Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 5

To Be or Snot To Be?

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Last time, Beauty tangled with Kodebun, a Hair Hunt Commander, and he had more in mind than just changing this review. Stay tuned, this review is gonna get funky!

    Everyone knows that typing a review on a rhino is safer! Didn't your mother tell you that? Did you see a big star? No, that was just me typing this review, carry on.

    Bo-bobo's got a play goin' on. Now, that's what I call real typing! It's the curse, the curse of typing a review! Wah heh heh, I can't type another review, my keybourd has been keyed out! I can't type in front of people anymore! I will try to finish this review! I can do anything! After all, a waste is a terrible thing to bind! I can do it! Ready, let's go. Chaaarrrgggeee!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this review. Recommended my 3 out of every 4 users who chew gum. It's showtime! Bunnygirls and Don Patch sushi, ha cha cha cha! What's this? A Mean Green Soup Alien!? He wouldn't even read this review with chocolate! Stale French Bread is a weapon, huh? No way, we'd prefer an American review! Wait, are you reading a rice soup enchanced review not by me?! Looks like the Mean Green Soup Alien hit Don Patch with his beam-thingy. Now, Don Patch will want some more rice soup. Mmm, clams. Sounds delicious. Bo-bobo takes a dive and Don Patch still wants his soup but not this review?! And Bo-bobo dances like a fish? Oh no, attack of teh fishmen! Heh heh, the fishmen are kissing the Soup Alien like crazy! It seems the Mean Green Soup Alien was so involved in the play, he didn't even know what he was doing. And will anybody ever read this blasted review. We'll find out in our next review! Oh yeah, this was also a great episode.
  • It was a good episode!

    This episode was a funny one, and it also has a very funny bad guy unlike the first 4. The Soup Alien as a very wierd but of course this show is wierd and I like that! Bobobo theatre was in the whole episode, but later it will barley be on...
  • This episode is what got me hooked.

    While I admit this isn't the best episode in Bobobo, this is a great one. First I thought Bobobo was stupid (like everyone else), but then I heard my friend say "Bobobo is the best show! Its so funny! :3" So I decided to give it a chance. I was watching the beginning and thought "How stupid." but then as the episode progressed it would get so stupid I would start laughing! Then after it I thought "Wow, that was so stupid it was funny!" I loved this episode. And at the end I was soooo shocked to find out it was all part of the play at the beginning. xD
  • Another funny and random episode.

    This episode is another episode, more about our mysterious character who's been following the gang for so long. The play in the play was good and then there was the main play that took up most of the episode. The mean green soup alien was a good temporary charaater, especially with the rice soup beam which made Don Patch go even crazier than usual. I hope to see more Bo-bobo Saturday.
  • Wow, 5 episodes and we still don't know who he is. One things for sure...he's in trouble

    This episode had a nice turn to it. I really thought the rice soupy monster thing was trying to kill Bobobo for interrupting his mission to hunt down the "mysterious boy." Luckily, Bobobo got the monster so involved in the play, he almost completely forgot about hunting him down. Ahh, what a great show that was. It was so much fun watching. Unfortunately, Bobobo will be pre-emptied for the 1 hour premier of IGPX. Bah! I'm not watching that. I wonder if CN will show a Bobobo marathon on Saturday morning soon.