Bob's Burgers

Season 4 Episode 11

Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 26, 2014 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Burgers of the Day:
      Winter Muensterland Burger (with Muenster Cheese Side of Snow Peas)
      The Longest Chard Burger
      Kale Mary Burger (served with Kale)

    • The building next to Bob's Burgers is Fire Distinguishers - Put Out Your Fire With Flair and the name on the exterminator's van is Once, Mice, Three Times an Exterminator.

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  • Notes

    • Company Credits: Bento Box Animation (Animation Producers), Yeson Entertainment (Digital Animation Service), L.A. Studios (Recording Facilities), Soundtrack New York (Recording Facilities), Keep Me Posted (Post-production Services), Audio Circus (Post-production Services)

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Joel Kuwahara (Animation Executive Producer), Scott Greenberg (Animation Executive Producer), Mark McJimsey (Animation Executive Producer)
      Eric Davidson (Animatic Editor)
      Adam Woronoff (Assistant Dialogue Editor), Aleigh Lewis (Assistant Dialogue Editor)
      Mark DeSimone (Production Sound Mixer-New York), Carlos Sotolongo (Production Sound Mixer-Los Angeles)
      Ginger Geary (Foley Walker)
      Brad Forbush (Storyboard Revisionist), Sandra Frame (Storyboard Revisionist), Frank Forte (Storyboard Revisionist), Gerry Galang (Storyboard Revisionist), Jessie Romero (Storyboard Revisionist), Mario D'Anna (Storyboard Revisionist), Karen Hydendahl (Storyboard Revisionist)
      Rachel Hastings (Dialog Coordinator)
      John Coffey (Shipping Coordinator), Ernesto Hinojosa (Shipping Coordinator)
      Melissa Bardin Galsky (Production Coordinator/New York)
      Dave Creek (Character Design)
      Galina Budkin (Background Design), Scott Moot (Background Design), Rudy de la Cruz (Background Design)
      Liza Epps (Background Clean Up), Kimball Shirley (Background Clean Up)
      Mike Guerena (Color Supervisor)
      Julia Kalantarova (Background Paint)
      Kaya Dzankich (Color Key)
      Randy Ludensky (Animation Timing Supervisor)
      Holly Du Rivage (Animation Timing), Rex Faraday (Animation Timing), Brian Hogan (Animation Timing), Gordon Kent (Animation Timing), Soonjin Mooney (Animation Timing), Patrick Gleeson (Animation Timing)
      Laurie Wetzler (Track Reading), Wilson Martinez (Track Reading)
      Acacia Caputo (Lip Assignment)
      Rick Sullivan (Animation Checker), Louis Jhocson (Animation Checker)
      Ian Hamilton (Retake Director)
      Mauricio Pardo (Retake Storyboards), Tom Riggin (Retake Storyboards)
      Sirron Norris (Original Background Design)
      Nora Smith (Main Titles), Rustam Bekmuradov (Main Titles)
      Mike Benner (Exec Asst. to Bouchard & Dauterive)

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