Bob's Burgers

Season 2 Episode 8

Bad Tina

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • More like bad Tammy

    Can't blame Tina for wanting to experiment and fit in. But, at least the tattoo was temporary.
  • Worst season 2 episode ever

    While Tina's transforming into a teenager, she starts to hang out with "bad girl" Tammy to get closer to Jimmy Pesto Jr. When she starts to become "bad", consequences happen, such as her getting detention.This episode was just weird. I don't know why, it's just a weird storyline in my opinion. I only laughed at the beginning, crap attack joke, the boy reacting after Tina getting a makeover, Bob clapping Teddy, and at least three more parts. My huge complain was Tammy (some girl that Tina hang out with). She was super mean. To be honest,this ep's writer could have done better writing this episode. Overall, a weak episode, and season 2's worst 6/10
  • bob's burgers bad tina

    another good episode of bob's burgers the episode starts off with tina writing erotic fan fiction and having these weird fantasies about jimmy jr anyway she start's showing a new girl around school named tammy who is actually a bad infulence on tina because she makes them have detention by getting caught by the coach for looking in the boys locker room i hated tammy and i'm glad she got her cummopence at the end meanwhile bob gets addicted to cake where you pat each others hands after seeing a show about it anyway good episode even though tammy was annoying but she got what she deserved which is good.