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From the Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies comes this animated comedy series about a burger flipper from a seaside East Coast town.

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  • Love this show !!!!!!

    My favorite comedy on tv right now. It never fails to entertain me and make me laugh.
  • A funny show with great character development

    Let me just say Fox has done it again with another hilarious sitcom about a Family. Fox hadn't come out with a good animated show since 2005 when American Dad came out. I love the characters and the voice acting. The kid characters are just so hilarious, Tina never fails to make me laugh, and Louise is like a female Bart Simpson. I'm so surprised how popular the show has gotten lately, it deserves it.moreless
  • Overrated and absolute shit show.

    I heard it was a good show from some people, I watched the first few episodes, and I couldn't disagree more. I can't even believe I forced myself to keep watching after the first boring, immature, and just plain weird 10 minutes. Now I'm not one to judge based on maturity of content, but the first few "jokes" revolved around farts and an itchy crotch... and they weren't even funny! Bob always sounds depressed even when he's supposed to be excited, and the rest of the voice acting makes me want to shoot myself. I have no idea why people still watch this show... I would rather watch American Dad (which isn't even that funny), Family guy, or South Park (best show n/a). South Park can be pretty immature, but it constantly keeps me laughing, and not all of the characters sound like whiny nagging bitches. Would rate it a 0 if I could.moreless
  • An overrated but great show.

    Plot: From the Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies comes this animated comedy series about a burger flipper from a seaside East Coast />

    Opinion: I think this is a great but overrated show. To be honest, people are praising this show too much and it even got won something earlier this month. At first, when I wrote this review back in 2011, I thought it was an okay show, but now it's slightly improves as the years went on. But it is still not the BEST animation domination show ever. People say that it is, but to me I think it's the two Seth MacFarlane cartoons Family Guy and American Dad because they make me laugh more than Bob's Burgers. My pros for this show are quite lower than the other Animation Domination shows. The voice acting is decent (I'll tell you why it's not great/superb), some of the characters are funny, hilarious sexual jokes. great plot (seriously, I love the idea of a burger joint so that's what make my score a little higher), and the artwork. Prepare for some problems on Bob's Burgers that prevent me from being a fan of the shows. First of all, there are some certain characters I can't stand such Louise, Hugo, and Tammy (those are the main example) since they're all jerks. Second, the show's writing is so so but what I hate is they have to make the characters so dramatic,. Seriously, do we need to heard screaming and shouting in almost every single episode. That's why Louise annoy me, she's always screaming at the top of her lungs. Same thing to Gene. Third, Tina has this Uhhhhhhh... Remember that from the episode where she wreck the car? Yes I did a bit and you know why that is problem. The groaning is such a nuisance. That's why Tina is NOT my favorite character, while she has her moments of being funny, she usually annoying but not as much as Louise and (sometimes) Gene. Fourth, the music is really poor. I don't know why, but I'm just not a fan of it. Why do I feel like watching Phineas and Ferb when there's a musical numbers. This is not a Disney Channel show, writers. The theme song is OK, not as awesome as FG, American Dad, and the Simpsons theme />

    Story: I like the idea of a burger point especially the burger of the days. The plots are usually great. 9/10

    Writing: Hit or miss because it depends on the episode. If an episode is okay, this would be the effect. If an episode is less than that, it's mainly miss since the jokes just fall flat. If an episode is excellent is hit and occasionally miss. I'm not a fan of the show's writing because it's has a smaller writing team if you compare to American Dad (around 13), Family Guy (20 something), and the Simpons (a lot). My favorite writer was Scott Jacobson, but his writing are going downhill, so now it's the Molynuex sisters (they're overrated lady writers though). 6/10

    Humor: See writing. The humor can be great especially if there's a sexual joke somewhere. Some of the puns are funny. However, due to its dramatic nature, the humor usually fall flat. 7.5/10

    Drama: Really bad except the season 4 two part finale. The writers need to realize that drama isn't funny. The characters usually act like it's the end of the world when they overreact. 1/10

    Voice acting: Why the voice acting decent? Two reasons: One, very realistic voices on the family except John Roberts. I always heard Jon Benjamin, Kristen, Dan Mintz, and Eugene's voices on several videos and they sound exactly their characters (especially the first two). Second, what's up with guys voicing female characters? As if two female characters voiced by a guy wasn't enough, we got more female character voiced by guys. Like why? It doesn't even sounds feminine. John Roberts is the best at it because he tried to sound feminine. The others try no effort as sounding feminine at all especially Dan Mintz's Tina and Larry Murphy's Edith and Gretchen. But other than those, the voice acting is not that bad. I like Teddy's voice the best as well as Felix's voice (especially when he gets mad). 7/10

    Art: Meh, this art style influenced Sanjay and Craig for no reason and it's because former (and original) character designer Jay Howell worked on this show before creating SJC. I'm not a fan of the character design at all. They all look weird. Art style is so so and compared the other animation domination shows, it's not even on the perfect side. Background are badly painted and designed at all, but they got a little better. The colors are the saving grace of the art in Bob's Burgers. The art department is mediocre at best. 5.5/10

    Animation: I got to say, animation is better than the art for sure, but it still not the best. When the show starts, it was animated in Flash and it was poorly done. By Seasons 2 and 3, it was slightly better but not good enough, Finally Season 4 got improved animation in some of the episodes but otherwise still stiff animation. 7/10

    Last appeal: It's popular so I won't be surprised if it last as long as the other three aforementioned Animation Domination shows. 10/10

    All I say is Bob's Burgers is a great show and it's obviously recommended due to the high fanbase. However, the show does has its moments of bad especially the first episode. as well as emphasizing too much screaming which ruins my 10 score. This show will gets a 8.5/10 from me.moreless

    FUNNY AS HELL. I used to not like it. Then it started to grow on me a bit more and I started enjoying the improvements in comedy. The writers started adding there own comedy gags to the show, which made it fresh and viewable.

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