanks!
      Father: Thank you!
      Little Girl: That clown is scary, Daddy!
      Father: Just keep walking, Sweety!

    • Bo-BoBo: What? You really watch the show?
      Mary Giround: Of course, 10:30, I wouldn't miss it!

    • Bo-BoBo: I won't get off this rolla coaster until I defeat this guy!
      Mary Giround: Hmm...
      Bo-BoBo: Now, it's come down to just you and I!
      Mary Giround: We'll fight to the end!
      Beauty: Uh, Bo-BoBo, hang on for a second!
      Bo-BoBo: Take care of Don Patch!
      Beauty: Bo-BoBo, I told you! It's a ferris wheel!

    • Don Patch: Heeeeere, whenever I'm feeling down, a piece of Jalapeno gum cheers me right up!

    • Don Patch: (wearing suit of armor and speaking with old English flair) Oh, sir Bo-BoBo, is it you, pray tell?
      Bo-BoBo: (also wearing a suit of armor) Ah, sir Patch of Don. 'Tis a beautiful day. I was just planting disposable chopsticks.
      Don Patch: Exquisite! I have fresh watermelon cooled by yon river, doth thou care to partake?
      Bo-BoBo: Verily, come hither.

    • (Don Patch & Bo-BoBo get blown up)
      Don Patch & Bo-BoBo: We love sukiyaki!

    • Bo-BoBo: (wearing a suit of armor) It's way too hot to be wearing sunglasses!

    • Beauty: Hey, Gas Can! What happened to the other Don Patch?!
      Gasser: He melted.
      Beauty: Good, I'm glad! I can't tell you how relieved I am! (giggles)
      Bo-BoBo: What are you relieved about?
      Don Patch: Yeah... I don't get it.
      Beauty: Boy... I thought we were... out of ride tickets!

    • Don Patch: Oh no! It's my worst nightmare! A rent-a-moooooooooooooom!

    • Narrator: They managed to defeat the first guardian, Mary Giround. Who will be next? Carol Sell? Matt Terhorn? And where is General Jelly Jiggler?

    • Mary Giround: I'm the guardian of the ferris wheel, Mary Giround.
      Bo-BoBo: Your parents named you "Mary"?
      Mary Giround: Never mind. I'll destroy the both of you.

    • Hair Hunt Trooper: I'm sorry, but our General has temporarily gone mad.

    • Fish Master: Help me! Help me! I can't swim! I can't swim! I can't swim! I can't swim! Help! Help!

    • Fish Master: Sergeant Bo-Bobo ordered me to train you, boy, and that's what I'm gonna do.
      Gasser: (thinking) This whole thing is stupid.
      Fish Master: Use those wrists when you're filleting that enemy.
      Gasser: Back off, would ya?! You smell!
      Fish Master: Address me as Captain Smelt! Is that clear?

    • Bo-BoBo: Hey, you stinkin' pencil case. Get the heck off my property or I'll sell you for scrap metal. You come around again, I'm breaking out the sharpener.

    • Don Patch: (singing) The farmer starts to smell. The farmer starts to smell. Hi-ho, cover your nose. The farmer starts to smell...

    • Narrator: Bo-BoBo and his friend visited a quiet podunk town in the country to try and return to their roots. Unfortunately, the roots were quite deep. They should've rented a stump grinder.

    • Old Lady: Did he say 7? I have to go. The Bo-BoBo Show is about to start.
      Gasser: What?
      Old Lady: I don't have time to recap the previous episode.
      Old Man: I need to get home, too. My wife will be angry if I miss it.
      Beauty: What? You're all leaving right now?
      Narrator: Oh, look at the time. I've got to go, too. Finish up for me, will you?
      Beauty: Finish up for you? The narrator's going home, too?

    • Narrator: (about Gasser) Has our young student finally run out of gas?

    • Narrator: Last time, our gang met a couple of characters outside the Nose Hair Dojo and went in just for the halibut. Actually, it was so Gasser could start his "oh fish oil" training. Gasser was flipping with the fishes, but not doing things by the book until someone large and in charge got his attention.

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