Bob's Burgers

Season 1 Episode 2

Crawl Space

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 16, 2011 on FOX
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Bob gets trapped in a crawl space while trying to fix a leaky roof, leaving Linda and the kids in charge of the restaurant.

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  • Whoa...

    Talking about going bat sh*t crazy.

    I've always wondered this, but, does Tina have some sort of zombie fetish or something?
  • A Good Introduction To The Family

    You really get a good feel for the power structure in play at Bob's Burgers during this episode. Since Bob is stuck in the wall he is powerless against the women and children of the house who are usually kept in check by Bob.
  • Way better than the pilot, but still has its flaws

    I decided to give Bob's Burgers another shot, and the next episode was a huge improvement over the pilot. So Linda's parents are coming over and Bob decides to hide by pretending to be trapped in the wall. Things go south though when Bob accidentally blurts the truth and is left by Linda to suffer. The episode's execution was somewhat done good. I was happy that Gene lost that stupid megaphone that did the robot voices and fart noises. There were some more funny moments in this episode as well. I particularly liked the scene where Bob goes insane and befriends the night light. Then there was when Bob pretended to be a ghost and scared people, that was pretty funny as well. I also enjoyed Bob and Louise fighting over the night light at the end. The characters were more funny this time and less annoying. My problem though was the story itself. The story is just a rehash that has been done before and there is really nothing new offered or put in. Then of course Gene has to do a lot of fart jokes, in particular his room smelling like them, I didn't find it really funny at all. Overall, this was a HUGE improvement over the pilot, but still needs a bit of work done. This show seems to be getting better now, and hopefully the next episode will be better.moreless
  • a decent episode of Bob's Burger

    I thought it a decent, though a way better episode than the first episode "Human Flesh." Bob gets trapped in a crawl space while trying to fix a leaky roof, Leaving Linda and the kids in charge of the restaurant.The first part was really funny when Gene plays with that thing. IMO, Louise's line "Gene's room smells like fart" was the first funny moment for her. It was funny that Bob explained why he hates the grandma. Bobsaying"Shouldn't had farted" after a fanfare music played was hilarious. I LOL'd at Tina's dream. Gene making noises about Gloria having sex was very funny. I thought Linda was being a jerk when she refuses to get Teddy save Bob. It's lower my score really badly. The ending was hilarious when Bob refuses to give Louise her night light back. There were a part that bored me, but overall, a good and somewhat hilarious episode of Bob's Burgers and it was a huge improvement of the first episode. 7/10moreless
  • Crawl Space. Bob goes nuts.

    The second episode is way better than the pilot, as I had predicted. It was very funny and amusing, and it was great to see the characters develop more into the series. The best part was when the grandma explained WHY Bob was nuts, because he had a family to take care of plus his business. You don't see that in Family Guy, nor the other FOX shows, as the dads are stereotypically stupid for all the wrong reasons. The episode begins when Bob has to fix up the leaks in his building, and then gets trapped in a crawl space and decides to stay down there. At school, all three of his kids get into trouble with the principal and its all due to the fact their dad isn't out there to help them. Meanwhile, Bob becomes crazy while he is in his space, and he starts becoming crazy and not trying to even come out to his loving family. In the end, he finally does break out and he meets a man who tries to get in contact with the social services until the kids announce that he let them ride without seat belts on, and he finally runs off and the family back together, and the grandparents go back home in the end. It's a great improvement and I recommend that you see it today!moreless

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