Bob's Burgers

Season 2 Episode 8

Bad Tina

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 13, 2012 on FOX



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    • Linda: Tina, Tammy can't embarrass you. The only one who can embarrass you is you.
      Tina: Yeah?
      Linda: And you're a creative, imaginative girl. You just be you. And Tammy can go...sit in syrup! Let the bees get her.

    • Gene: Blackmail?! No one blackmails our sister but us!
      Louise: Yeah! Messing with Tina is a privilege, not a right!

    • Linda: You hear me, Tina?
      Tina: Yes. I wear glasses, not hearing aids, mom.

    • Louise: (whispers) This is like watching two monkeys at the puberty zoo.
      Gene: (whispers) What's wrong with her face? It looks like she needs a flu shot in her eyes.

    • Linda: I can't believe Tina got detention. She's changing, Bobby; Tina's turning into a teen.
      Louise: You've lost her, mom. Time to focus on your good daughter - Gene.
      Gene: I'm pretty.

    • Tammy: Don't be such a boob-punch.

    • Louise: (as she and Gene are cleaning off menus at the restaurant) Where's Tina? She should be doing this.
      Gene: I'm so tired of being hurt by her!

    • Tina: (after Jimmy Jr. breaks her figurine) My porcelain horse, Horselain!
      Zeke: Leg's broke, now you gotta shoot it.

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