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From the Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies comes this animated comedy series about a burger flipper from a seaside East Coast town.

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  • Actually Pretty Good.

    Some people say this is better than Family Guy. I kinda disagree and agree on that opinion at the same time. What I mean is this show is up there with Family Guy when it comes to quality.
  • I practically don't even watch television except for this.

    I looked up this show because I was curious with other peoples opinions. I was surprised. How could someone dislike this show? Well, I know why. It's because they're probably just ignorant douches and don't know authentic comedy except for what they've been fed for so long already. I wouldn't compare this show to anything else because its just on a whole new front on its own. (maybe kinda related to the Simpsons but only partly). Im so glad I stumbled upon this. At first when I watched it during season 1 I kinda put it off because it didn't seem that interesting. BUT MAN.. how great it has become. Im kinda glad I didn't start watching until season 3 because I was the happiest just binge watching to catch up. Now I'm just dying until every new episode comes out and I just wish they were longer. Man... Also, if Lee Newton loves this show (one of the best people I'd think is an expert in comedy) then everyone who dislikes it I just feel bad for. Right now, id put this show as my #1 tv show. If I get to finally cutting the cord or if my cable provider ever decided to bring A la carte, I'd choose this for sure. I also have to mention that practically every episode is quality. I thank the creators because they're not half assing anything here. (Or maybe they are? Maybe they're just that good lol)moreless
  • Bob's Burgers < The Cleveland Show

    not even going to compare this pathetic excuse for a comedy to Family Guy or American Dad, because this show fails even compared to The Cleveland Show. The animation is lazy, the voice acting is horrible (especially each and every female character), and quite frankly, in the 15 episodes that I have watched I probably laughed twice maybe three times. I mean an episode about a serial pooper what the heck is that! I'd much rather watch Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons or hell even the Cleveland Show than I would this abomination. I honestly don't see how any American can find this entertaining (maybe British people, but I don't get most British humor). If I could, I would give it 0 stars.moreless
  • Bob's Burgers >>>>>> Family Guy

    Did someone REALLY just say that Family Guy---the TV show that revolves around potty humor and has been absolute shit since '07-'08 is more "mature" than Bob's Burgers! LMFAO That's a freaking riot.

    Anyway, I used to snub this show as well, but took the time to watch it once it came onto the Adult Swim line-up. It's actually a pretty good show and probably one of the most underrated in the current Fox lineup. The characters are generally tolerable. The jokes aren't as "out there" as Seth's shows, but they're pretty funny nonetheless. Only rating it an 8.5 because it has a few stale episodes once in a blue moon and the butt jokes get really annoying.moreless
  • Yupyup

    Love this show lots. Louise is a riot. :)

    It's way better than Family Guy.

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