Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Season 1 Episode 20

World of Blabs-a-lot: The Sappiest Place on Earth

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Funniest Ep of Bobobo Ever!!!

    This is the best episode of Bobobo ever, and gladl i taped it.
    At the Beggining, Bobobo is Fighting June 7th with Don Patch and King Nose Hair, and they defeat them by having A Class yes, a Class, and Doing an ad for the "Bobobo Diet" , which involves excersising and giving up food. Second after Bobobo scares the (flatulence) out of Gasser, Don Patch loses badly to "Tough-Looking Guy", and he is thrown out of the Ring yelling "How bout two out of three?!" Last Jelly Jiggler lost to a stick of gum and the 5th battle was postponed due to Captain Battleships accidental Self Destrurct. THey later find Beauty, who is still a doll, and they make her normal by the blender-bigmouth technique. Softon says Bo-bobo has a weakness, and summoned the gate to Blabs-a-lot which is a portapotty. There are tour guides in the Blabsallot place, with the heads of birds. Beauty uses the shocked expression 8 times in Blabsalot, and Bobobo says his weakness is he doesnt have a wide variety of deadly attacks. He defeats the 5th of the B.5.Q. using the Chacha. At the end, they go through the exit, smarter, but Beauty's face is probably tired from all 9 shocked expressions in theis episode.
  • What the Heck

    This episode was stupid as ck. There was no point to it. The attack that the giant freak, who is the star of the episode, used was stupid as heck. The dumb*** that thought of this need to go to hell. I am tired of this episode and its stupidity. This crap is really killing me. There is no funny parts in this episode. Oh wait Im sorry there was only one funny part in this whole episode. It was when the dude, with what looks like a pile of **** for a head, tries to summon some stupid magical portal, to the worlds most stupid place, falls on his head. Now that is comedy. I hope this crap goes off the air soon.
  • Another fine installment.

    The unpredictability that Bo-bobo is known for certainly shows in this episode, expecially when a port-a-potty falls from the sky and lands on Softon and when the character Death Mask is revealed to have the head of a cute kitty cat! Another great thing about this episode is the Pokemon parody (and it's about time too) when King Nose Hair uses a "Character Finder" to identify Bo-bobo. And I just love the "Fruit of the Loom" reference.

    My only real gripe is that Jelly Jiggler didn't have a lot of screen time. And it looks like it will be that way until the later episodes.
  • Absoulutely hilarious, pee-in-your pants funny!

    This episode is the craziest, and most suspenseful ending yet. I watch this show for the funny scenes, acts, and sayings. Also, for the odd, insane storyline. The people who make the manga and show manage to make the Bo-BoBo theater funny, Don Patch become a woman several times, and all that other funny stuff. But I must turn down the volume when Beauty freaks out, lol!