Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 20

World of Blabs-a-lot: The Sappiest Place on Earth

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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World of Blabs-a-lot: The Sappiest Place on Earth
Now in Bo-BoBo World, Bo-BoBo and June 7th are about to have their battle, but in Bo-BoBo World, as in the real world, Bo-BoBo and Don Patch act like morons with King Nose Hair, acting in a classroom, and advertising the Bo-BoBo diet. The wackiness has June 7th completely freaked out. And as a result of him not being able to liberate his soul, June 7th is defeated and Bo-BoBo wins the second battle. Then it's Don Patch's turn to battle, and he gloats, and goes to fight Tough-looking Guy in battle 3, but is defeated easily, causing Tough-looking Guy to win the third battle. Jelly Jiggler is up next in battle 4 against Gum, which is just a stick of gum. But he, too, loses quickly when the dog chooses the stick of gum over him. Due to Captain Battleship celebrating too much with his friends, he accidentally self-destructs Pomade Ring and everyone gets crashes on the ground, and Jelly Jiggler gets stuck under a rock. Bo-BoBo takes the Beauty doll and puts it in his afro and his afro acts like a blender, and almost destroys the doll. But somehow, Don Patch opens his mouth wide, and out comes Beauty, who is returned to normal. Softon reports that he sees that Bo-BoBo has a weakness, and to overcome it, he must enter the world of Blabs-a-lot! Softon summons the gate to the world of Blabs-a-lot, which is like a bathroom stall, and falls on Softon. In order for Bo-BoBo to find his weakness and overcome it, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty enter the crazy world, which shortly after, the last of the Battleship Five Quartet enters, who is a muscular man body, with a kitty face. Speaking of Battleship, Captain Battleship is still here, and is ready to fight Gasser and Softon. In the world of Blabs-a-lot, Bo-BoBo and friends meet a million bird-men tour guides, and Beauty is back to freaking out and screaming. Bo-BoBo learns his weakness is that he has only one attack, Fist of the Nose Hair, and when people find out, they have a lot other attacks to fight. Bo-BoBo beats the last of the Battleship Five Quartet. Afterwards, Bo-BoBo, Don Patch, and Beauty leave the world of Blabs-a-lot, to fight Captain Battleship with Softon and Gasser.moreless

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Michael Sorich

Michael Sorich

June 7th

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Richard Cansino

Richard Cansino

King Nose Hair

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Brian Beacock

Brian Beacock


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The featured battles are: Don Patch vs. Tough-Looking Guy and Jelly Jiggler vs. Yogurt Gum.

    • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo fought two battles during the Pomade Ring battles instead of only one.

    • When Death Mask revealed his identity, he said that he was the last member of the Battleship Five Quartet. However, up to this point, only five members of the Quartet are shown. And it was shown in previous episodes that there are actually six members of the group.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Captain Battleship: Ha, no one will ever leave here alive.
      Beauty Doll: (in her mind, crying) Enough is enough! I dont want to see by friends get hurt anymore!
      Softon: Beauty, Beauty.
      Beauty: What? Who's there?
      (Softon's head appears)
      Softon: Don't cry, Beauty.
      Beauty Doll: Yaaaaaaah!!!!
      Softon: Beauty, you don't need to worry.
      Beauty: What?
      Softon: (getting closer to Beauty) Even though i can only speak to you in your mind...
      Beauty: No, wait!
      Softon: Soon, we will rescue you from your captors.
      Beauty: Stop it! You're not my favorite flavor!!
      Don Patch: What kind of Yoga Fu-du is that swirly-headed guy doing?
      Gasser: I dunno.

    • Don Patch: I wonder who they're picking for me to beat!
      (shadow appears over Don Patch)
      Narrator: Pomade Ring battle number three: Don Patch versus Tough Looking Guy!
      (Don Patch whimpers in fear)
      Tough Looking Guy: Nyyyeh. Round One, you go down!
      Don Patch: Oh, you think so, huh? Well, come on, tough guy! Let's see what you're made of!
      (smoke appears over transportation ring)
      Gasser & Bo-BoBo: Huh?
      (Don Patch appears in bandages and casts, Bo-BoBo and Gasser come next to him with a scythe and a mallet)
      Don Patch: Ohhhhh!
      (Don Patch is thrown off the ship with an arrow pointing at him)
      Don Patch: How 'bout two out of three?!
      Narrator: Pomade Ring Battle Number three, Don Patch versus Tough Looking Guy, Tough Looking Guy wins!

    • Softon: I will take you to the World of Blabs-a-lot, there you will learn your weakness. Come forth the Sacred Gate to Blabs-a-lot! I beg of you to appear!
      (port-a-potty lands on Softon from the sky)
      Beauty: Aaaaaah!!!!
      Gasser: What?!?! Is this?!
      Beauty: (gasps) Mr. Softon!
      Softon: Hurry, the gate to Blabs-a-lot is available only for a short time!
      (door opens)
      Softon: Now, the gate is open! You got to hurry!!!
      Beauty: We can't! Bo-BoBo and Don Patch went over there!

    • (Don Patch is in handcuffs and is on an airplane with pigs in suits on it)
      Narrator: When will Don Patch be released? When Pigs Fly.
      Pig #1: You didn't really think we'd let you get away with eating all those ham sandwiches.
      Pig #2: Don't mess around with swine Aristocrats.
      Don Patch: Fiddle-dee dee.
      Beauty: HE'S BEEN TAKEN BY PIGS!!!!
      Tour Guides: (gasp) Swine Aristocrats rock!
      Beauty: (sighs) If the episode keeps going like this, we'll never find Bo-BoBo's weakness.

    • Bo-BoBo: Whoever can solve this problem will graduate!
      King Nose Hair: Let's see, Q times 6y4y, then subtract the circumference. (voice gradually gets faster) Added to the square root of 9 x 5!
      Bo-BoBo: (punches King Nose Hair) Wrong!
      King Nose Hair: Math hurts!

    • Bo-BoBo: (wearing a fish costume; standing on a diving board; talking to fruit in a tub of yogurt) I know you're upset, but Fish Yogurt's become very popular in France, so you're all fired!
      (the fruit beg Bo-BoBo)
      Beauty: You can't fire fruit from yogurt! Their only other job option is making tags for underwear!

    • Announcer: Round 4. Jelly Jiggler vs. Yogurt-Flavored Gum, Yogurt Flavored Gum wins!
      Jelly Jiggler: I should have known, dogs love yogurt more than jelly!

    • Narrator: Are Gasser and Softon all right? What in the world is the Ultimate Super Fist of Nose Hair Attack -- Nose Hair Alley? And will Jelly Jiggler ever come out from under his rock?

    • Beauty: Bo-BoBo, let's hurry back. I'm really worried about Gas-Can.
      Don Patch: Yeah, I'm worried about him, too. He probably ate a booger by now.

    • Don Patch: The audience has voted, and Bo-BoBo is moving to the quarter finals for Blabs-a-lot Idol.

    • Narrator: But Beauty did not run after Bo-BoBo's weakness. In fact, she couldn't care less about the weakness, or about me, for that matter. I'm going to stop talking now.

    • Narrator: And so Goldilocks and the three bears went off to find the wizard of Blabs-a-lot and figure out Bo-BoBo's weakness.
      Beauty: Hey, my name's Beauty, not Goldilocks.
      Narrator: I know. I was making a joke.

    • Gasser: I wonder, how long will they be gone?
      Narrator: Well, Gasser, they'll enjoy 3 fun-filled days in Blabs-a-lot. No nights, just days. What they do at night we don't care.

    • Gasser: We have to defeat Captain Battleship as a team. Let's attack him now!
      Softon: We can't.
      All: Huh?
      Softon: Because we've already fought 4 battles and he's won every time, except for once.
      Gasser: Why?
      Softon: It's a simple explanation, actually. We stink.
      Beauty: (thinking) He's right. Captain Battleship will turn us all to Jelly!
      Jelly Jiggler: Too late.

    • Bo-BoBo: Oh, no! We'll never, ever see Beauty again.
      Narrator: Ahem. Bo, Beauty's right in front of you.
      Beauty: Too busy picking your nose to notice?
      Bo-BoBo: Yeah. (picks his nose)

    • Captain Battleship: (thinking) Just remember, friends, if you party too hard, sooner or later you're bound to crash.
      Narrator: Brought to you by Moo Juice Farmers of America.

    • Bo-BoBo: Jelly Jiggler! I just want you to know that when you win, you'll have my undying gratitude.
      Jelly Jiggler: Forget that. I'm in it for the money.

    • Gasser: Don't you think Mr. Bo-BoBo is totally awesome? I mean, he's just so reliable and all. I hope I could be just like him some day soon.
      Don Patch: Well, maybe if you had won your battle you would be more like him, stink boy!
      Gasser: (sighs; sees Bo-BoBo next to him) You scared the... (flatulence) ... out of me!

    • King Nose Hair, Don Patch, & Bo-BoBo: Get the Bo-BoBo Diet for the new year!
      Narrator: Eating raw sewage is actually healthier than this diet. Results may vary.

    • King Nose Hair: I'd like to try out for the football team, too, but I can't because I've already told the Home Ec. teacher that I'd be captain of the football team. Anyone wanna try my corn chowder?
      Bo-BoBo: No!! (punches King Nose Hair)
      King Nose Hair: Cooking hurts!

    • Don Patch: All right, class. Let's see if you geniuses can solve this problem! You probably don't know more than a box of beans!
      Box of Beans: Well, as a box of beans, I can tell you the answer is 12.

    • June 7th: (in Bo-BoBo World) Wha-What is this place?! Ahh!
      King Nose Hair: It's Bo-BoBo World.
      June 7th: Huh?
      King Nose Hair: Those who enter this place must be willing to liberate their souls. You will be put to the ultimate test of wits, and those that can't adapt will go insane. Kind of like a reality show without the cash prize at the end.

    • June 7th: You must think I was born yesterday, on June 6th. But I'm June 7th!
      Bo-BoBo: Then that makes you a Gemini, which makes you and me incompatible.

    • Narrator: For those of you just joining us, the entire Earth is controlled by the Chrome Dome Empire, ruled by Baldy Bald IV, who has put more shampoo companies out of business than male pattern baldness. But our hero BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo and his gang have courageously stood up to the hairless hooligans to protect the freedom of follicles everywhere. Gasser took on the first of the Battleship Five Quartet: Loincloth Lloyd. But Gasser couldn't catch his wind. Unfortunately, the rest of us weren't that lucky. Whew! Eventually, Gasser was collared, and the puns stopped momentarily. The second battle was between Bo-BoBo and Calendar.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The problem that Don Patch wanted Bo-BoBo to solve was -5X + 6Y x 3 (6 divided by 2 X 2).

    • From this episode, we now know all the Battleship 5 Quartet members (there are 6). Here is the scoreboard:

      1. X Gasser vs. Loincloth Lloyd O
      2+3. O Bo-BoBo vs. June 7th + Calendar X, though only 1 win was counted
      4. X Don Patch vs. Tough-looking Guy O
      5. X Jelly Jiggler vs. Gum O
      6. O Bo-BoBo vs. Death Mask X

    • Original Japanese Title: "New World Travel Guide!! Bo-bobo Sees His Weakness in the Backwoods of Babylon!"

    • When Beauty says that the fruits only other option is making tags for underwear, she was probably referring to the underwear brand, "Fruit of the Loon."

    • Three more members of the Battleship Five Quartet are revealed. They are, in order of appearance, the following:

      Tough-Looking Guy
      (Yogurt-Flavored) Gum
      Death Mask

    • The bird that appears while King Nose Hair is talking looks a lot like the phoenix from the manga, Phoenix: A Tale of the Future.


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