Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 3

Wacky Quacker Cooks His Own Goose!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The episode that defined stuff. Stuff known as Wackey Quacker and he cooked his own goose. Yeeeeaaaahhh!

    In our last review, it seemed that Maitel locked hairs with Bo-bobo. The fight nor the review didn't go well for Bo-bobo. He was turned into a great episode. Don Patch will be the star, I just know it! Stay tuned, this isn't over yet!

    Say what? DON-DON PATCH! Say what? DON-DON PATCH! Say what? DON DON PATCH! Get up, spike up! Go, Go spikey style!

    Mmm, now that's a man-sized review! Ask your hair-dresser if this review is right for you! Avocado Burgers sound good right about now, wouldn't you say so? Yaaahhh! Checkmate! YOU'RE IGNORING MY REVIEW?! Fine, you can't see what I'll type next.

    Bo-'frobo's really on a roll, isn't he? Wait, are telling me that after all that typing, I'm back where I'm started?! Well, on with the review!

    So, Bo-bobo and Beauty basically stumble upon a wiggin' town. Bo-bobo becomes really aggresive as he attacks most of the people there. He wants to challenge the top wiggin' specialists in town to a wig out! It so happens to be the Dynamite Triple, who challenges Bo-bobo with a "risks" theme. Bo-bobo's definately risking it when he goes to a Japanese stock market website, and doesn't understand a clue! So he presses whatever, and loses $5 million! Uh-Oh, it seems the 1st Dynamite Bro's got a lighter! And he's gonna light himself! He'll take Bo-bobo out with his Big Bang! Wait, what was that? He's a firecracker? Oh okay, I was worried. What's this? Bo-dogs? Aww, ducky!... on underpants! Hey, I wish I had monkeys like that, sucker. Killalino seems to have held Beauty captive, and look, his underwear talks. Mmm, dundies and Bo-burgers. Yeah, where was Don Patch in this episode, hmm?

    This was an excellent episode and was great to watch.
  • Bo-bobo takes on Kilarino in a hilarious episode.

    Why the long faces? This episode was great. Listen, I am a Don Patch advocate. However, the fact that he wasn't in it made it even funnier. Who doesn't like to see Don Patch angry? And what makes him madder than not getting enough screen time? Nothing but not getting enough play time. The great Bob Papenbrook voices Kilarino, an incredibly funny character who wheres hardly any clothing, exept for the duck underwear on his head. No, not duck print underwear, but underwear with a duck's neck and head hanging off of it. And it talks! This episode was undeniably funny and if it was given a chance it would have an even better score.

    (P.S. Why would Don Patch be a big part in this episode if he only agreed to join Bo-bobo to fight Wigbro. He officialy joins the team in the next episoide.)
  • This episode is bad and no one can stop it!!

    I hate this episode so much! It is a disgrace to the other episodes and Don Patch! I liked the Dynamite Brothers and He is a firecracker! but that is it! Underwear on your head is not funny- it is bad! Swan, who wants to be a swan? And a dundie? Just about the worst of anything!
  • This is the WORST episode I've saw

    I have no idea why they didn't put Don Patch in this. Because this show is funny only if Don Patch were in all of them. This episode is thankful that I gave it a score. I hope when the series starts over they'll fix this one or skip it.
  • The episode kind of dissaponted me too, but I still liked it!

    I waited 13 painful, nerve wracking hours until Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo came on. The show was entertaining, yes, but it wasn't as great as the last two. The last 2 episodes has so much humour and weirdness in it! I never wanted it to stop. The duck underwear (or dundies!) was good, the Bobobo dogs were even better, and Bobobo going out of control was gr8! But I was really looking foward to learning a bit more about Gasser, Beauty's rescuer. All he did was following her in the trees and talk to himself -_- Strangely, I was hungry to while watching the episode...
  • Marvelous! Simply marvelous!

    In my own words, that's the most wackiest thing ever! It's fantastic!

    My favorite part of this episode is that there were Bo-Bobos with dog bodies. One of the said "ruff!" and i just started to laugh out loud because of this. I even like that duck too. I mean, did you see how that thing talks?
  • This episode disappointed me..

    I am a huge fan of Bobobo but this episode just lacked the randomness that I liked. It basically just had pointless events that weren't funny. The dick underwear thing was just kind of stupid.. I really hope that they can keep up the quality of the first two episode's humor in newer episodes.